Subtleties of trade-in: they will take a credit when buying real estate?

15.12.2010 07:55
Offsetting options available to the buyer when purchasing a new facility, or trade-in, as is often referred to this scheme (although in reality the deal netting and trade-in are differences), there are very different. Change and an apartment for a house in the city, and housing in the shop, and even the Moscow real estate for overseas. Offsetting can be a lifeline for both the buyer - with a shortage of money to purchase houses, and for the seller - in the absence of customers.

Typical cases
Most often used to offset the urban market segment in economy class: the client chooses the flats, and then asks a real estate agency to help him with the realization of his property. "Signing the contract with our company to sell its apartments, the client reserves selected a new building, and the cost is fixed on the day of your deposit payment, - says Evgeny Galankin, head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-Real Estate. - The client receives, besides legal support, and also advertise to sell apartments. Promptly carried out its evaluation, which performs an experienced realtor. When the buyer is almost occur simultaneously purchase and sale of apartments and buying new construction. " Evaluation and promotional opportunities the company provided free of charge, the customer only pays realtor commission, which is negotiated with each individually.

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Outside the city the service is often used by young families who want to move house in the country house. Also, investors who have invested money in the urban housing - they have recently intensified. "This is primarily due to the fact that the price of suburban real estate outside Moscow during the crisis substantially reduced. The result came on the market offers when a townhouse or cottage economy, comfort-class superior to the square city apartment by 2, are the same as this apartment, - says Yuri Sinyaev, director of marketing for the group of companies "Conti." - So, today you can buy a townhouse area of approximately 150 sq. km. m to offset one-bedroom apartment valued at 10.7 million rubles.. "

Opportunity to offset the cost of a city apartment when buying a cottage or a townhouse in the villages is considered "Birches" (Gorky sh., 6 km from Moscow), "Westphalia" (Simferopol sh. 87 km), Naumova (Yaroslavl sh. 105 km) "River" (Simferopol sh. 55 km), etc. The company Peregrine has announced the launch of the program to offset the cost of a new cottage in the village Knyazhye Lake (Novorizhskoe sh. 24 km) of any cottage, situated in other towns the same company.

Transaction when the credit for residential facility is non-residential (commercial) property, are rarer and harder to pass, given that the profitability of commercial premises is much higher. George Dzagurov, CEO of Penny Lane Realty, gave an example where the buyer has purchased the apartment worth $ 1 million for office space at the cost of $ 850 thousand, however vnaklade he did not stay: now instead of $ 40 thousand a year, derived from renting apartments to rent, he gets from the rental office of $ 80 thousand "If the object of urban residential property generates income to 3,5-5%, which is normal in the current market situation, the object of commercial (shop, office) brings from 8 to 10% a year - said the expert. - With prices as low as 15-20% of the apartments sold quickly, and its former owner receives a rental stream twice, and the former owner of the store achieves its goal - to quickly receive the required funds.

Recently, the company "MIEL-DPM» suggested the idea of set-off or near Moscow, Moscow apartment on the subject of foreign real estate. Proposal for some reason is called "Change Khimki at Barcelona, although the return of domestic property from a choice of several new buildings in Bulgaria, Montenegro and the Italian province of Calabria. The scheme is as follows: the buyer makes a 30% value of the foreign object and enters into a contract to sell its apartments with the company "MIEL-Brokerage. Since then, he can use his apartment near the sea, and the remaining amount for which he makes after the sale of his Moscow estate. No interest in the gap, he does not pay.

According to Natalya Zavalishin, CEO of Miel-DPM », the sales process usually takes four months. If the apartment is "stuck" for more than six months, begin negotiations with the developer, but more than a year, he will not wait, the expert said. That's why Realtors have an additional incentive to look for buyers of apartments "in Khimki, that the customer's hand, and interest-free installment plan - a tempting thing. For the agency is a definite plus of this scheme - that the whole transaction under its control: real estate brokers can be sure that the client "denounce" the proceeds from the sale of the apartment money to their partner / developer.

Solid compromise
Mechanism of offsetting transaction can be carried out in different ways. Sometimes the assessment of qualifying property holds independent licensed appraiser, realtor sometimes, but often the parties simply agree on an acceptable amount. But in general, such a transaction does not involve significant financial benefits to the buyer. For if he wants to quickly exchange the apartment, he has to discount the market price of about 10% remarked Yuri Sinyaev. This is understandable: the lower the price at which the customer is willing to put their homes up for sale, and the higher liquidity of the object, the better conditions of purchase may be new. However, credit is undoubtedly convenient for buyers: both transactions, the sale and purchase, pass quickly and orderly.

For realtors and developers to offset - probably a necessary measure. Seller, of course, much more interesting to get his own object "real" money than the object that is yet to be realized. "The dissemination of such services during the crisis due primarily to the developer's desire to attract potential buyers," - says Timur Saifutdinov, Managing Director of the Department of Residential Property at Blackwood.

Finally, it is worth noting that the credit can not go any available at the customer's property, but one that seems the other side of liquidity, that is, you can sell quickly and without problems. Restrictions are determined solely by common sense and cost parameters. Often the property below the class may be more liquidity, "- notes George Dzagurov. When it comes to the apartment, it must be properly framed legally and physically free, with all necessary documents and no additional charges.
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