Stop building - the most dangerous country market problem

23.03.2020 01:00
Buying a country house - a responsible step, but no matter how long it took to accumulate funds and such a decision, adverse effects can be expected buyers at any stage of the transaction. About what adverse consequences in practice often await future owners of suburban property, says lawyer Oleg Sukhov. The most dangerous problem is the construction of suspension for an indefinite period or permanently. This problem has two undesirable aspects. The developer may be financially untenable and, therefore, to finish your house can not, and the money you will not return. Or, if the house is not completed, then the proof of creation and existence of the object that you paid are not prepared and not registered, it does not allow the buyer to arrange unfinished at his property to complete construction at its own expense.

The second problem - the house finished, but passed with significant disabilities. In this case, the buyer needs to bring an independent building and technical expertise to get a report on existing deficiencies with the definition of the cost to remove them, and go to court.

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The third problem - this is a significant change in consumer characteristics of paid real estate.

"In my practice of law have been cases where radically changed design of the house and the buyer refused the proposed option, which does not correspond to the initial draft, and his dreams, which occurred during the initial contract and pay" - says the lawyer.

Common problems also include unformed ownership of the house or land, there are other contenders for the property paid by you, do not let down, but promised under a contract of communication, excessive demands payment for the service management companies.

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