State social housing will be available only by lease

23.11.2010 07:41
Under the new Housing Code, the state of social housing will be available only on a leasehold basis and there will be further privatized.

The Verkhovna Rada intends to end of 2010 to adopt a new Housing Code. The project is now 2,307-dP1 is waiting to pass a second reading. Now the document goes to the finalization of the appropriate committee, as both the main corporate governance, and the main scientific and management expertise have found dozens of discrepancies of the Code of the Constitution, Civil Code and other applicable laws of Ukraine., Writes the Mirror of the week.

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In particular, it raises a number of issues the position code on the transfer of dwellings uninhabitable. In this case, due to translation of residential to non-fund tenants not entitled to receive compensation (other accommodations).

Also, the new code provides that accommodation of the state or municipal housing stock (defined as a social project) will be given to citizens to lease (rent) only in limited use.

"In our opinion, should the project such as law, it will lead to a breach of Article 22 of the Constitution, as now, under current housing legislation provided with housing in perpetuity and can be further privatized" - the experts of the Main Legal Department.

Moreover, in violation of the Constitution, the draft stipulates that "the subjects of housing privatization are citizens of Ukraine who received housing before the entry into force of this Code." That is, citizens who are registered today in need of better living conditions, deprived of rights under existing legislation to privatize their housing.
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