State certificate to the ground: all the same mistake

03.11.2010 08:16
Articles about real estate | State certificate to the ground: all the same mistake In the hallway of the Center of Land Cadastre is not very crowded - in the morning the rain poured down in Odessa.

And yet the storm did not become a hindrance to people coming from areas of the field to learn the fate of their state certificate to the ground. They are stuck in offices that are not entirely clear to people the organization where the common man, believe in the villages, there is no access. In fact, here, as it should, there is a visiting day for the citizens. The guard asked, "Where?" Skips without problems, says Mirror weeks.

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Inaccessible to visitors leaving only the door receiving the Director and his secretary, which can only communicate via intercom. Despite the requirement of Governor to remove locks from the doors of officialdom reception, they remain under lock and key ...

- I have a year ago passed the documents - said the old man, who had come from Razdelnyanskogo area. - And I can not get get state certificate.

- I also apply for free registration, - said the pensioner from the village Shiryaevo. - You know what I said? "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap." Now I sell the house, and the notary requires the cadastral number of the land and extract from the register. One agency in Odessa, I prepared all necessary documentation. Took 2 ths. It turns out that's not all. Say, you need a state certif.

- Do you think you'll here it soon will be discharged? - Is surprised by another woman. - I also have a house in the village. I am the second year of wind between Odessa and the region. This state certif I have a dream ...

- And heard in Georgia, his 15 minutes are.

This writer also came to the reception - another opportunity to get feedback from management center on the situation with the issuance of state certificate was not. But to get answers to specific questions failed. Although only two of them.

The first was the village of Petrovka Belgorod-Dniester region. Here over 400 people last year surrendered to the village council documents free registration state certificate. They went to an area farther - into the region and there, as explained to them, stuck in the center of the cadastre. Although all of the documentation has long framed and the state paid.

A few dozen people from this village, passed the documents back in 2005, paying for the design of their money. And the state certificate has not yet been received.

The second issue was the village Velikoploskoe Velikomikhaylovskiy area. Here, no one person could not exercise their right to free registration of state certificate. In the next, say, too. In rayzeme people say: you are not supposed to. There is so decided. The villagers (who strongly pripeklo) were forced through a private entity to issue state certificate for their money. This service cost 700 UAH. But even for the money received state certificate of unity. The rest, as it is about 30 people do not know how to wait. Finished documents lie at the heart of the cadastral without movement.


- Just to answer your question I can not. Understand, - said the first deputy director of the Odessa Regional Branch of the Center of the State Land Cadastre Kovanzhi Andrew, recently appointed to this position. In this case, no contact phone number or address for feedback is not an official said.
- On what the phone can call to find out the result? - I clarified. In response - silence.

Shall be fined

In our country, must have nerves of steel and an endless supply of patience to withstand the ordeal associated with registration of land ownership.

Economy Minister Vasyl Tsushko jealous of Georgia, which got rid of red tape and bureaucracy. Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko too often refers to the Georgian experience. And what did our state officials to ease the lives of ordinary Ukrainian citizens?

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov decided for delay in issuance of state certificate to punish negligent officials fine - from 20 to 50 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens. For repeated violation - up to 200. And even sent to the Verkhovna Rada the bill. He lay there in May. Meanwhile, there are last year's ruling Cabinet of Ministers № 844 dated August 5, and the number 1112 dated October 21, the issuing state certif ... The ones that make everything quick and free.

These provisions has not been canceled. But no one observes. Nobody demands compliance. Following the resignation of the Tymoshenko government abandoned them, as someone else's populist invention. And nothing offered in return.

If we believe the data of the State Committee, in Ukraine on October 1, 2010 free of charge issued more than 1 million state certificate. This is 33,7% of the registered applications. A lot or a little? How do I see. But not these issues are the chief.

What to do with the remaining statements? And they wrote about 1,9 million people. What to do with the applications of citizens who want for their vital state certif issue, and they say: the procedure may take a year or two and more? Ukraine has 14.5 million land users who have the right to privatize their land. State certificate received slightly more than half - 58.3%. Not received - 41,7%. This is the main indicator.

For all errors, decisions of the former government were related not only free state certificate of registration, which caused a lot of problems and fair comment. They were literally spelled out step by step procedure of registration and issuance of state certificate, is also faulty. But, for example, rural people handed over documents to the village council, and there also could come and pick her institutionalized property rights. Now the door is closed.

Instead, the "wide open" the doors of officials and businessmen. Long marathon of their corridors with all the consequences of a refusal extortion and hassle - to provide each incoming.

Forget to be postponed, not to remember

The author of these lines by example felt, that the "beast" so that this state certif, trying to just pass on the registration documents for the three retired women - inhabitants of the village Velikoploskoe.
Every house with a garden is 28 hectare. This is more than necessary in rural areas to serve at home and hozstroeny. Therefore, one plot of each relies on the hands of two state certificate. Two, three hundred square meters - for subsidiary farming.

So, the village council, preparing necessary documents, gave women the Odessa phone number and address of firm, which produces technical documentation on Velikomikhaylovskiy District. After a visit to this private entity, I desire one thing: forget everything, and defer not to remember.

Prices, terms, procedure - certainly not for retirees. Make a two state certificate, or more precisely, only the technical documentation for the land - 800 UAH. It will take a maximum of six months. Everything else - to agree with the district officials, the registration in the regional center of cadastral, printout state certificate - could last for years. For the acceleration of the process - $ 150, but at the same time most will have to carry the documents for approval to the district and to strike sealed the village council.

But those who desperately need, I can "calm": state certif can be issued for three months and it will cost $ 600 is about 20 percent of the average market value of homes in Velikoploskom.

In the Odessa region - more than 160 licensed organizations that are engaged in manufacturing land use documentation. But as a rule, each of them leads to certain areas. Therefore, the choice of cheaper services is limited.

There are among these licensees are two state enterprises. They are, according to the requirements of the Cabinet last year, were engaged in free state certificate, had, therefore, worked out the base and it seemed to me, the other rates. Alas. Articulated by the amount of one of them (GP "Center of State Land Cadastre") were even higher. (In another state-run appeal was useless - it did not work for Velikomihaylovke.) As explained by the regional branch of the employee TSGZK, registration area in the village Velikoploskoe cost plus or minus a thousand hryvnia. Time - about a year. All other details - when signing the contract.

Well, how lonely, the poor, helpless people in the villages to cope with this?

On the hardship of urban residents, I keep silence. This is another story. Here, different prices, deadlines and running - everything else.

To obtain state certificate can not survive

Lack of "single window" - the first and perhaps the main problem to date. Taught by bitter experience, village councils do not want to deal with receiving documents. It is for them people today addresses the issue related to the delayed state certificate. And they answer, they do not know. "How in the old man's eyes look? They generally can not live up to these state certificate "- said in Velikoploskom.

And above that is important, no one from the village councils do not require today: there are no guidelines and recommendations.

The second problem - the cost of state certificate. Say, 700 USD. - It actually cost him. The previous government under the implementation of its ruling allocated budget money at the rate of 113 UAH. 16 kopecks. to produce a set of technical documentation. All except the Yulia Tymoshenko, confirmed that this paltry sum does not cover all costs.

But here's the item: state-owned enterprises were unable to manufacture the documentation and to involve private firms. They were paid from the allocated budget money - already 40 hryvnia. There are such facts. And private traders, in his words, it was profitable. He won at the expense of quantity.

Conclusion: due to the shaft can reduce the cost of registration state certificate. But who is this Shaft intelligently organized, with the benefit of the people?

On assurances of the State Committee of Ukraine, the process with the issuance of state certificate in the Odessa region was organized much better than in some other regions. But as it turned out that, for example, two whole villages in Velikomikhaylovskiy area, and can, and not only they do not fall under the well-known decision? Officials have not read rayzema kabminovskie circulars, clarifications and recommendations of the State Committee? Or causes another? Maybe in kickbacks?

Tymoshenko's government has made a lot of amendments to the 844-s resolution. No reason to deny rural residents in the free registration of their gardens, to obtain state certificate of land inherited from their grandfathers and great grandfathers, was not.

Situation with the issuance and execution of state certificate in the regional administration of State Committee flatly refused to comment on. On October 1, 2010 in the Odessa region privatized more than 87% of the land. Issued over 341 thousand state certificate, or nearly 65%. However, in the same Velikomikhaylovskiy area - only 3,7 thousand state certificate. For comparison: in the Belgorod-Dniester - almost 17 thousand how many of them free, local officials did not specify.

Today, SLC believes that stopped a mechanism for issuing free state certificate must be started again. To not have suffered pensioners, war veterans, families with children. Officials are ready in the near future to make to the Cabinet a draft resolution on the free registration and issuance of state certificate of ownership of land to certain categories of citizens.

Commendable! But at the same time it is for some reason only about 2010. It turns out that the poor and vulnerable citizens SLC is going to make and issue a state certificate for the remaining two months? But it's the same rake, for which the country has already advancing.
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