Starry passion for real estate - a disease or a hobby?

04.01.2011 14:20
Hot summer time someone she beckons to the long overseas trip, someone on the feats of labor "in their own country site. We, the simple townsfolk, "overseas beauty" provides travel agencies, of which there are now probably more than the tourists themselves, and do not always correspond to their level of service advertising. Another thing star beau monde. Obviously, handouts do not inspire confidence "rich and famous" and they prefer to spend their free time in your own apartment, whether it's a house on the south coast, the quiet Finnish lakes or apartment with ocean views.

"As it turned out, the real estate abroad, the domestic elite began to get back in the early 90's. "First Swallows" was chosen as it is not exactly commonplace America: namely, the Pacific Coast of Florida. It was in Miami and its environs is now resting with her husband Angelika Varum, Leonid Agutin, Natasha Koroleva, Igor Nikolaev, Valery Leontiev and his wife, Irina Allegrova.

And if most of them are "just" apartments in high-rise buildings, some can afford and soak in the pool at your own villa. According to rumors the owner of just such a home is Valery Meladze.

For information, the average cost of villas on the coast is estimated at 7.6 million U.S. dollars. And again, in unconfirmed reports Alla sold its U.S. real estate two years ago, in order to become owner of apartments in Switzerland and Israel. But apparently bored by the rustle of the ocean, it again is going to buy a mansion in Florida - according to information from the same "unreliable sources" a new home will cost Pugacheva 2 million.

And a bit about Israel. Entourage "Promised Land" attracted not only Alla Borisovnu, but other folk artists. Somewhere "in the neighborhood," inhabits the famous bard Alexander Rosenbaum. Housing prices here are much more modest in comparison to Florida: a modest two-bedroom apartment on the Mediterranean coast is about 200 thousand dollars. However, prices are not stable and, for example, in Netanya recently risen strongly because of allegedly more "safe" locations of the city.

Nevertheless, more and more of our celebrities prefer to invest in real estate on the coast. Someone chooses a noisy Monte Carlo, someone draws Nice, but others prefer the Riga seaside. After all, here and communicate in Russian, and there are "misdirected Cossack" - such as Lyme Vajkule. Well, the real estate market in Jurmala is located in a state of crisis, real estate can be bought relatively inexpensive: the average price per square meter of not more than 2,500 euros. There are housing Mikhail Zadornov, the family of Vladimir Vinokur, Ilya Lagutenko. Yes, and Boris Moiseev more inclined to purchase the apartments is in Jurmala.

And as long as someone enjoys the cold beauty of the Baltic, someone chooses warm Black Sea coast. The owners of studio apartments in one of the high rises on the beach became Hope Babkin, Lolita, and Philip. And a former spouse Pugacheva and are not changed his addiction to the "global" and become, according to rumors, as many as 12 apartments. Of course, Bulgaria is a wonderful European country with a developed infrastructure, and close-minded mentality of the Russian people, clear waters and golden sands. And buying a home here, where the cost per square meter does not exceed 1,5-2,5 thousand euros is a very good investment "labor penny." And given the fact that a few years Bulgaria will join the EU and experts predict solid growth in real estate, an investment not only successful but also very profitable.

There is another location on the map, which attracts our stars - the Arab East. Despite so different from the Slavic customs and traditions, music producer, Vyacheslav Tyurin, "father" of the group "Reflex" for several years practically never left the capital of United Arab Emirates. Together with his wife - a former soloist with "Reflex" most of the time they spend in Dubai and Moscow come rarely and only for business purposes.

Glucose and Yevgeny Mironov Arab resorts prefer Spain. According to rumors, a talented actor in the last year started a shelter in the resort town of Sitges. And although the Spanish housing much more expensive in price than the Bulgarian, but this price is justified, because only a half hour's drive from the center of Catalonia.

Some do not mind a rest, and without leaving the country. It is said that a famous actor and producer Sergei Zhigunov There is a modest dacha in Gurzuf. Just say the same edges resting Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhilin. Officially, of course no such information is not confirmed.

With regard to the composer's Arcadia Ukupnik, it is for "official information" has learned that last year he became the owner of luxury flats in Antalya. This resort is like and ordinary Russians. Arcadia Ukupnik attracted to purchase and low cost (because the flat was bought back in the time of construction of houses), and the fact that the house is located in a prestigious area of Antalya, and the house itself is a luxury building with all imaginable amenities and veranda-solarium on the roof "for their" . To the private beach residents of the house carries special.

And again, on the north. Singer Slava and immediately distinguished itself quite original choice - a hot country she chose to Finland! Their holidays, it will hold in a house on the picturesque shore of the lake. Even more original housing has got a well-known restaurateur Arkady Novikov - he acquired not just a house in Italy. Alexander Novikov became the owner of the famous Villa Fontanelle, which when once lived and worked in the legendary Gianni Versace, and the guests which were Madonna, Sting and more.

The rumor of the presence of Larisa Dolina housing in Australia seems unlikely. No doubt, the country is very unique and original, and the ocean is magnificent. But as it was too long way for such a "nook".

However, their own homes can not afford all the "celebrities". However, in this case, they prefer not to trust your vacation travel agents, and rest in rented villas, bungalows and chalets.
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