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Many Hollywood stars with their agents very skillfully operate a real estate buying and selling houses, ranches, estates and apartments in luxury areas. Some even start their own development business. True, the sale of real estate they sometimes forced to do life's circumstances. "Lenta.Ru" decided to recall the most interesting developments in the market "star" of real estate in 2010.

High demand

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Market for so-called "star" property is unique in terms of demand. On the one hand, such a priori homes are the exclusive property, as they are usually in elite areas. In addition, they are equipped with the most distinctive fillings: dozens of bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, modern equipment, spas, wine cellars, gyms, cinemas, swimming pools, conservatories, libraries, fireplaces and so on and so forth.

There is another nuance: not least the owner's name. There are people who dream of living in a house belonging to a particular celebrity. If ordinary fans buy CDs with recordings or films of his idol, the wealthiest fans can afford and the "star" house. However, the financial aspect is of great value in this market segment. First of all, we can say that the stars tend to overestimate their property. Because of this they have to repeatedly reduce the cost of the project. In 2010, their contribution to this trend and introduced the financial crisis - yet buy expensive housing became costly. Therefore, the question of investment in the purchase of real estate "podvis.

Financial aspect

One of the best examples - the actor Nicolas Cage, who has had difficulties because of the untidiness of managing its finances. In addition, Cage claimed for the tax authorities. In December, an actor twice (up to 7.75 million dollars) has lowered the price of a mansion in the city of Middletown in the state of Rhode Island. At the same time in 2005, he gave Cage for this property is 15.7 million dollars. In a stone house on the Atlantic coast has 12 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a library, billiard room and several fireplaces. At a location over an area of 11 hectares located swimming pool, tennis courts and a pond.

Previously, for 4.95 million dollars was sold a mansion in Las Vegas, Cage withdrawn from the bank for the debt. The palace area of 1300 square feet has seven bedrooms, several bathrooms, living room, movie theater, elevator, pool, garage for 16 parking spaces, pool and spa. To withdrawal of real estate actor was trying to sell the house for 9.49 million dollars. Also, the actor had passed the castle in Bavaria, the two mansions in New Orleans and home in England. In addition, billed mansion for sale in a prestigious area of Los Angeles Bel-Air.

With the same activity is selling real estate an actor, producer and director Mel Gibson, burdened by litigation with his ex-girlfriend, a Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. He recently for $ 35 million put up for sale ranch in Costa Rica, covering about 200 hectares. In the main house has five bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, living room. On the territory of the ranch also has two guest houses with swimming pools.

Earlier, the actor for 24 million dollars sold an estate in Greenwich (Conn.). The mansion, built in 1926, is located in an area of over 30 hectares. The house has 15 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, and its total area is 1,474 square meters. Also in the estates are located guest house, servants' houses, stables, swimming pool, tennis court, pond and greenhouse. In addition, the sale of 12.750 million dollars belonging to Gibson, put a house in Malibu.

Amateur performances

However, not all stars are bad things. Some even engaged in developing. In particular, the singer Cher personally developed the design of the estate in Hawaii, and then put it up for sale. According to the auction site Concierge Auctions, lot value was 12.08 million dollars. Estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean includes the main house, four detached guest bungalow with total area of 820 square meters, as well as bungalows for parties. Near the estate is located a field for the game of golf.

The main house includes six bedrooms, six bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and swimming pool. Each guest bungalow has a bedroom, bathroom and outdoor space for recreation. Design of all buildings developed itself Cher. In 2008, Cher tried unsuccessfully to sell for $ 45 million mansion in the style of the Italian Renaissance in Malibu. In summer 2010 the house was again put up for sale already for $ 41 million.

Star Rating

The leader is at the offer price in the market "star" property is still the same Mel Gibson. His estate in Costa Rica tops the list. In second place was Tom Hanks, who purchased the mansion in Los Angeles for more than $ 26 million. The third position again took Mel Gibson, more precisely, his estate in Greenwich.

In fourth place is situated mansion, where in June 2009, died on Michael Jackson. In August 2010, this facility is offered for $ 29 million, but later its value was reduced to 23.5 million. A three-storey mansion located in the exclusive area of Los Angeles Holmby Hills. The house, a total area of 1,595 square meters, has 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, two lounges, two dining rooms, kitchen, library and several classrooms and studios. The house also has a wine cellar, 12 fireplaces and a garage for 7 cars. On the adjacent plot of 0.51 hectares located swimming pool, spa and guest house.

Closes the five ranches actor Val Kilmer in New Mexico. Currently, the estate is for sale for $ 23 million, although in 2009 the actor was planning to sell it for 33 million. Rancho Pecos River Ranch is located near the city of Santa Fe in an area of 4,700 hectares. The area of the main house over 1000 "squares." It has 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

Expensive proposition

Not only the stars, by the way, sell real estate. Crisis makes millionaires get rid of expensive mansions. According to the portal Luxist, first place in the ranking of most expensive homes, for sale in the U.S. in 2010, occupies a mansion in Los Angeles cost $ 150 million. A three-storey mansion in Holmby Hills, trendy, built in 1991 in the style of a French chateau, is selling a widow who died in 2006, television producer Aaron Spelling. The total area of the mansion is 5250 square meters. It has 123 rooms, a cinema, bowling alley, wine cellar with room for wine tastings, sports hall, library and three rooms for packing gifts. In the attic of the house is a beauty salon. Adjacent to the house a plot of 0.5 hectare garden located in the style of the XVIII century, a swimming pool, tennis court, rose garden, fountains, artificial waterfall, a garage for 16 cars and parking for 100 cars.

Second place went to the mansion "lily flower" (Fleur de Lys) worth 125 million dollars. Texas billionaire David Seperstayn built a house of 3,810 square meters in Beverly Hills at the end of the last century for his wife Suzanne, who is currently the owner of the house. Closes the three leaders of the mansion, "Tranquility" in the Nevada area of 85 acres, put up for sale for $ 100 million. In total, the estate has eight buildings with a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters, of which two thousand fall on the main house. In addition to the main house, situated in the territory detached pool retractable roof. Here are a gym and spa. Also in a guest house area of 500 square meters, a basketball court, small golf course.

Fourth place went to the mansion of the American lawyer and businessman Leonard Ross of Beverly Hills, worth $ 95 million. The mansion is an area more than 4600 thousand square meters is located on a plot of 1.5 hectares. A three-storey house of 1160 "squares" in Malibu was in fifth position. Object for sale for $ 75 million. In sixth place is located seven-story house in New York, which the owners valued at $ 72 million. Seventh line of the rating took an estate in Alpine, New Jersey (68.5 million dollars). House in Beverly Hills worth $ 68 million was in eighth place. Ninth position occupied mansion in Houben Sound (Florida), which is valued at $ 65 million. Closes the top 10 sites worth $ 50 million, located in Manhattan.

Cost mansions of celebrities shows that the stars are not shy to make money by selling real estate. But people are willing to pay millions of dollars for it, "to touch the legend."
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