Star apartments: where and how to live celebrities

Articles about real estate | Star apartments: where and how to live celebrities <div style="text-align: justify;">Famous people of our country often on television and radio bright, funny and memorable. In life, most of them are no different from ordinary people metropolis. They also travel daily to work, eating in cafes or restaurants, stand in traffic jams ... The difference is only related to their homes: the stars are visiting relatives only people who will not be displayed to show that something personal and special, that is in the public life of man.<br /> At present, our celebrities are serious approach to the selection and design of his own apartment. According to many designers, is now the most popular in interior design from famous Ukrainians enjoy a quiet classics without flourishes, piling and other features. Slightly fewer orders accounted for the modern and hi-tech. Many stars exclusivity not only provide housing dekoratorskimi methods, but also due to changes in the areas of rooms, as well as the redevelopment of inner space for your liking.<br /><br /><strong>Light my mirror, tell me ...</strong><br /> Victoria Batu today operates the leading music channel M1. In childhood AAPO dreamed of being a doctor and, speaking in the group "Cappuccino", I understood that she was destined to be a public person. After leaving the team Victoria has carried out its long-held dream - to start work on television. "Now I hardly watch TV. In general, like most employees of television. While on a day off I lie in bed for half a day with the television remote control in his hands," - says a leading eMOneNews and transfer of "Chronicles of Fashion." More television viewing Victoria loves to listen to music, so one of the first things in a new apartment (which moved to television presenter, most recently) was the musical center. "The chair, small table, television or radio, as well as the bed - that's the first thing I needed in new housing - says Victoria. - In first place with confidence can be attributed a comfortable bed, mattress or sofa. Working in television, I started a very appreciate sleep and rest. "<br /> In addition to the comfortable bed, leading to the M1, it is important the correct lighting. "This know all my friends, is why, for example, for my birthday I got a chandelier of great beauty, with a long leather foot, a length of about one meter. In form it resembles glass," - says the former participant of "Cappuccino".<br />The mass of free time, like many girls, Vicky spends in front of the mirror, doing makeup, hair straightening, or just looking at its beauty. "I recently bought a huge, luxurious mirror, and now every day strut in front of him. To be honest, I do not see without a mirror of its existence. Even in the shooting or during the ester I work with a mirror in his hand to control the current process and look at all 100% ", - says Victoria Batu.<br />Problems with the choice of style interior with TV presenter does not arise. One of her best friends, an architect-designer, Victoria knows so many things related to design, in which ordinary people do not delve. "I totally can not entrust the selection of an interior designer. Since I live in an apartment, so the selection of subjects should happen to fit my taste - the leading complementary. - I love the minimalism, the promise of space. I like them a minimum of furniture and bright accessories.<br /> Minimalism - is one of the most promising areas of contemporary design. He gained wide popularity both in this country and abroad because of its rationality and thoughtfulness. The main features of the design in minimalist style are simplicity, increased functionality and special colors. Basis of minimalism - a concise, implying a small amount of furniture, lack of spare parts and accessories. No pretentiousness, ornamental and decorative can not be. Pieces of furniture a little, but each plays a role in the overall interior of the home. Its shape should be simple and uncomplicated. Welcome glass shelves for books, low coffee tables and side tables. Sofas, chairs and tables often have a rectangular configuration, at least - a round. Besides the furniture in this style is mainly low. This is explained by the fact that minimalism has come to us from Japan, but there are no sofas and chairs in our usual sense - as the seat is used mattresses and mats. For furniture used only quality materials - wood, glass (mostly matte), metal (usually steel or aluminum), stone and natural fabrics. The colors of this style mostly bright-white, beige, sand. As a contrast, often takes black, brown and green. For the typical use of a minimalist one bright spot on the overall light background. This may be upholstery sofa, pillow or other accessory. The main thing that he was in the singular, otherwise violates the principle of minimalism.<br /> "I dream of a spacious apartment with huge panoramic windows from which to see the entire city. I did not want to see in housing is a lot of things. And would not stir terrace where you can sit, relax, cook a barbecue - commented on Victoria . - I love bright colors, but in everyday life are not always convenient, so it is best to use lighter shades of accommodation with bright patches. According to the presenter, not so important, in what style to make your furnishings, the main thing - that it was comfortable to spend time, either alone or in company of close friends.<br /><br /><strong>DJ Sunny Sunny flat in hi-tech</strong><br /> The apartment is one of the most memorable radio presenters Ukraine sun shines only in the morning, somewhere between 7 and 9 o'clock, all the rest of the time it remains bright thanks to its owner - Dj Sunny. Appearance of my home bright and sunny. One of the main emphases is some klubnost. I have a lot of mirror balls (about five large and many small), there is a mirror, a good stereo system and amazing lamp - a gift to friends. It shines a reddish tinge, giving the shelter a mystery, - says the DJ and presenter. - Well, my house a lot of unusual things. For example, there is a unique gift from China: slipper "mouse", and he dressed it up two feet, although I had not yet operational, it is now decorate a shelf. Besides, in my house a lot of round objects: lamps, balloons, smiles. I like very much things that have no sharp corners. Even I have an old, scratched brown desk, he's very funny, so he found a place in apartment. Every six months, throw away unwanted things. Here, for example, chairs that are splashed across housing, just not needed, it is better to lay on the floor, large pillows, which can accommodate the company in a relaxed lounge-atmosphere. "<br /> House Sunny holds so little time. "The apartment I'm mainly working on. It is here that the selection of music for club performances, the schedule of all projects, a set of news broadcasts for Kiss Fm and, strangely, house cleaning is sometimes the case. Quite often in my apartment are going to big companies, after which remain the mountain of dishes, so now I think about how to buy a dishwasher, "- commented Sunny. In housing hospitable host a party is a usual thing. "Sometimes you are" party in bed ", because each of the three rooms is this element of the interior - with a smile, tells broadcaster. - Rules of this pastime imply a return to the merry company" to his hearth and home "after a night club. In each of the rooms has its own zone formed Entertainment - home theater, lounge atmosphere, hookah-room. Guests are not forbidden to constantly move from room to room. This is the "Brownian motion" accompanied by the active production of cocktails, as well as their proper "disposal." bar counter at Sunny's not home, there is a multipurpose book shelf: there are books (ranging from academic and professional literature, and ending with "Master and Margarita") and bottles of strong drinks excellent fit (probably is a certain logic to find wisdom in books, and wine).<br /> Leading radio station Kiss Fm loves style high-tech, he's comfortable, practical, functional, and minimalistic. Given that the apartment went to Sunny "in the form in which it is inherited, then he slowly turns to a favorite style. "So far I have been a full and uncontrolled eclecticism, - says a leading solar. - I am interested in technology, technique, and a variety of innovations, so it is hi-tech style to my liking. It is totally not cool, because heat creates little things - gift toy picture in a frame of a loved one and so on.<br /> The main items in the house is a bed, where you can recuperate after long esters or work in the club, and a laptop - the thing that helps accelerate business processes. Most of the time Sunny holds the kitchen, which is often used as a study, as well as on the balcony. "The kitchen is mostly obtained work. Cooking I almost did not do, most can do something to warm up. It is better to eat meals in restaurants. A balcony attracts me by its openness: it can be seen from the sky and space."<br /> Today's house DJ is not the limit of his dreams. "I grew up in spacious apartments, houses and offices. Therefore, my house was always a two-storey, each floor will be at least six rooms. If we talk about the apartment and saw her two-tiered, red-blue-black color scheme. But at the same room, in which I'll leave you to be green. The space, which will be published on the sunny side, it is desirable to paint the yellow or pastel colors. And yet in an apartment want to have a spiral staircase, be sure to bar the original light. I love the unusual lights in the plans to erect lights in the form of human figures. While this is nowhere seen, the design will be mine, but make a person who knows how to DIY such a thing - to connect a lamp, iron and plastic, "- shares with the readers of the World of accommodation in" Sunny.<br /> According to a leading Kiss Fm, cozy feel of nice little things, so do not particularly "bother" about a particular stylist apartment, should not hesitate to mix anything like it, but at the same time maintain the first and basic rule: the apartment must be present, those things that reminiscent of the most pleasant moments of life. And then the classic, high-tech or even an antique style will be associated with warmth, comfort and, most importantly, his home, which always want to come back.<br /><strong><br />As always in time to come home</strong><br /> From early childhood Lesha Gladchenko (alias Alex Diveev-Church) decided that would be an actor. Today he is well-known television presenter and showman. Alex travels a lot, to catch him in Kiev is quite difficult. "I've been in many countries. Resting as a tourist or working abroad, I always stayed in good hotels, homes or apartments. All of them are made in different styles, and many of them I like. Today, I can not stop at some a specific interior design. I am interested in style, tasteful, - says Diveev-Church. - In principle, it is difficult to determine the theme, because I have not yet bought their own houses. Although a priority for me right now are the classic, high-tech, minimalism, eastern style.<br /> Classic interior requires a certain space. For him the ideal spacious room strict geometric shapes. The ideal situation for pure classic is an old house with its own history and traditions. It is also nice to look at an elegant country house. Properly selected classic image, if not restrained in a straightjacket, can elevate almost any home. The interior of this style is not overloaded with detail, full of restrained dignity, taste and respectability. "Classic" is bought for a long time and is inherited. There is a high quality classical furniture feature: it eventually increases in price, becoming a rarity. After all, as a rule, this furniture is made of wood - walnut, cherry, Karelian birch. A handmade, carved, gilded, inlaid with rare woods, mother of pearl, bronze furniture make this a real work of art.<br /> When it comes to interior design in oriental style, primarily refers to Japanese, Chinese or Korean (in fact, it is virtually the same) view of the interior, ie, space, light and imbued with the spirit of minimalism. There is a certain lightness of Asian homes, purity and freshness, that we lack in our cities. For example, the true Japanese housing invariably attracts the simplicity of lines and ease. Everything here is adapted to life on the floor, and the main attribute is the mat - the mat with the smell of dry hay. Forethought Japanese furniture sometimes just shocking. Screens not only zoniruyut space, but also decorate it, low lacquer tables are used for writing, and for meals, and rotating the outer ring serves for easy distribution of the food. Japanese lacquer practically forever - eventually, he does not tarnish and does not require special care. Mouthwatering flavor Japanese interior give bonsai (dwarf trees) and flowers, decorated in accordance with the basic principles of the art of ikebana. To give finality to the space needed rice lights, wooden dolls, ceramic dishes and exquisite porcelain.<br /> Antique Indian furniture is now, unfortunately, is rare. Usually you can see the imitation of antique - such craft Indian craftsmen possess impeccable. Rough and rugged Indian furniture eco-friendly, basic materials for its production are teak, rosewood, bamboo, walnut, cane, glass and metal. For the coating and polishing objects using natural wax, and dyes and stains are made solely on the basis of the plant. The southern areas of the country are famous for its wicker furniture. Although a specific form, sometimes shocking the Europeans, Indian furniture looks perfectly in almost any interior. Skilled craftsmen markedly reduce the size of things in comparison with their ancient originals - not everyone can afford to live in palaces. Therefore, mother of pearl inlaid doors, cabinets, desks and other furniture look organically even in a small room.<br /> Hieroglyphic letters to the Chinese culture has had a significant influence on the tradition of furniture manufacturing in this country. Peculiar geometry and arrangement of interior parts are closely linked with the principles of writing characters, and design of furniture and decor have a deep symbolic meaning. But Europeans need not delve much into the secret signs and to follow the rules of feng shui, because Chinese furniture not only comfortable, but exquisitely beautiful. Select individual pieces of furniture help screens and screens. Some examples of screens with fine paintings on the right are considered highly artistic works of art. And hidden behind screens, silk lamps allow to create an internal scattered light in any room.<br /> "To create one of the above styles, you should contact the professional designer. Although I have several friends who themselves come up with and implement the modern design of her apartment. But it is rather the exception, so do not ignore the services of specialists," notes Alex.<br /> Today presenter lives in an apartment, but think about building a house. "Even 5-7 years ago I considered myself an urban, but now understand that he wanted to live outside the city, in a private house, close to nature", - said the showman.<br /> Alex loves animals. In childhood he had a dog, but not for long: the family of a soldier often changed their place of residence, and the animals had to give to others. Longest delayed parrots who fly themselves. Birds even talked. Anchorman advises bird lovers for the development of speech in parrots put the cage near radiopoints. But if there is, for example, cat, you can completely do without the birds. Here Siamese cats have a very wide range of voices and can even sing. "Domestic animal - is a strong incentive to return home. When you know that the apartment is waiting for you pet, it simply will not be able to stay somewhere. Let it be a cat, dog, fish, scorpions or snakes - not so important. Index -- to know that someone at home waiting for that it needs to be fed or take a walk with him ", - says Alexei Diveev-Church.</div>
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