Square meters of the rich and famous

25.03.2011 21:15
The newspaper today decided to learn at what stage are the square footage of the rich and famous.

After all, on the eve of the crisis, many Ukrainian artists acquired land near Kiev, to quickly build a mansion and hide from human eyes. But there it was! Quickly build a shelter - not possible for even the rich and famous. Thus, the construction of the Faith Brezhnev lasted for five years, but the house is almost ready, with as Tina Karol. And Ani Lorak in general for the second year in a row instead of the desired two-story house - only the foundation, which is not visible because of grass. A couple of years ago we started to build a house near Kiev, Iryna Bilyk and choreographer Dmitry Dikusar (if a couple lived together). While a new home too early, but the singer has already colorfully describes as her mansion to guard gunners. Not completed and the home of Olga Gorbachev. And Svetlana Loboda decided to wait with the erection of his own mansion and shoots a country house.

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With one tip-off that the house of Tina Karol is Zazimya (Brovarskoy district, Kiev region, weaving here at $ 3000), Segodnya quickly found her home. One of the villagers explained in detail to minimize, to get a visit to the singer, and said that he often saw Tina's husband, Eugene Ogira and her - just a couple of times. A three-storey house of Tina is at least 40 acres of land - it is almost ready. Only the inner workings and equipping local area. Ready and the house for protection - that's not counting the set of surveillance cameras and a special coating of glass to make it impossible to examine what's inside.

But the new home, as told in an environment artist, she can handle it, most likely, only a year later. Segodnya learned that will be inside the fortress of Tina. Each floor - one room: the first - a living room, the second - a children's son, and a third - apartment Tina and Gene. There is underground parking in the plans - pool, sauna, gym, orchard and flower garden. By the way, the pair engaged in very interior of the house. A house of the singer will be arranged by type of smart: clap - turn the light parted blinds, etc.

Singer Vera Brezhnev his country house in Koncha Zaspa building for the fifth year. By the way, we have suggested where to find the mansion of ex-Via Gra. As it turned out, hacienda Brezhnev clearly occupies more than 500 square meters. As told in the metropolitan real estate agencies, home of such a plan in Koncha Zaspa can cost about $ 2.5 million, and one of the closest neighbors singer - Leonid Chernovetsky. The house has brought to mind - it finishing. Meanwhile, Vera and her husband, billionaire Mikhail Kipermanom and two children, told the newspaper today, surrounded by the singer, rent a house in Boryspil.

In the house of Brezhnev are private offices, a gym and a garage for several cars. In the yard - a small outdoor swimming pool. We also plan a fruit garden. By the way, before the media flashed the rumors that the singer allegedly purchased the house in boxer Vitali Klitschko, but the press service of the actress denied this information. But the new home may be held later this year.

Ani Lorak Murat husband two years ago gave the area near Kiev, where he planned to build a house with a construction company and to drive there last fall. But it did not. However, apparently, to move out of town singer will come soon. As described today in a company which is engaged in construction, the construction there will start in early April.

Assess the degree of preparation at home Lorak newspaper was just over the fence - travel to cottage (a 20-kilometer highway in Zhitomir) partitions off guard. The house Lorak only laid the foundation. However, Carolina is already, it will look like the future home of: "Be sure to pool and gym. And also make billiard room and a large dressing room. " Incidentally, the total floor area - more than 220 square meters. m, and the land area - 15 ares. According to our information, the site acquisition cost Murat almost $ 250 thousand


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