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14.09.2010 08:00
Skater and producer Ilya Averbukh finally bought an apartment in Moscow. Recall: In 2004, Averbukh and his wife Irina Lobacheva before the birth of his son bought one of the elite in the capital of new buildings apartments of 220 square meters. m, and began to make repairs. By 2007, when the apartment was ready for occupancy, Ilya and Irina have divorced.

Two-storey mansion got Lobacheva and son, and he Averbukh stayed in a rented accommodation. Three years later he picked up for a bachelor nest. "I managed to get own apartment, I'm incredibly happy" - confessed Trud Averbukh. Actor's family Alexei Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova also celebrated new home: they moved from a rented "treshki" in his own apartment. To do this they had to take a mortgage at the beginning of 2009, and by their three children to stay in rented accommodation. Petrenko told us it was worth it: now the family nest can be called perfect - there is room for him, dressing for Catherine, separate rooms for children.

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Actor Victor Loginov, too, became the happy owner of an apartment in Moscow: he took the fall in property prices during the crisis. But skaters Alexei Tikhonov and Maria Petrova, a rich experience of living in rented apartments. They came from St. Petersburg to Moscow five years ago and initially stayed in Moscow hotels. Then they rented an apartment organizers of the show "Ice Age".

Now Alex and Mary rented accommodation at their own expense. "We are thinking to buy in the capital of their apartment or townhouse in the suburbs" - said recently in an interview with Tikhonov Trud. The house Rublyovo-Uspensky highway live restaurateur Stepan Mikhalkov. Stepan estate shoots. As Averbukh, Mikhalkov's apartment left a former wife Alla Sivakova and three children.

"His home in the near future will not be - confessed" Trud "Stepan. - I bought a plot, but to develop it now not possible, so it stands as is. Until better times. So take off the old wooden house - a cottage in the village of Academic. I myself have polished the entire house and repaired. Now it is very cozy and comfortable. " Yet without their own housing and Gosha Kutsenko. "I have no home. There are places where I dwell, live. In general, I often travel. And while there is only my residence - a refuge in the center of Moscow - told us about their Ghosh rented apartments.

By the way, Ghosh is still registered in the apartment of the parents in Cheryomushki. Only a temporary refuge in Moscow, and the actor Andrei Chernyshov. It removes "odnushku" in the New Trekhgorka already for four years. "I did not hide and shy" - confessed Andrew Trud, but to talk about their housing is not wanted, as these details are considered boring. But the heroine of "Daddy's daughters" Miroslava Karpovich decided to start an independent life: she shot in downtown Moscow, a small apartment and moved out from their parents. "I lived there for only three months and then returned to the family" - said Miroslav Trud. Easier to save for their own housing, not wasting money on rent.
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