Spring 2011: Demand for houses is growing

05.03.2011 11:25
Articles about real estate | Spring 2011: Demand for houses is growing Country House - traditionally the second or third property acquired after the flats. But in recent years, many wealthy people are trying not only to rest there in the summer, but also to live all year round - away from the increasingly annoying discomfort capital.

Normal for this village is not quite good, so the format cottage community where nature, fresh air and good infrastructure, there will always be in demand. Country cottage - ideal for those who want to and work in the city, and spend time with his family around the fireplace.

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Traditionally, in the spring of demand for country cottages increases at times, is no exception and the spring of 2011. People continue to actively buy homes, have changed only the parameters of interest - if before the main demand was the big house of 500 m2, with large areas of land, now the preference is given to a small cottage - to 200 m2 300 m2 plot of 10 hectare. Prices in the market today have developed the following: accommodation of an economy class costs $ 1000-1100 per square meter. m, taking land, business class - $ 1,2-1,5 thousand for the quarter. m, a premium - $ 1,5-2 thousand for the quarter. m. Another important not only to the cost of homeownership and what it contains. Very often what is bought cheaply, requires significant improvements, which will ultimately change the final cost

According to the experts "Knight Frank" (Ukraine), roughly the price and will remain until the end of the year, but some interesting suggestions can rise in price up to 5-10%. As a general rule, prices are raised in small towns, where construction has been completed, the infrastructure is ready, and they are located in close proximity to Kiev (10-15 km). Among other things, it is connected with the fact that the number of sentences in these camps is limited ("Park House", "Cherry mistechko", "Sun Valley", "Severynivka). Number of quality proposals gradually reduced - interesting objects continue to buy. After the crisis in the region have not more than 20 such towns, where you can buy a home without fearing for their funds.

Now, analysts say, prices are more or less adequate, and therefore falls down or up will not be, as there will be no special discounts and actions, that were distributed last year.

Increasing the number of transactions in the segment of the country real estate mortgage programs also contribute to a renewed resumed banks. To date, more than 50 banks offered loans resale property for a period of 10 to 20 years, the real interest rate - 16,4% annual in grivna. Currently, the most favorable credit conditions suggests PAO "Bank of Cyprus" in conjunction with the cottage town "Park House" - 15, 9% APR for up to 20 years. It is important that the houses in the "Park House" is already built, but documents in the house - designed, which not only insures the buyer against the risk of being cheated during construction, but also allows you to take a loan against the same house.

By the decision to buy a country house came for many. And if in other countries it is the norm, we are only beginning to appreciate the convenience of suburban life.
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