Luzhkov was refused a residence permit

30.01.2011 13:18
Latvia has denied the ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, in granting a residence permit, which he could lay claim to possessing property in this country and investments in local banks. Now the ex-mayor is trying on the same grounds to settle in Austria, as the owner of an apartment house and hotel. At the same time, Luzhkov, has lost his residence outside Moscow on Rublyovo-Uspensky highway.

Ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov has decided to abandon abandoned him after the resignation of the performance problem on Rublevsky highway, offended by the fact that the new authorities "asked him to make room." According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the new mayor decided to leave behind its predecessor, only one guest house in the residence "Molodenovo", located 20 km from the capital. Officially it is called "Holiday House CFCs mayor of Moscow" Molodenovo, but the last few years in residence have the right to be exclusively the Mayor himself and his family. As already reported VIEW Real Estate, a special position on the status of "object" was enshrined in a closed ruling government of Moscow in the mid 2000's.

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"Molodenovo" is located in an area of more than 50 hectares, which is the main house at 700 square feet with five bedrooms, two living rooms, fireplaces, four bathrooms and rooms for servants. There in the two houses for guests (to 220 "squares") with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a living room in each, two-story stable (560 meters), three-story club complex (709 meters) with a sauna, beauty salon, billiard room, etc. ., tennis courts, greenhouses, barn, aviary, apiary with two holiday houses beekeepers and the laboratory (500 meters).

From all this "wealth" built on budgetary funds of the capital, Yuri Luzhkov, following the controversial dismissal left only one guest cottage and no less scandalous apiary. Ex-mayor has decided on such a "gift" and refuse to move out of "Molodenovo. Wednesday evening, the first zammera in government capital Vladimir Resin, confirmed in an interview with Ekho Moskvy that over Luzhkov fixed service cottage, which he used to live, and how he will deal with it, he, they say, is unknown.

At the same time Vladimir Resin, has denied rumors about the construction of a new residence on Rublyovo-Uspensky highway for Sergei Sobyanin. "These were some rumors. There is a residence of the mayor, she built a few decades ago, and the mayor can use it at their disposal. Nothing new under construction ", - he stressed.

On Thursday it became known that after the refusal of the authorities of Latvia grant a residence permit, Yuri Luzhkov, sent a similar request to the appropriate authorities of Austria, where he also has considerable real estate. However, the Vienna newspaper Die Presse notes that with Austria, the ex-mayor of Moscow can also do "does not work out."

In the Austrian Consulate in Moscow, Luzhkov has not yet addressed, said Interfax. Himself a former mayor of Moscow, said he was not going to leave Russia, and a residence permit he needed for freedom of movement.

According to Die Presse, in the coming days Luzhkov will meet with representatives of the Austrian authorities. The newspaper reminds that Elena Baturina, Luzhkov's wife, owns real estate in Austria - Hotel in the resort town of Kitzbuehel. In addition, the Austrian capital's former mayor has long-standing friendship with the Mayor of Vienna Michael Michael H?upl.

Earlier this week, Luzhkov was refused a residence permit from the authorities of Latvia: Minister of Internal Affairs Linda Murniece his personal decision made it into the black list of banned persons, which also reduces his chances of obtaining residence permits in other EU countries. Apparently, the authorities could not forgive Luzhkov critical remarks against Latvia. It was also suggested that Riga has not spoil relations with the official Moscow.

Wife of Yuri Luzhkov, head of the company Inteko Elena Baturin, last fall began to translate some of its assets Austria, reported the French newspaper L `Express. The first steps have been made 2 years ago when she founded her charity "Beneke" in Vienna, allowing it to pay taxes on activities in the business of the Austrian budget. According to the statute, the sole founder is Elena Baturin, the beneficiaries - of her daughter Helen and Olga. Luzhkov is not mentioned in the statute. As follows from the statutory instruments, the fund will act as a holding company, asset manager Baturina abroad.

Around the same time Elena Baturin has established in the Tyrol management company. In 2010, wife of ex-mayor acquired for ? 25 million luxury hotel complex in one of the richest places of the Austrian Alps - Kitzb?hel. A little later, Baturin became the owner of one of the most prestigious golf clubs Ayhenhaym.

To win favor with the Austrians, and reduce the critical attacks in the local media against the Russian, Baturin and Luzhkov donated annually produce millions of euros on sporting events and cultural festivals in the Tyrol, wrote the correspondent of French newspaper Blaise Gauquelin.

With the help of sophisticated financial management Luzhkov's wife may withdraw from taxation in Russia earnings of its subsidiaries, located outside Russia. At the same taxes that she pays in Austria, will be much less than the amount she would have had to pay in the Russian Federation, stresses Blaise Gauquelin. This is possible due to the fact that Austria offers large businesses tax incentives to create additional employment in the most important sectors of the economy - tax consulting and banking.

With regard to residential real estate in Austria, according to local newspaper Kleine Zeitung, family Luzhkov built in Kitzb?hel, a small resort town of 8 thousand inhabitants, a huge and, as spoken by the inhabitants, "immodest villa with ostentatious chic, which is not accepted, even in these expensive places. "

In addition to the house, Elena Baturin has five-star hotel Grand Tirolia Golf & Ski Resort, RIA-Novosti. The estimated cost of the hotel - 40-47 million euros, experts say the Austrian real estate company Tirol-Realty Consulting.

However, as it has long been the norm for Inteko, the company filed at the time the court of the French edition of L'Express for this article. Now Vienna's media are wondering whether to keep their power and claim that it contested Baturin: if she does not agree with the fact of ownership of real estate in Austria, then quite clear on what grounds, Yuri Luzhkov intends to obtain a residence permit. The irony is that today the former mayor would have to be documented that he and his wife for many years successfully refuted - the presence of large property outside of Russia.

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