Spanish investors in the liquidity crisis will focus on development in Ukraine real estate projects worth $ 12.6 million

06.10.2008 00:00
Spanish investors remain interested in Ukrainian real estate market in crisis conditions in the market leverage, while they concentrate on the implementation of small and medium-sized investment projects worth $ 12.6 million, says CFO Group World Business Trade Centre Group (WBTC Group, Spain) Francisco Angera.Interes Spanish investors to the Ukrainian market has not disappeared - just changed the number of financially strong companies able to complete these projects. The reason for this is a more detailed approach to the choice of country, market, and the object of investment, "- he said.

In this case, F. Unger added that "today we can speak only of small and medium-sized investment projects in the range of $ 12.6 million."

At the same time, President Julio Rico WBTC Group noted that the liquidity crisis in Ukraine as well as in all international financial markets affect the supply and demand in the property market, which leads to a revision of prices. "In such a scenario can not speculate much smaller, and the market is once again becoming attractive. Ukrainian real estate market must adapt to the global market", - he said.

Treasurer of the group also expressed confidence that Ukraine offers and will continue to provide for us and our customers' ability to obtain profitability is much higher than even in neighboring countries - ".

As reported, WBTC considering the possibility of development in Kiev, and cities over one million real estate projects. CC, primarily interested in the development of commercial projects, in particular office, logistics, entertainment centers, retail and hotels.

WBTC partner in Ukraine stands consulting company "Ukrainian Trade Guild".

WBTC in investment and development projects in different countries and different sectors of the economy.
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