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31.05.2008 00:00
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Chief Town Planning Law of the capital - the current general plan for the future development of Kiev until 2020 - an outlook for the city. According to Vladimir Chekmareva, chief architect of the project LLC Kievproekt "director JJ Institute Kievgenplan, the main direction in which the term will evolve Kiev - is South-Western. In addition to the development of urban areas, it is planned to create about 15% of the total construction volume. Approximately 5% of those will be in the direction Vyshgorod, and the same in the Hodosovki.

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In accordance with the program prescribed for implementation until 2012, is planned to complete development of all free territories on the left bank of Kiev: building Troyeshchyna, partial reconstruction of the five-story building, and development of southern areas - Osokorki-central and south-Osokorki. Will continue to develop the right bank, mainly in the south-west direction.

The expansion of urban development and increasing its concentration requires a corresponding development and transport infrastructure of the city.
Today in Kyiv about 60 km underground, and by 2020 it is planned to double the length. Scheduled to extend Kurynivska-line Red Army - in the direction of Towers -3 (12 km - 8 stations), Syretsko Caves - to prospect "of the Soviet Ukraine" (6,6 km - 4 stations), a line in the direction of the Kharkov area - to the station Vokzalna (5,9 km, 4 stations). The most important thing is the direction Podolsko Resurrection line - the station Solomenskaya to Bratislava (14.6 km - 12 stations). Master plan also envisages the construction of the Left Bank land line subway Troyeshchyna-Osokorki (18,6 km - 14 stations).
Need three more bridge

As you know, the city on the rivers have their own peculiarities of development. Practical accessibility beyond the river areas determines many things - including their real value for the city, as well as the cost of real estate located there.

However, if the construction of underground ways in Kiev, although with difficulty, but moving, the construction of bridges - more expensive and responsible, highly problematic. "The left bank of Kiev has a linear pattern of development, the right bank - centric, says Vladimir Chekmarev .- If we continue to develop Kiev on a linear pattern similar to New York or in Volgograd - with all the transportation routes engineering scheme as it stretched along the shore - then for life City to the maximum number of bridges. But the development of the left bank of Kiev on the linear scheme limits the two factors: Lesoparkovy zone and industrial zone. In accordance with the chosen scheme of the Right Bank of centric principle, when calculating the need for bridges, we take into account three main factors: financial security, the possibility of building bases and the number of sites required for the operation of Metro. On the basis of calculation, it turned out that Kiev should be three more bridge. "

Construction Podolsky bridge was planned in 1974. Built it should have been a long time ago, but - for various reasons - this has not happened yet.

The second bridge has to go in the Ukrainka. In the same area General Plan envisages the construction of large (third) ring road.

In addition, "Kievgenplan" proposes to construct a segment of railway track Vasilkov-Podgortsy that would make it possible to send freight from Fastova bypassing Kiev, and the railway on the territory of Kyiv was proposed to use for domestic transport of passengers. But the proposal was not supported, but instead is actively under construction Darnytsa road-rail bridge, which the General Plan is not provided.

Administrative function is lame

Nikolai Demin, one of the most influential urban planners of the capital, which was among the developers of the previous General Plan in Kiev, says that the current document defines not only the prospects for a stated period, and in fact points the way forward for the indefinite future - shareware at 50-70 years. In this case, we can not talk about details, which are certainly changing fast enough - you can only talk about the principal directions of functional and architectural and planning decisions about the conditions in which people will live through the decades. It is necessary to take into account population growth, the limits of economic and territorial growth of the city, as well as tremendous inertia of urban processes.

In drawing up the Master Plan for the capital is the determining principle view: how to be Kiev's political and cultural capital of Ukraine, the administrative center of the country. "In order to determine the parameters of the future of Kiev, - says Nikolay Demin, - you need to evaluate several factors. Among them is the need and likely to increase and concentration of population in the city. According to experts, housing Kiev should increase about 2 times to reach an average of housing supply.

But it is necessary to develop and social functions that would allow the Ukrainian capital to reach the level of modern cities. "For example, in New York only on Broadway - and a half thousand theaters in Moscow (center only) - 150, in Kiev the same - no more than a half or two dozen. The situation is similar to other public facilities - concert halls, sports facilities ... Today, in Kiev, it is impossible to conduct any major international conference or international sporting event ", - says Nikolay Demin.

It is obvious that the development of metropolitan functions require the territories and not to Troyeschina, Obolon, or Osokorki, but directly in the center of the city - its historic core. It is these lands are very important for the possibility of social and state functions of the capital. And for that we need not even dozens - hundreds of hectares. And if today the state lacks the funds to construct projects of national importance, city officials, according to Nikolai Demin, shall reserve such sites. Meanwhile, these areas are now distributed under the objects that have no relation to the development of the administrative functions of the capital, thus creating problems in the future Kiev.
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