Sons of Yanukovych acquire land in Donetsk

24.09.2010 16:08
Articles about real estate | Sons of Yanukovych acquire land in Donetsk September 24 of Donetsk City Council is selling two parcels sons of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych - Alexander and Victor, reports Mirror of the Week.

The approved document, a copy of which has a newspaper, Alexander Yanukovych is allowed to "develop a draft land on allotment of land ownership through the purchase and holding of expert money estimation of land for the operation of an existing office building and sports complex on the street Raina, a 65-g Budennovsk area.

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Apparently, the Mirror said Weeks, the president's son decided to have some "expand", because his place of residence listed house in the neighborhood - Str. Raina, 65-Dr.

At the same time, writes the Mirror of the Week, Viktor Yanukovych, Jr., judging by the text, a resident at st. Kropyvnyts'kogo in Kiev. However, as reported to deputies with similar wording and it provided the plot - on the street. Raina, 65, in: "for the operation of the existing office building and economic bloc."

Now, both sons of Yanukovych, according to the verdict of Donetsk deputies are obliged to "within one month after the adoption of this decision, contact the organization with the appropriate license, the conclusion of the contract to develop a landfill project on allotment of land."

Urban land management, summarizes the issue, in turn, must "organize expert monetary assessment."

Recall that Viktor Yanukovych himself lives in scandalous residence Mezhigorie under Vishgorodom.

As reported on 7 April, the Cabinet of Ministers annulled the decision of the previous government on September 16, 2009 for the residence status of Mezhigorie State Historical and Cultural Reserve. March 16 reported that the President is considering a move to the center of Kiev.
Mirror of the Week
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