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Articles about real estate | Some items of Feng Shui Things, experts say, zastaivayas in one place, "accumulate" the information about the quarrels, bad humor, and themselves are beginning to "radiate" dull. Good rule of thumb - every Saturday, for example, to throw out unneeded items to 30 - still no - just feel better at heart.

Recipe for cleaning the floor: in a bucket of warm water and pour a glass of a decoction of eucalyptus, lavender, mint or lemon tarragon (all these plants, unlike the newfangled ecosystems, fine deodorize and disinfect). Smell and substance, holding in wormwood, was removed mole, mice and cockroaches. Linoleum smell hold out a day or two on the board or the dance floor - almost a week. Air fresheners in the cartridges - not the most useful thing in the house. Than spraying around a good part of the periodic table - better make room deodorizer itself. Take two teaspoons of leaves of wild strawberry, black currant, mountain ash, and one teaspoon of poplar buds (a combination of these plants soothes and tones). Mixture brew two cups of boiling water. To insist in a thermos 6 hours, filter and spray the apartment. Scented pads: a beam of dried plants placed in a linen bag and then sewn into pillows, rose petals or rose hips, chamomile is good pharmacy for headache, nervousness, insomnia, cornflower blossoms - angina, hypertension, peppermint - if a heart attack, high pressure. Birch leaves, sage, pine shoots are used for the prevention of influenza, bronchitis.

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Clear consciousness and unconsciousness
: the most important "remedy" - cleaning the house from the junk. If you hide it in a basement, closet or attic, it will clog your subconscious mind. Put in the attic - and perhaps your life will be limited. Chaotic qi, strayed into a crowded closet, can affect the whole house and your punctuality and, consequently, stop the promotion, and that's not far off financial stress and health problems. In addition to furs, immediately get rid of items that you do not like to cause unpleasant memories or associations. Give them to someone who does not mind them denotes, or exchange.

If you want to put an end to their loneliness, look at the home environment, most likely you will see a set of single items. Your task - to produce "steam" energy. Use double candlesticks, pair of portraits and soft, romantic landscapes in the bedroom and in the zone corresponding to the sphere of relations.

Keep your living space is well repaired. Remember: good attracts good things. Harmony will result in one harmony in the other. Like with like. We know this a long time, is not it? Let's look critically at their homes and now make a list of needed repair. The main thing - do not be lazy, and you'll learn the secret of Fortune.

The best characters are paintings of pine, bamboo (incidentally, the bamboo has always represents a good Feng Shui), a deer or a crane. These characters are the most rampant, and you can always find an object with such a picture. You can also buy a statue depicting a crane, deer or turtle (turtle, among other things, represents another, and longevity). As to the pine, then you can put it on the right side of the front garden and the tree will bring you long life, good health, strength and steadfastness in the face of adversity.

In general, for correct positioning of characters, and especially for the correct activation energies of the elements necessary to making an individual horoscope. With this horoscope, you can determine what kind of element is enhanced to achieve a certain goal - to improve a certain kind of luck. And the only way to really properly arrange the room and to achieve this good result.

Great impact on the health and general your luck in any field can have the presence of "stagnant" energy in your home. Qi must always move slowly and you will be in trouble if your home or office will accumulate the energy yin. How to get rid of bad energy? The interior can be revived by using brighter, more vibrant colors, install brighter lighting (very beneficial to use the crystal chandeliers). Finally, you may simply be aired. Also for cleaning the room, you can use spices (oil or incense sticks) and Chinese bells ("wind chimes").

Remove garbage bins away from areas of your health and wealth.

Not recommended to have aggressive angles - the angles of walls, cabinets, ceilings, which seemed to aim at the place where you sit, sleep or work.

More shine! Items made of crystal increase vitality and improve any area of your apartment. If, for example, you want to revive the love affair, put the crystal in the area of relationships.

Love the bells. Their purpose - to attract positive chi energy. Hang a bell by the front door, the kitchen, near the toilet. Chinese windchimes - it's fashionable in recent years is a very common veshitsa, which serves to convert the subtle energies. If you choose the right and place a bell, then the energy in the place of its location significantly purified, and hence improve the situation in the whole room. True, there are several "buts": bell must be properly manufactured, selected and placed. In addition, if the overall feng shui of your house is horrible, no bells will not help, since the measures do not need beauty, and radical.

What should be a bell? Windchimes represents a somewhat hollow tubes suspended vertically. More in this design there is "tongue", striking the tubes - the result is a melodic pozvanivanie. The main is that the tube bell must be hollow - there goes the energy in them, she and transformiruetsya.Esli this condition is not satisfied, you get a simple decoration, without any additional useful features.

Now consider the material of which shall be made the main elements (tubes) of this popular tool of Feng Shui. Generally, they can be made of wood (usually bamboo, and this tree is best suited), metal (steel, aluminum, copper, or when there is adequate wealth, silver and gold), porcelain (all ceramic).

Consider perhaps the most basic - the rules of placement of air bells. Usually they are used as decoration (better still follow the rules), the protective measure or as a tool for enhancing energy specific elements. If the bell is to save you from the adverse effects of energy, it should be chosen as follows:

* To the east and southeast of choosing a metal bell;
* To the northeast and southwest choose wooden bell;
* To the north picked up a ceramic bell-Kolchik.

As you can see, the principle is this: the bell material selected in accordance with the classical range of damage, and for each side of the light material is selected, depressing element of this direction. The last important detail to select the protective bells yavletsya number of tubes in them: for protection from negative energy tubes should be five.

Now consider the rules for the selection and placement of the bells to enhance the energies of certain aspects of light and thus improve the selected types of luck. To achieve this effect:

* Hang on the east or south-east of wooden windchimes. Bell to the east should have a 3 handset to the southeast - 4;
* In the north-east or south-west place ceramic bell. North-east bell must contain 8 handsets, southwest - 2;
* In the west or northwest hang of metal windchimes. In the west, hang a bell with 7 tubes, and in north-west - 6.

Here the system is also clear - the bell material selected in accordance with the elements of light (not to be confused with the classic range of generation). Number of rods is calculated in accordance with the distribution of numbers in the square Lo Shu. According to these principles in the south to enhance energy this side of the world should hang fire bell with nine tubes and for the oppression of the southern corner of the energy should hang in there a water bell with five tubes - it is clear that this is not feasible. Such rules can be derived for the northern corner, but they just did not execute. Because for activation / inhibition of energy the north or south using other methods. By the way, if you can not get a good bamboo bell, you can at the appropriate place to place just hollow bamboo sticks tied with red ribbon.

Those who "collects" excellent statue of the Buddha, addressed a few words of caution. First, you must be sure that you have chosen for them the right place. Figurines do not have to be below eye level inhabitants; lift them as high as possible, and if this proves impossible, then install them, at least at the level of growth of the tallest man in the house. Secondly, before you purchase an ancient Buddha image, ask its history (because you can not find out until the end of all the circumstances surrounding it in the long journey from the temples of Burma, India and Thailand) and do not play with mystical powers, inherent to any ancient objects. And finally, do not forget that the Buddha - a mystical creature that needs to treat with the utmost respect. He is invited into the house, not collect.

According to an internal geomancy, there are certain items that are in the interior play a big role. This mirrors, bells, tassels, different vases, receptacles and stones.

We have already spoken about a variety of ways to enhance flow of chi in the room. To optimize the chi in a house used by a variety of items and accessories.

Regular, moderate and careful use of objects in the house has a beneficial effect on the house, but it might bring harm, even in places where previously it was not, in the case of careless use of symbols and objects. The word "subjects" did not accurately characterize all of those concepts, which will be discussed further. However, it is difficult to find a single term to encompass all of what is detailed below.

Candles affect chi energy only through the flame, so candles used only as decoration, any effect you will not be. It is best to install them in the northeastern part of the house (rooms, apartments) for the growing influence of the soil, and in the corners and recesses wall so as not to give the stagnant chi energy. Do not try to increase the influence of fire by installing a spark in the south - are too powerful a symbol can be "overdone".

Mirrors are able to attract and transmit energy qi, "push" qi through the narrow aisles and corridors, as well as reflect the sha chi. In addition, reflecting the natural light coming from windows, mirrors activate chi energy inside. Mirrors can fill the missing part of the room or house, or, conversely, to disguise the tabs and you can not located the door.

Feng Shui believes mirror top aides. They should be hung so that we could see some space above your head - a place for the development of ideas. The most effective round and oval shapes. Mirrors are located in the lobby, can direct the energy in the next room, but never place them against each other; energy will bounce back - here without moving. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom: sleep we release negative emotions, and a mirror near the bed will reflect them back. Mirrors should always be clean and polished. Mirrors reflect negative chi and harmonize comes into the room. Cracked mirror to throw better. Mirrors should not reflect the nasty places in the house: laundry basket, trash cans, restrooms, electrical wires and sockets. Instead of square or rectangular is better to use smooth contours. Do not sleep directly in front of or under the mirror. The house can not use mirror tiles. She breaks into fragments your reflection and can break your life or the lives of others, often coming to visit you.

Mirrors - a panacea for incoming chi. They give her a positive focus, reflect and distribute light evenly. They serve as doors for good chi, and when the occupant turns his back to the door mirrors reduce the crushing effect of the closed walls. Mirrors harmonious balance of qi in the room, blowing the sunbeams on the front door. Mirrors should be hung so as to expose the head of the highest tenant, but not so high as to everyone else jumped in front of a mirror.

A gentleman, mad from the constant noise coming from an apartment neighbor was ready to literally killed them. However, when - on the advice of a specialist Feng Shui - he hung a mirror on the wall closest to the neighbors, noise from this is not stopped, but the negative reaction of Mr. vanished.

Very popular setting of mirrors to reflect the cash register, this metaphysical techniques used by Chinese-owned stores worldwide, helping to increase revenues the shop. Usually cash is in the shop next to the entrance, you should install a mirror so that it reflects only the cash register, but not the front door.

It is not recommended to hang the mirror against the front door or directly against the bed. In the first case the energy is immediately sent back to the door, in the second, it destroys the marriage or (too bad) gives rise on the horizon opponent.

Mirrors are a very effective tool for redistribution of qi, but work with them to be careful. In Feng Shui there are several taboos associated with the mirrors (the mirror opposite the entrance door, a mirror in the bedroom, using a mirror tiles, etc.). But with the help of mirrors can achieve good results in the "restoration" missing corners and hiding toilets. There are several examples of effective use of mirrors in stores, offices. Mirror - a powerful tool, but you need to know how to properly use and do not make mistakes:

We consider separately the property of the mirrors reflect reality. Reflection - a double, is not it? So:

* Well - if affects food on the table in the dining room;
* Bad - if the food is reflected in the process of cooking in the kitchen;
* Well - if the mirror reflects the whole person, so even with a stock (meaning the reflection of the head and the maximum reflection of the body);
* Bad - if the mirror directly reflects the front door with her, and it reflects the incoming chi energy;
* Bad - if the reflection of the head, though a bit truncated. From this perspective, the use of mirrored tiles as a mirror is highly undesirable;
* Bad - if the mirror reflects your bed in the bedroom, this leads to a "doubling" of marital relations. A connection on the side "is always a negative effect on marriage.

If we talk about the impact on landscape design, the curved mirror is able to turn reflected objects. And it is good if you want to neutralize the effect of high facility close to home. Bad if in a mirror reflects people.

Crystals amplify and diffuse natural light, activating the chi energy. But the main thing - it's the ultimate symbol of the element soil, and because most crystals can be found in the southwest, northwest or in the center of the house (rooms, apartments). The crystals can cause the dispersion of light and a rainbow - a symbol of yang. Since the crystals are capable of changing aims of light streams, they can change direction and flow of qi energy. We should not think that only faceted crystals or crystals "crystal" form able to exert influence. Crystal ball is located on the east, will contribute to professional growth, on the north-west - academic excellence, and in the southwest room will strengthen family relationships.

Water bodies - it's aquariums, fountains, and everything else that has to do with water, bring the greatest benefit in the sectors of water and wood. Some recommendations for use:

* To make their lives safer, on the north side of the room, set a pot of water with a picture of a turtle on the walls;
* To make your life more active you can use the paintings of running water in different parts of the house (flat);
* Aquarium's good to have an odd number of fish (would be the best number 9), one of them black - to absorb the negative energy. Silver and golden fishes symbolize money. Stagnant water in the tank destroys all the positive effects and causes negative, the most suitable dimensions: length 38 cm, height 38 cm and a width of 26 cm

Why 26 and 38 cm?

Size 26 cm falls in the 4 part 5 of the segment, entitled Power and means prosperity, power and honor for the whole family.

Size: 38 cm falls in 1 part 8 of the segment, entitled Status and means a big influx of money.

Here is an example for the 30 adverse centimeters: (3x3x3 = 27 - the easiest solution for an aquarium is 27 liters).

Size 30 cm falls in the 3 part 6 of the segment titled The Bad and means: you can be out of Gnann in disgrace from your village. To achieve a favorable outcome, we must decrease the length of 30 cm by 4 cm and then receive 4 part 5 of the segment, entitled Power which means prosperity, nutrition, power and honor for the whole family, increase the interval of 30 cm by 8 cm and then get 1 part 8 of the segment called Status which means the large inflow of money.



фонтан фэн-шуй

Dimensions and inhabitants of the aquarium - just the important factors of luck, but it's not all. We should also pick up a form and place. Place an aquarium in the southeast of your living room or hall (do not put an aquarium in the south). And that's what shapes up - the question a few individual. Obshy advice - use the correct forms: square, rectangle, circle, octagon (triangular Aquarium do not advisable). But we can choose the shape of the tank, respectively, the elements of your personality (so you can also determine whether you need a tank at all).


фонтан фэн-шуй



фонтан фэн-шуй



фонтан фэн-шуй



With some problems you can handle yourself, restore balance. You can use the following table:

Lack of understandingThe need for clear thinkingAdd a metal
Typical problems Possible solutions
Too much noise or activity Add the element of water
Add the element of water
Need to relax Add the elements of earth and water
The need for reliability Add a Land
Need to reduce fear Add a Land
Too sad and quiet Add the element of fire
Inspiration is not Add the element of fire
Add the elements of fire, wood and metal
The need for joy Add a tree
Want to overcome the limitations Add a tree
The need for communication
Need education Add a metal


Not bad at this to know how each of the five basic elements interact with others.

* Support for using loop generation - add water or metal.
* The weakening of using a loop of destruction - add the soil.
* Consolation through the cycle harmonization - add a tree.

* Support for using loop generation - add wood or water.
* The weakening of using a loop of destruction - add metal.
* Consolation through the cycle harmonization - add fire.

* Support for using loop generation - add fire or wood.
* The weakening of using a loop of destruction - add water.
* Consolation through the cycle harmonization - add the soil.

* Support for using the cycle of generation - add it, or fire.
* The weakening of using a loop of destruction - add a tree.
* Consolation through the cycle harmonization - add metal.

* Support for using loop generation - add metal or soil.
* The weakening of using a loop of destruction - add fire.
* Consolation through the cycle harmonization - add water.
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