Some aspects of ecological safety of your home

10.01.2011 07:40
Now it becomes bad manners not to care about the state of his apartment. We spend a lot of money on expensive repairs, nice furniture, original interior design. We strive to make your apartment to our comfortable home, perfectly tailored to our tastes and needs, trying to keep up with fashion designer, and use all the latest news from repair and interior decoration.

We are improving and improving, it is not thinking about that one important aspect of all of these changes can strongly affect - an aspect of environmental safety of our apartment.

Unfortunately, the environment - it's the last thing we think, from repairs and acquire new furniture. But it should worry us in the first place. Most of the modern materials used by us in the apartment, not far from safe. For example, plastic, of which the so loved us new windows, very bad. It not only eliminates the penetration of air into the apartment through a window, and as a consequence, natural ventilation, but also highlights a lot of harmful substances. Of course, you need to enjoy the benefits of civilization. But use them wisely. When choosing new windows, give preference to good glazed in wooden frames. These windows will cost several times more expensive, but you can not buy health is not at any price.

Wallpaper we choose for the rooms, too, may represent a considerable risk, especially synthetic fashion. There is nothing greener than ordinary paper wallpaper, which, incidentally, are much cheaper synthetic.

Thinking about the aspect of environmental security apartment is worth special attention to the furniture. Furniture is able to devote to air pollutants such as formaldehyde and phenol. You have them, of course, feel smell, if it is you do not have much more acute. But these substances must have a negative impact on your health. Weakness, problems with the cardiovascular system, insomnia, headaches, indigestion - all a consequence of inhaling noxious fumes. To avoid these troubles, choose furniture made of wood and upholstered furniture buy without the addition of synthetics.

Aspect of the environmental safety of the apartment is especially important for children's rooms. There is nothing worse than a freshly renovated nursery with new plastic glass windows, wallpaper and expensive synthetic defective furniture. In this room, your baby will be very difficult to grow up healthy.

Pay more attention to the ecology of the apartment, then it will become a real, safe home.
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