Social Housing in Mexico: the future home of $ 20 thousand

28.03.2011 07:50
Social Housing in Mexico: the future home of $ 20 thousand Continuing the series of publications about architecture of social housing around the world, we turn to the experience of Mexico. This country, though may not be classified among the most successful, however, not only successfully develops its own architecture, but also invests heavily in construction quality and beautiful housing for the less-than-well-off society. Today the "owner" presents readers with just such projects.

Residential Complex "Monterey", designed by the Bureau Elemental, yet only being completed in the Mexican city of Santa Catarina (Nuevo Le?n). However, this LCD has won a prestigious architectural award Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Awards and was published in many magazines on architecture and real estate.

In fact, Elemental - a well-known architectural workshop in Chile, realized at home a lot of very bright projects. One of them even received the Silver Lion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice, and it was after this prestigious award Elemental invited to Mexico, where it received an order for the development of large-scale project of social housing. Bureau had to learn an area of ??6 hectares, designated by the City under the construction of 70 low-rise apartment houses for the urban poor and middle class. In this case, the implementation of each of the houses had to get around the city no more than 20 thousand dollars.

Practical designers quickly realized: to home is not turned into faceless concrete boxes (and what really delights at such a modest sum?), They should assemble together, thus saving the expense of common structures, to find a means to an unusual architectural solution. As a result, all 70 living cells united by a common basement, and a broad flat roof, which alternate between the two-storey residential volumes and voids.

In the basement of the architects placed a one-bedroom apartments of just over 40 square meters. m, and above them are blocks of duplex apartments ranging from 56 to 70 "squares." Each apartment is only conditionally marked on rooms, kitchens and utility rooms - architects do not have to waste material on the inner walls, which can later be torn down or moved. And to save money and space, and resources on the ladder units, ladders made public and brought to earth directly to each of the upper apartments. Educated at the expense of this emptiness is not just visually facilitate rather massive amount of residential complex, designed as a closed square, but also provide a valuable foundation for the future: if necessary, as residents of the lower and upper Apartments may at its own expense to expand living space.

And if the main frame house architects have made a snow-white, these add-on will be performed in the same minimalist style but in a much more vibrant colors. Gradually, the idea Bureau Elemental, all the gaps "overgrown" amounts of yellow, red, blue and blue tones, and residential complex "Monterey" of dazzling white and transparent through the recesses of turn into a colorful, if built from children's blocks. And most importantly, residents will have a legitimate pride in the house they built themselves. The inner courtyard of the residential complex is designed as green space, decorated with benches and pavilions, and is intended solely for tenants.

Another very interesting architecturally significant social housing project late last year has been implemented in Mexico City. A six-story apartment house built in one of the most densely populated quarters of the Mexican capital and generates a busy street corner.

It is this environment - an endless stream of cars and people outside the windows - has forced architects to treat residential complex as a kind of fortress construction, which would have been his appearance inspired the inhabitants a sense of security and reliability. That's why as a primary cladding material for street facades was chosen as the local brick red-brown hue, and the corner of the building facing the intersection, though a little hanging over him. Such an asymmetrical shape, first, helps to emphasize the dominant position of the new building in the area, and secondly, allows the design on the upper floors of apartment slightly larger area than the lower.

On each floor of the designers have placed on five apartments, the area of ??each of them is about 50 square meters. m on the first floor and 51.5 square meters. m - at the top. The layout is simple and rational at the same time: two bedrooms (if you want you can combine them), dining room and kitchen, separated by a temporary barrier, and combined bathroom and laundry room. The last room in all apartments are located next to the kitchen, so that when the hostess is needed storage for supplies, laundry is quite possible to make multi-purpose room.

And to the facades did not constitute a blank brick surface, the architects were diluted to overlay on top of brick grille light stone, which is not only visually crushes the facade on the set of "cells", but due to the movement of the sun during the day creates a rough surface unusual game light and shadow. Approximately half of the resulting "cells" are square windows of apartments. In the same light stone tiled ground floor of the house and decorated its entrances. It is important to emphasize that all entrances to the house are located on the side of the courtyard, while the street in a residential complex is accessible only through a guarded archway, climbed the stairs to a level at which the available parking for residents. As in the previous project, the yard landscaped, and there are playgrounds, benches and decorative flower beds.

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