Social housing in Europe: a double-skin, and home gardens

29.03.2011 07:50
Articles about real estate | Social housing in Europe: a double-skin, and home gardens "Owner" continues to publish the most interesting projects of social housing being built in Europe. Today we focus on residential developments in Denmark, Holland and Spain. They are united by a vivid architectural design, unconventional, but convenient lay-flat and the relatively low number of storeys.

Housing against segregation

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In the Danish city of Herning (Central Jutland) project workshop CEBRA architects last year completed construction of a residential complex Fuglsang Cuts. He was placed on a small peninsula and consists of five blocks of the same area.

The plan of each house consists of two rectangular, slightly shifted relative to each other and thus resembling the shape of the game "Tetris", and as readily attest inveterate players, most inconvenient.

Fortunately, in the dispensation of things work much more humane than a computer game, and that such a configuration of volumes allowed to provide natural daylight and beautiful views of the vast majority of windows designed apartments. In this case, each parallelepiped was cut off angles, and these different slant depth architects arranged indoor and outdoor veranda.

In addition, many lodges in the house, because of what the white buildings resemble small termite mounds, "pitted" grooves of varying depths. Reinforce this impression of windows that the architects have intentionally different sizes and not just knocked down a rhythm, and stuck glazed squares of different sizes to each other closely. The largest openings are used for lighting duplex apartments, windows account for a smaller apartment a more modest area.

Work on this subject architects themselves jokingly nicknamed the business design. The fact that the floor plans for each of the buildings designed by them is really the principle of design offices: in the center of the core placed in vertical Communication (stair lift plus) around - the empty space of floor.

If it was really a business center, this work of architects and would have ended because the tenant then he "cut" to the area as he likes. But ordinary citizens - it is a different category of buyers, so the architects fill empty floors of apartments of different layouts.

This approach has led to apparently very similar to each other to design the buildings are completely different in size, number of bedrooms and balconies of the apartment. Some of them are tiny studio designed for one person for a maximum of a young childless couple, the other - housing for a family of three, and still others - full suites with multiple bedrooms, office, living room two rows of windows.

Such a union of different housing types within the same complex will bring him out of the 'social': the apartments in it really will be given "waiting list", while others put up a public sale. And then probably need to explain that the union under a single district or even house all walks of life - the idea is extremely fashionable and in demand in today's Europe, already understand exactly what segregation - the shortest way to a socially unstable society.

Double skin Madrid New

In the suburbs of Madrid Carabanchel, whose name is particularly well known to fans of prose Arturo Perez-Reverte, for more than five years of implementing large-scale program to build several new blocks of social housing. On one of the projects implemented there - residential complex Carabanchel, 16 - "The owner wrote. Now, however, tell you about the very latest architectural premiere - snow-white apartment building on Dosmasuno Arquitectos.

Designed by this office block of flats consists of 102 apartments - 52 studios, 25 one-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom. The main idea of ??this project themselves, the authors formulate a "minimal basis plus a contrasting complement.

Illustrative of this principle is reflected in the difference between street and courtyard facades: the carriageway house overlooking laconically plane, decorated with thin metal bars, also painted in white. But if you go round the house around, look introduce an entirely enchanting picture: the building designed by the letter "P", suddenly turns out to consist of a set of cubic volume. In these modules made outside architects placed the bedroom, as removing them, thus from the street facade and defended in this way from the noise of carriageway.

Significantly reduce the cost and accelerate the construction of the architects managed to achieve through the use of a modular system of casting. One of the chief ornaments of the snow-white building is its landscaped stylobate, under which is hidden car parking. The white color of the facade, of course, also selected by chance: it consumes the least amount of sunlight and creates the effect of double skin, increasing the ventilated room unheated air, for the inhabitants of the hot Madrid is very important.

Home garden in Amsterdam

Residential complex de Albatros, designed by the Netherlands Bureau HVDN, built in the area Hasseltveg, north of Amsterdam. Until very recently, the development of this part of the largest city of the Netherlands was mostly private and resembled a colorful patchwork quilt "stitched" from small cottages and neat gardens of the same with them.

However, like every metropolis, Amsterdam, develops, and a few years ago, city officials have decided on a comprehensive reconstruction of the region and its transformation into a densely populated quarter, with all necessary infrastructure facilities. Soon there will be built underground, and pioneer a new generation of house-building project was exactly Bureau HVDN.

It would seem designed to "open field" easy and pleasant, but in practice, the architects faced a serious problem: an impressive area of ??residential homes, refer to technical specification, threatened to crush the visual surrounding private property, not all of which, incidentally, will be demolished.

The first thing that made the architects, because it broke the house on how buildings. On a single stylobate, which will house the new district administration has increased four volumes, each of which differs slightly from its neighbors. In addition, this composition allowed to observe a fairly strict standards on the Netherlands insolation premises.

It is very unusual for us to address the first ground floor de Albatros. Firstly, its facade is fully glazed, it is true, sometimes alternating with clear glass inserts of various shades of green, which symbolizes the primordial inherent in this area is rich in vegetation. Secondly, with the windows smashed winter gardens of various sizes. In the evening they are very effectively highlighted, even dank autumn and winter, keeping the inhabitants and passers-by a sense of warm night garden, where the fireflies flicker.

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