Smog and fumes affected the suburban real estate market of Moscow region

29.08.2010 15:35
Articles about real estate | Smog and fumes affected the suburban real estate market of Moscow region Neither this nor the next year people will not buy land on the charred remains, says managing partner Miel-Residential Real Estate "Vladimir Yakhontov.

The current summer was extremely hot, leading to a large number of forest and peat fires, including in the Moscow region. Smog and fumes affected the market town real estate near Moscow, but not so radical as it might seem at first glance.

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The fact that the most-critical situation with the fire has developed to the east and south-east of Moscow region, with a sufficiently large distance from the capital - 70-100 km from Moscow. And at that distance, the more so for not historically prestigious areas, cottage villages simply do not, so the demand for land there fell slightly. But there are plots, but they are not expensive and are adapted to the vast majority of seasonal residence.

In my opinion, neither this nor the next year people will not buy land on the charred remains - even to the point until the burned areas will not grow at least some greens. But these restrictions will be local, since the fires, fortunately, is not touched upon all the settlements of the Moscow region. In addition, on the east and south-easterly direction giving mostly get people with a limited budget, so a fire safety is not the main criterion for buying a home.

We also noted the formation of a small pent-up demand due to heatwave, but it also led to an increase in demand, as people rushed out of town.

With regard to the flooding of peat. Argued that this measure will lead to flooding basements of houses - but in Moscow decided to put tape foundations, and their pretty hard to damage. I see another, much more significant problem - the people who give are located on the moors, when flooding may be just a mosquito paradise, and experience all the charm of the neighborhood with the snakes, frogs and other reptiles.

Our realtors are working in 30-km zone, in areas of development in terms of social infrastructure, transport accessibility. At greater distances Realtors practically do not work, because it is laborious and expensive. Plast distant villas (more than 70 km from Moscow) is practically not covered - the people in the province are not accustomed to receive such services and pay for them.

We noted the enormous flow of Muscovites out of town due to smog. Many rushed to rent suburban sites, someone was going to live with a friend, someone even put up tents on the banks of the ponds - in general, people did their best to breathe cleaner air than in the metropolis. It is still difficult to estimate the growth in demand for traditionally more environmentally friendly direction - west, south-west, since the beginning of the fires took quite some time. Accurate picture can be traced in the autumn.

Fires and could have meant that people began to think of a suburban housing as a new form of real estate. Earlier countryside is viewed more as a fallback for leaving for the weekend, but now the heat and bad ecological situation were exactly those drivers, which resulted in a shift in consumers' minds. Many of the people who, because of traffic and not the infrastructure feared suburbs, is now ready to move out of Moscow - at least because the health of more. Ironically, the fires and the heat generated positive trend for a country format residence. So far, the proposal is much less than demand - but now there are projects that can change attitudes to suburban housing, for example, the New Stupino.

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