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Articles about real estate | SMM in the property market: only the beginning ... In early autumn, we have compiled the top 5 most effective PR- techniques , which , according to most experts , SMM sure took first place . However, very advanced , experts believe that the real estate market too late tasted this type of promotion . "While other industries that use the Internet as the main channel of communication with the consumer, filled their cones and played a total involvement of users in your group , the real estate market stood by and watched , - says CEO of communications agency " Reputation "Natalia Suslov. - And now, when the principles of interaction are understandable, clear the average cost of contact, there are ways to assess the effectiveness of - the real estate market has become an active player in the SMM ».

Moreover , one need not be a great analyst to predict the real heyday of this phenomenon among developers and realtors have in the coming year . But we will begin to understand it traditionally - with a definition.

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What is SMM?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) - is the promotion of the facility or project in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, FaceBook , etc.) , in which a separate page (or pages ) to communicate with an audience online.

Contrary to popular belief , SMM has more in common with the network PR than advertising . " By itself, the marketing in social media is ideologically close to PR, is simply a more immediate and direct nature , - says head of SMM advertising agency " Media Network " Elena Elyutina . - By and large the entire SMM split into a dedicated building a dialogue and entertain the audience (PR- part) and retraction of the people in the projects - advertising part existing at sufficiently clear rules and indicators . "

What problems are solved SMM?

Active in social networks decides according to some experts , several marketing tasks. "First of all , it allows the audience to explore and use the data in the development and improvement of products ," - explained the director of the Department of SMM , the communication agency Comunica Alexander Malania .

In addition, according to the expert , SMM allows you to:

• disseminate information about the company;
• engage the audience in dialogue with representatives of the company;
• solve problems and requests online;
• thank loyal customers and consider the claims of the discontented ;
• expand the audience and engage customers to participate in various promotions company.

The ultimate goal of SMM - increase confidence in the brand , increase awareness , getting feedback from customers. We can not say that this work leads directly to increased sales , meanwhile, such indirect effect is possible . Another consequence of the SMM can be audited by the quality of services , because of the possibility of getting feedback from the audience.

CEO of PR- agency " rules of communication" Julia Zinkevich also noted another advantage of SMM: is the most effective tool for communicating with the regions. " From our experience we see that they read the news , respond and invite to cooperation. Thus, the way to inform interested parties in the regions is reduced. In order to disseminate information on the regional media , you need to spend a lot of man-hours and not the fact that they want to take it on a commercial basis . While Facebook and VKontakte solve this problem at zero cost ", - explained the expert.

Which social networks to choose and for what tasks?

Very delicate moment for the promotion of an object or service is the choice of a particular social network , or to use multiple channels at once . To make it easier to navigate , that it is right for you , experts have voiced the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular social networks in Russia .

Vkontakte rather closed network in which there are no clear rules promoting groups , but this network is rather a detailed profile of each user , containing detailed information about personal interests . It is perfect for the promotion of regional projects in the Russian Federation due to the large number of users from the regions. According to Director of Social Media PR Partner Damir Feyzullova in VC - lots of advertising opportunities , detailed statistics , it is possible to integrate wiki- sections , applications and services. However, in the VC so many bots and a significant advantage in the " youthful " audience .

Facebook has a more adult audience , and a solvent , but it is less common in Russia , according to the analytical center Comscore, the popularity of the world's largest social network in Russia is the lowest in Europe . Therefore, the audience is more limited, it is dominated by residents of large cities . In addition , according to Damir Feyzullova in this social network many promotional opportunities , the most detailed statistics , the ability to integrate applications and services , however, it is poorly developed in the regions.

Classmates allow the implementation of special projects of mass branding , but , according to experts , this social network has a number of drawbacks : less frequent users of this network are combined in groups and communities , there is a rather weak and avtopostinga targeting. Damir Feyzulla also noted that OK scanty own statistics , which does not give objective information and weak advertising opportunities, however, in this case - the most active and "live" users , ie virtually no bots and trolls.

Basically, the real estate market fit all three social networks , but because each of them has its own specifics , determine the feasibility of using the features and brand binding to a particular locality . In turn, advertising services , such restrictions even less , since in all three networks , quite interested in the services of real estate people.

Do I need to book in SMM agencies and how much does it cost?

Making the most pages and life support , in principle, a simple lesson and quite affordable to any more or less experienced users of social networks . Following this logic , many companies entrust this activity PR people . However, if you want to squeeze the maximum efficiency of the SMM , it will still have to fork out for specialists. Damir Feyzulla explained that quality SMM is quite expensive .

Moreover, prices for creating and maintaining groups in all social networks about the same. This amount includes the development of content strategy for communities , design for design groups , copywriting content - at least one post per day , rendering visual materials , working with communities : approval , cleaning spam and timely answers to users' questions. As well as promoting itself through targeted advertising plus a manager's job , assistant , copywriter and designer.

Although this service professionals are scarce . SMM market is in its infancy , and many developers underestimate him.

Natural and branded community

Experts believe that when working in real estate is very important in the first stage to clearly separate services and real estate . "If realtors want to promote their services , it makes sense to develop their own community , " draw "in their customers rely on successful cases and" stories " of the practice. Appropriate and prompt advice on various issues through social networks , - explained Elena Elyutina . - For construction projects creating communities is not so important , although the group of residents - a fairly common and useful phenomenon sometimes occurs spontaneously on their own. It is important to convey as much information about potential customers . Therefore, you can use the promo , Youtube, photo service , to show people what is different and progresses as your object .

In the community discussed the current issues are solved a variety of problems , published to date information about the activists held work, the results of public hearings and meetings with officials of the residents.

As for those branded communities or other objects, according to experts , they will develop rapidly only when sufficient classical advertising ( media , outdoor advertising , etc.) , brand awareness , and the availability of interesting content customers : frequent updating of the tape news and information about the construction , prices, description of the infrastructure , etc.

But SMM in real estate is not effective by itself , but when integrating it into the overall PR- strategy. Now search engines index well Facebook or VKontakte , and active management groups in these networks , the company can get a good position in the search results. " Roughly speaking , if you are driving a group dedicated to the integrated development of territories in Facebook, it regularly fill adequate content , including unique , it is a good chance that on request " integrated development " in a search engine , your group will be to issue enough high positions , "- explained Natalia Suslov.

Major errors in SMM

• Musketeer Porthos said: " I ​​fight because I fight ! " It seems that some market participants hold the same position : brought a page in the social network , because all are doing now , because competitors are - and we should be ... and so forth. However , this approach soon leads to attenuation of activity in social networks , because this page turns just a toy , not a tool of promotion. And especially " fun " becomes all the PR-specialists , from which suddenly begins to require conversion bosses communicating with an audience in the network application , and even in the sale !

Experts believe the lack of clear objectives, strategies and tactics of one of the most common mistakes from which follow et seq. You can not create a group just for the sake of its existence - it is a priori a dead artist , because people in social networks are grouped by interests , so any group should be devoted to something , some values ​​and must meet the interests of its potential audience.

• Next, they emit a weak technical support, lack of qualified staff ;

• lack of services and applications , or low quality such ( applications for mobile and smart phones , location-based applications avtoposting , photo sharing , online games , polls , etc.);

• defective design and usability ;

• kontentpolitika (content posts information about the company, the page description ) does not disclose the brand philosophy , product value );

• No service feedback.
What causes artificial cheat popularity ?

Besides the absence of strategy , tactics and technicality , the main problem of SMM - the fake accounts. Suppose we have two communities : one created long ago and enjoys a certain popularity , the second created relatively recently, not popular , but has as many subscribers as the first. According to experts, for the "promotion" of the second community were used the fake accounts , that is, to catch up the number of users at the expense of quality.

"Attracting friends to the group in 1000 within the parameters of their accounts (age, gender, interests ) is inexpensive ," - said the director of the Department of SMM , the communication agency Comunica Malania Alexander , noting that ordering such a project , you need to understand that when a large number of group members looks very negatively little activity in the created group.

Promotions and sweepstakes

All social networks are becoming more popular in the action associated with the buildup of "likes" . Quite often offer " layknut " page of a LCD or agency or media profile for any gift . Also popular contests with elements of the flash mob : "Change your avatar to our image and become a participant in the prize draw ." In addition, a growing number of shares with access to offline. For example, Irina Burdelnaya , Advisor to the President for External Communications "Gals -Development" , said that in July 2013 the company launched a campaign to collect memorabilia for the formation of the fund "Museum of Childhood ." Also good and fast work fundraiser for charity , children drawing contests or photos, etc.

Virus technology in social networks - it's like?

As an example of a successful non-standard project can bring a special project of Lucky Like " Don Story " , launched in November 2012. At a special promotional site was submitted 1 million buttons Like, visualized in the form of the house windows . Any person registered in social networks , just one lucky Like a chance to win an unprecedented discount of 50% on an apartment in the residential complex " Elk Island ". Initially, each user has only one chance , but through a series of options (invitation to vote friends from their social network , posting links in Twitter) could get more chances. As a result, the viral potential of the project experts have estimated as "crazy" !

How to check the effectiveness of your SMM?

So you act intelligently , using non-standard techniques and try to avoid the above errors , but as with all this to evaluate the effectiveness of your work ? According to Elena Elyutin as KPI (Key Performance Indicators, performance criteria - approx. Ed.) Can be used :

• number of hits on a website, video views , the number of applications on the site, number of participants , or downloads applications

• coverage from reading the advertising post in the community or post personal diary top blogger

• in the case of a community - it is , more often, the total number of subscribers , their activity in it , the number and tone of the discussions of the product.

According to the expert , brand loyalty can be measured even increasing questions and requests from subscribers to the brand pages, positive customer feedback , operational decision conflict - what is called "work with negativity ." " The main difference between the approach to KPI in our sphere obvious - performance criteria must be built not only on the quantitative component , but also on quality ," - said the expert on SMM.

PS: So far the theory and practice at least , but even more interesting to look at specific examples of players who excelled in both and SMM, what conclusions did and what goals set for next year. Here POLL consisting of 17 players opinions on the pages of their companies and social networking sites .
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