«Smart House» scare Russians

26.12.2010 17:33
«Smart House» scare Russians Revival in demand for luxury properties makes developers think about the new benefits of their projects. The first place for the buyer is still the object's location, but a special level of comfort and security of residence influences the choice of an object, no less. Experts believe that the buyer is willing to pay more for clean water and air, but too "smart" house of his scare, writes "RBC daily".

Builders of luxury apartment complexes in the recruitment of engineering solutions offer the ventilation system, water purification, heating system, electricity supply in case of unforeseen situations, clock security. Commercial director of construction company "Renaissance of St. Petersburg, Ilya Andreev notices that attractive at the time of purchase the flats should be easy to operate and be able to adapt to the particular consumer.

Among these options, Ilya Andreev calls the ability to install air conditioners at the request of the owner of the apartment. "The project" The House by the Sea and other, we made it mine, so as not to spoil the facade, although it eats up 10-12 square meters. M usable area of each floor, "- said Andreev.

The price of 1 square. m luxury housing costs for engineering reach 20%, experts say. Operation systems would cost 55-100 rubles per square meter per month. Director-General "Rysev Realty. HIGHLIGHTS Leonid Rysev emphasizes that species apartment in the old fund to the" golden triangle "of St. Petersburg, where it is impossible to offer advanced engineering solutions that will cost at least 1.5 times cheaper than the elite buildings. Factor presence or absence of specific physical infrastructure at home "is included in the game, only when the object is already satisfied customers by location, area, layout," - says the director of business development Astera St.Petersburg Ludmila Reva.

"Smart homes", as analysts say, unpopular. "In 90% of the" smart home "set in apartments in Russia are not used," - said General Director of the Academy of Nevsky scope Alexander Ginovker. According to him, work with the systems need to either educate residents themselves, or hire a single engineer. "In the metropolitan area use the" smart home "is not great - the rhythm of life in rich and unpredictable" - confirms Lyudmila Reva. Maximum number of engineering options, including "smart home", according to a leading specialist company Petrostil Marina Berkunovoy in great demand in country houses.

Experts say a significant amount of rework already established systems. "To understand what individual customers want to create comfort, it is impossible", - said director general advisor on technical matters, "St. Petersburg City Gregory Rahu. Deputy Director of the Academy, "Bekar Leonid Sandalov sure about the preferences of buyers luxury housing can be found in the environment most of the elite. "These people often want to do" as a neighbor, "- says the sandals.

Head of Sales Richness Realty Victor Ratkevich sure that the typical long only for the elite residential engineering solutions will come slowly and in business class. "The concierge and intercom before, too, were just a sign of gentrification," - he says.
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