Small house with big ambitions

18.05.2011 09:30
Articles about real estate | Small house with big ambitions This house was designed at the University of Hertfordshire (UK). Despite its small size, the project "Housing the Future" great potential and ambitions.

Space at home is limited dimensions 3h3h3 am on the roof of the house installed solar panels, which lack the accumulated energy for the sustenance of construction with a vengeance. Moreover, the house produces more energy than it consumes.

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Of course in many ways Cube House - this is just a student look at the housing conditions of the fuel shortage. However, according to the project coordinator Dr. Maclay Page's, Cube House - it's more than just an experiment in design and energy conservation technologies.

Outside the house is simple, can not be said about the interior and communications. On the area of ??9 square meters. m young scientists were able to accommodate everything needed for human life. Vertical house is divided into two parts - the second floor serves as bedroom closet (pantry) and a kitchen. On the ground floor there is a full-fledged living room. But that's not all - there is enough room for a full size shower and toilet.

Electrical appliances in this house are compact, they consume a minimum of electricity: an inductive electric stove, refrigerator, washing machine and microwave. The most energy-intensive was a split-system, which however should be included only in the peak temperatures. All the rest of the house itself cools or warms, due to the thermal energy produced during daylight hours.

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