Slovakia will toughen rules for the construction of new homes

08.11.2010 00:00
Soon the owners of houses and apartments in Slovakia will have to invest more in the insulation of their homes, buy a special box or stand-alone equipment for solar energy or wind power. And although people will save on the consumption of electricity or gas, but the actual construction cost of homeownership is much more expensive.

The fact is that within two or three years, Slovakia has to tighten the rules for the construction of new buildings on energy consumption for heating, because it must comply with the directive on energy efficiency, which approved the European Union. This document sets out the transitional period up to 2021-year. After that should be built only energetically superekonomichnye houses and apartments. However, the Slovak laws should be amended accordingly prior to 2012. The official said the Technical University in Bratislava Ivan Hmurnogo directive requires minimizing the amount of energy needed for heating, lighting, water heating or air conditioning. As a result, this should reduce the consumption of electricity and gas, and thus the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere. Currently, the EU requires that new developments in the commissioning and homes for sale or lease, have the energy certificate. It indicates how much energy is consumed in the operation of the building. In accordance with this house is divided into seven groups.
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