Six ways to reduce the mortgage interest

30.01.2011 19:45
Articles about real estate | Six ways to reduce the mortgage interest 1. Become a regular customer of the bank
"Each bank's individual loyalty programs to customers, but usually offer a lower interest rate for those who have not the first time use credit in the bank and apply them successfully repay", - told the "Today" Head of Retail Business Department of VAB Bank Anton Shaperenkov.
Establish a "relationship" with the help of even a small bank loan. You can, for example, borrow a laptop or a refrigerator, carefully extinguish it and go to the same bank for a mortgage. Naturally, the preparatory stage, in this case will last from several months to a year. Well, if a positive experience with the banks already have. Then why not just check with the managers of these banks, which the loyalty program they are working.
The discount amount depends on the particular bank, as well as the amount of first loan: it is larger than (for example, before a planned purchase of housing you through the bank drew up auto loans), the greater the discount. On average, a positive credit history can save 0.5% - 1% per annum ($ 5000 - 10 000 over 20 years with a loan amount of $ 100 million with the classical scheme of redemption).

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2. View trust deposit
"In the case of registration of mortgage lending rate may be offered a discount if the customer has been issued by a special deposit deposit program or to bid can affect the size of a personal installment when purchasing a property on credit", - says head of mortgage Rodovidbanka Elena Alferov.
Provided that the client will use this deposit to accumulate money for a down payment. Such deposits can dissolve without loss of interest in the case, if the depositor directs the deposit amount for the purchase of real estate. And if he draws up a mortgage loan in the same bank where the deposit has been issued, the bank agrees to provide the investor a discount - from 0,3% to 1% per annum ($ 3000 - $ 10,000 for 20 years with a loan amount of $ 100 million with the classical scheme of repayment ). True, the discount can be calculated only if at the time of termination of the deposit in the account will be the sum of not less than the minimum payment on your own mortgage.

3. Contact the bank through which you get paid

"Also at a lower interest rate can expect employees of the company, which is served by the bank and use bank services", - said Anton Shaperenkov.
We are talking about salary projects. Now, more than half of Ukrainians are paid through payment cards. Excellent occasion to look at the conditions of the bank that caters to your company. Most of them offer a significant discount on the loan rates for "salary" of clients - from 0.15% to 1% per annum ($ 1500 - $ 10,000 for 20 years with a loan amount of $ 100 million with the classical scheme of redemption).
Unfortunately, the aforementioned three mutually exclusive discount. If a person is subject to several customer loyalty programs, discounts, it does not summarize. It will only be able to choose the largest of them.

4. Choose a shorter term loan

Many banks rates are differentiated depending on the term loan. The longer it is, the higher the rate. Compare: mortgage rates for a period of 10-15 years below 1% -2% higher than on the maximum length loans for 20-30 years.
According to bankers, the average term of "life" of mortgage credit in Ukraine is 7-12 years. A majority of borrowers has strived to take credit for the maximum possible time. Motif, usually one - with prolongation of credit reduces the size of the monthly payment. When the loan amount of $ 100 thousand at 14% per annum for a period of 20 years (the classical scheme of redemption) fee is $ 1600, and in lending for 10 years - $ 2000. To be honest, the difference is not so great. But the savings rate (taking into account the decrease in the rate of 1% and reducing the effective maturity of 10 years) will be $ 75 thousand (!).

5. Make a greater contribution to their own
The credit rate depends not only on the term, but also on the size of their own contribution. If a customer takes a loan with the lowest possible fee (15% -20%), and then lend it at the highest possible bid. Every additional 10% of their money to reduce the price of credit to 0.5% ($ 5000 for 20 years with a loan amount of $ 100 million with the classical scheme of redemption).
Of course, it's hard to imagine a borrower who, possessing the nth sum of money and making out a mortgage, gives the minimum down payment required amount. Most of us are trying to "scratched on susekam" and give the first entry as much as possible. Nevertheless, there are other ways to increase the share of own funds. For example, to borrow money from relatives, to which their return would have at least without interest.

6. Get a loan in the exotic currency

"Some of the banks customers are offered loans in Swiss francs or Japanese yen. Nominal size in interest rates on such loans at 3-4 points less than rates on a similar program in U.S. dollars or euros, "- says Elena Alferov.
In monetary terms, the savings over 20 years with a loan amount of $ 100 thousand $ 30 - $ 40 thousand, but at the same time we must not forget about currency-exchange fluctuations, which significantly can increase the costs of the borrower during the loan payments, warns the head of mortgage lending "Rodovidbanka .

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