Six hundred square meters in Minsk can be purchased for $ 50 000

08.08.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Six hundred square meters in Minsk can be purchased for $ 50 000 Put up for auction free plots of land located in the Central and factory districts of the capital. Buy them can only citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

In the next Monday, August 8, will be to acquire their own plots for construction of houses or cottages in the capital. Minsk city center real estate put up for auction 8 free sites in plant and Central regions, located in the now existing estate development and in the cottage on the site of the former village Tsnyanka.

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The starting price of vacant sites will depend on the plot. In the factory area the size of the land does not exceed 5 - 6 acres, so it will be in the range 218 - 250 million rubles ($ 43 800 - 50 270). As for Tsnyanki, the plot here for 6 - 7 acres start trading with a higher amount - 230 - 265 million rubles ($ 46 250 - 53 280).

To purchase private property owners acres can be built detached houses or blocked. However, the ability to purchase them will be only the citizens of Belarus. 
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