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06.10.2010 09:05
"They live the same people!" - Think clever passing housing complexes. And it turns out, jealous, and then nothing: the owners of luxury housing problems are not less than the tenants hruschovok.<br /><br />Owners of luxury apartments just freeze in winter, fighting with the cleaners, and some of them did go off in his luxury apartment through the back door. And nobody knows what is better - a neighbor boozer, which in case of what can straighten the district, or a neighbor in C major, who at all and do not care at all, the newspaper said in Kiev.<br /><br /><strong>Vozdvizhenka: "estate millionaires" are empty and falling apart</strong><br /><br />For the fifth year, investors' neighborhood of millionaires "" Vozdvizhenka "waiting for delivery of their apartments. Construction work is finished, just put into operation what is built, it is impossible: in the houses have cracks. Architect George Duhovichny, watching buildings Tracts Potters-Kozhemyaka doubt that in these houses will ever be possible to live.<br /><br />- The fact that the original calculations were made by one storey, and if it adhered to the original plan, everything would be fine - says the architect. - But in the pursuit of square meters of building compact, and the number of storeys of underground facilities have increased - because of it began to climb groundwater, and they are already there have been high.<br /><br />Now the situation has become catastrophic. Ditch the fascinating and incredible power of Kiev. I - enemy admiration of half-ruined city, but I'm over it, to properly restore it.<br /><br />By the way, apartment in luxury complex are a lot of money. There are apartments that cost millions of dollars. Though hardly affected investors will cause the sympathy of ordinary citizens. Without a roof over their heads, they somehow will not go.<br /><br /><strong>"Real luxury homes in Kiev, no!"</strong><br /><br /><strong>Architect George Duhovichny:</strong><br /><br />- Housing superior - this is not the number of square meters, and lifestyle. It should be closed residential education - club house - with a protected area, with places for dog walking, with gaming complex for children, with a place for leisure elderly, with a guest area - usually it is done on the first floor. And if the owners for some reason do not want to receive guests in his apartment, can do it in the guestbook. These houses are built in France, Singapore, Hong Kong. In Kiev, such examples do not ...<br /><br />What we called "elite" - a home is very questionable quality layout, with large areas, while they are being built on tiny plots of land: leaving the front door, once you find yourself in an urban area.<br /><br />Because developers are trying to get the most square feet. Yes, even when building Khrushchev balance area of building and territory fully meet European standards: only 60% allotted for construction and laying of hard paving. We have also being built all 95%.<br /><br /><strong>The owner of the apartment for $ 2 million: "The feeling that I live in hruschobe"</strong><br /><br />Five-room apartment in a house on the street. Shorsa family Helen (surname not a woman wanted to call it) bought in 2006, the year, but entered into it only two years - did a thorough renovation. Contingent in the house special - some people's deputies at least ten typed, and here live and TV presenter Kate Osadchaya. Helena Flats at the time of purchase cost over two million green.<br /><br />Despite this, the developer decided to save money on finishing the front: instead of the promised expensive materials - walls simply whitewashed and the floor is laid out in the lobby of cheap tiles, which have deteriorated. Why are there! In the house with apartments for a few million does not even have a grand entrance!<br /><br />- Initially we were promised that the entrance to the staircase will be on the other hand, as long as there is a repair, we walk through the back. But two years later the front door did not open - it turned out that he passed to someone at the office. Home wading through the black, the guests bring shame to not become as telling people what it was, - says Elena. - Parking is not tenable.<br /><br />His condensed to a disgrace - to be virtuous drivers to two cars razminutsya without hurting each other. A car from our tenants are not small - entirely jeeps. Of the service at home generally keep quiet. Luxury home with izmalevannymi walls ... Sometimes it seems that I live in hruschobe in Darnitsa.<br /><br /><strong>Ex-tenant suburban complex: "I barely escaped from this golden cage!"</strong><br /><br />Kyivlyanyn Alex Knish with difficulty got rid of her apartment in a luxury housing complex outside the city. Lived in it only two years, the last of them tried to sell it.<br /><br />- Bought into the pictorial space, clean air, protected area ... At first glance, everything is gorgeous. Even realtors nightingales poured, describing the benefits that will be there: and tennis courts and soccer fields, and guest parking, and a supermarket ... In the end, tennis courts and soccer fields have been opened only for the elite, and instead made a guest parking paid parking.<br /><br />Apartments in the house cracked and now hang in the databases of real estate agencies. Ask for them a lot of money - from $ 200,000<br /><br />But started with a nerve-wracking finish. Development company offered its services, said that they have their own team - proven people, professionals. Advance payment required 100%. For the fully completed my "kopeck piece" of 70 square meters have counted something like 20 thousand dollars. Made his year.<br /><br />Brigade changed every week, and once came to see how things work, he found a stash of drug addicts. When it began to communicate with the proven professional builders, found that they scored at the station. In the end, all I did - so it came up and plasterboard partition walls, ceilings and floors. When demanded an explanation from the developer, told me that they counted the cost estimates and work performed are even more expensive than the amount paid.<br /><br />That is, I have yet have remained. Just as I am with the repair punctured many tenants. Someone sued, but I simply was not time. Already searched through their channels builders who and completed the repairs. But more - more: have a bill for rent. Fabulous sums - a hundred dollars for a single rent. Whence it was taken, nobody could not explain. ZhEK something special.<br /><br />Then the developer began to establish order. Initially, the ban appeared to park near their home. If you have no place in the parking lot, then leave the machine can only be paid parking. There was one free parking on the entire complex, but, as you know, places on it for all the missing. But the most outrageous that I could not even install air conditioning, where wanted, because he had allegedly ruined the facade!<br /><br />It turned out that in a contract that we signed with the developer, was one tricky item, under which fall and air conditioners, and parking ... In search of justice people went to court, I decided to sell the "elite" apartment - away from sin. While living there, not once regretted that he had sold his apartment on the Towers - there is something felt a free man.<br /><strong><br />We asked: "What are the problems faced by tenants star luxury homes?"</strong><br /><br />"Within the walls of cracks, freezes in winter"<br /><br />Catherine Buzhinsky, singer:<br /><br />The singer lives in a three-level apartment in one of the main streets of the capital, in a luxury house right next to the river Lybid:<br /><br />- Our house only 7 years old. Two years ago, after neighbors illegally made marble (!) Roof, the attic of the problems began. The result was skewed at home, and crawled along the walls of the crack.<br /><br />Only their cover up, they are creeping back. Housemates gathered assembly, appealed to the housing office, but so far no response. We are told that all is not dangerous. Now I think to make repairs, apply some thick wallpaper to cover up those cracks.<br /><br />I will consult with builders, what can be done in order to look decent. But that's not all. In winter, the apartment terribly cold. I'm paying for heating 500 UAH per month, but it is very weak. I am very displeased. We have the battery checked, flushed, it is necessary to include heaters.<br /><br />"House of the elite, and nowhere to put the car"<br /><strong><br />Anna Grosso, mother singer Alina Grosu:</strong><br /><br />Alina Grosu with parents living in the prestigious building in Pechersk, and in general all of them good: friendly concierges, reliable security, cleanliness and beauty. But, as my mother says the singer, there is a caveat that housing luxury obviously does not correspond:<br /><br />- Due to the fact that parking is too small for the number of apartments that are in the house, there are persistent problems. People park their cars around the house anywhere - as a result and leave very difficult. And if someone came to visit, it is unclear how many quarters for him to leave his car. Given that it is downtown, parking is difficult to find.<br /><br />"We elitism - as many as six criteria"<br /><br /><strong>Vladimir Malik, Consultant EstateBroker:</strong><br /><br />- Housing elite class in Kiev has already appeared, but this segment should grow to reach the European level not only at a cost that often exceeds both European and North American counterparts, but also in quality. There are lots of demands to the elite housing.<br /><br />The first and main criteria - location: the prestige of the area, proximity to parklands ... A good example - home Grushevskogo 9a, built on a steep slope of the Dnieper at the Mariinsky park near the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada. In this house the most expensive apartments in Ukraine: from 9 to 25 thousand dollars per square meter.<br /><br />Second - great Sq Feet, zoning for apartments and guest sleeping area, and high ceilings.<br /><br />Third - Communication: central air conditioning, water filtration systems, notification of fire danger and automatic fire suppression, redundant power supply, modern communications system and TV (digital and satellite).<br /><br />Fourth - their own infrastructure: a fitness center, swimming pool, as in a residential complex on Vladimir, 22, a restaurant, both in the residential complex "Panorama" on Big Zhytomyr, 20, where you can descend from his floor to express elevator and silent dinner or lunch " without leaving home. "<br /><br />Fifth - Security: paramilitary guards, surveillance cameras around the perimeter and inside the complex, individual access to the elevator with magnetic cards.<br /><br />Sixth - underground parking with ample parking spaces, a private courtyard with a playground and landscaping. Of course, it is desirable that the house was a bit flat as, say, on the street Tithe 11, where a total of 15 apartments, and that used in the construction of environmentally friendly materials, but with the latest in Ukraine is problematic.<br /><em>Newspaper in Kiev </em><br />
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