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31.05.2010 11:57
Once significant career success, people can afford to live in pleasure. Listening to the great Salvador Dali, who said that "life should be a permanent holiday, they prefer exotic entertainment, travel in distant countries, delicious drinks, exclusive souvenirs. Their life aura halo around the prestigious and expensive. Such people called respectable, in fact collide with them, unwittingly want to look back and say «respect», and more ... know what it is - life on high standards of style, image and taste. <br /><br />In the early 90's isolation of wealthy people in areas distanced barbed wire, was a routine affair. Some time later change came p'yatymetrovi mesh fences, which were hidden giant locks of red brick. Each was built on the project, which is proudly named individual. As a result, the prestigious Kyiv districts and suburbs filled with "aristocratic" estates of the worst architectural forms, which often forced the nearest neighbors feel uncomfortable. <br />Fortunately, times castles of red brick and has been behind high fences. In the notion of successful people clearly confirmed the view that one of the principles respectable style - do not despise the views of others. No flagrant attributes only aesthetic elegance and restraint in exterior and interior. To respect you (and from Latin «respect» means respect not only to themselves but to others], just a little sojourn in the country in his estate.'s Important to have good taste and live in harmony with oneself and others. <br />Building a successful person today - not bulky, but spacious, with large windows. Modern architecture, the calm and laconic, while not devoid of historical reminiscences, considered all the needs of everyday people. The house rule gallantry and ambition, in the interior - works of art, "light", but the solid furniture and original lighting. You want to live, work and truly enjoy life. <br />Unchanged fellowship with good infrastructure is a luxury and service, and above all - reliable security system, roads with high quality coating that lets get to the business center of the city of sleek sports cars. Directly in front - shopping complex, restaurant, sports center, SPA-salon, tennis courts. And certainly do not dispense with service of high quality, impeccable service. <br />An example of a real respectable suburban housing complex could be called "substance. Treasury Europe. Projects estates designed by the talented German architect Clemens Sand Fizanom exclusively in the concise style of modern classics. Elite cottages merged into a single Mediterranean architectural, interior design and landscape are made in accordance with the taste of the owner. All of seasoned, thoughtful and expensive. <br />Unfortunately, projects of this level has not yet gained wide popularity in Ukraine. In fact "estate" be classified as category exclusive - the concept of quality, infrastructure, service. This new model of suburban housing for young Ukrainian elite, which has achieved success through their intelligence, talent and flair. But now can confidently say: preferred luxury slim, made better by European culture and first class service, always will. <br /><strong></strong><br />
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