Simferopol land was divided into the expensive and cheap

21.01.2011 18:14
Articles about real estate | Simferopol land was divided into the expensive and cheap Deputies of the Simferopol City Council set new rates to the land tax rate to calculate the amount of rent for the land. To this end, the capital was divided into zones, assigning a factor, reports the website "Krym.Kommentarii.

Thus, according to the decision of the City Council in Simferopol identified 4 areas. In the first zone defined groups such as the Taurian, Shevchenko, Sevastopol, Factory, Railway station, Moscow, Feodosia and Yalta, in which the rate will be applied to the land tax rate from 6.2 per site over 10000 square meters. to 10 for a plot of 300 square meters.

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The second zone defined Zalesye, West, Peter's height, Mykolayiv, Zhigulina Grove, TPP, Komsomolskaya Airport by a factor of 5,5 to 7,8.

The cheapest was the land of the last two bands (Fontatny, Novonikolayevsk, Evpatoriskaya-1, Rail, White, Agrarian, wheatear, South, Bitumen, Evpatoriskaya 2, South West, Kuban, Krylov), where the ratio is defined rates from 5 to 7.2 .

At the same time subject to the provision of land on lease terms with the established categories of land on the functional use of land for industry, areas of technical infrastructure, the calculation will apply to the rate coefficient at 4.3, regardless of location and space allotment.
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