Signs of the Zodiac and their impact on the area of Kiev

09.10.2011 09:00
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General characteristics of the sign of Aries:

In Aries has taken an active male principle - Jan. Element - fire. This sign control of the planet Mars and Pluto. The sign is linked with iron, it conveys the pressure, activity, impulsivity, striving to be ahead, enterprise, diligence, confidence, curiosity, accuracy, competitive spirit, the momentum pioneer.

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In general, the boundary between Aries and Pisces, which is the beginning of Aries, symbolized the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. And the characters that abound here. On the right bank in the space of Aries hit the triangle between the Tithe and Vladimirskaya Street, ie the place where in ancient times was the prince's courtyard, a place that can be considered the beginning of the Kievan Rus, as public education. Here, on the border of Aries and Pisces, from an era of paganism in Russia, and the era of Christianity, here in the fall of the Tithe church ended the history of ancient Kiev and began the history of medieval Kiev. In this zone were Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the funicular (railway lifting passengers from Pisces to Aries!). All of them, each in its own way, vividly demonstrate the quality of the mark. A space full of symbols of the historical stages of development of Kyiv and Ukraine. There are monuments to Vladimir, the Baptism of Russia (but in honor of the return of the Magdeburg right!), The reunification of Ukraine and Russia and other characteristic that "assimilation" of the left bank of Kiev began with the space of Aries. In 1848 -1853 gg., In the present Metro Bridge, was built the first major Chain Bridge, which served as a continuation of four wooden bridge to the village Nikolskaya. Formal accession Kiev bridgehead suburb (water park), Nikolskaya suburb and Darnitsya occurred in 1923, although the satellite towns, not part of the line of Kiev, by early 20 th century were the city whole.

According to the spirit of the mark, the space of Aries is a place of concentration of industrial enterprises, research institutes and organizations, medical institutions. Simultaneously, the space Aries includes extensive site designed for rest and recuperation Kiev, including the size of the largest recreational area - water park. This is a great place for recuperation, health, stress relief, sports. Excellent in Aries will feel people in the arts, theater, dance groups, orchestras, choirs. Sign favorable placement on its territory, institutions and organizations associated with the birth of children, their education and training. In its place will feel the representatives of paramilitary organizations, military, police, tax officers, firefighters, doctors, artisans, merchants, inventors and innovators. Due to the fact that in the horoscope of ancient Kiev to mark hit the planet Neptune, here is the lion's share of chemical enterprises of Kiev, primarily related to the chemistry of polymers. This is a set of institutions of organic and bioorganic chemistry, along with pilot production, stationed on the border with the fish, PA "radical", "Khimvolokno", "Volcano", Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, himfarmobedinenie "Darnica", etc. Naturally, in the sign associated with iron, with metals in general, will be large numbers of enterprises associated with the use of cutting tools, metal working, mechanics, machine tool and car building, etc. As an example, can be called "???????, Darnitsky car-repair plant, mechanical plant" Highway "," Kievvtormet, pilot plant design, etc. At the beginning of the mark, on the border with fish, with major Metallobaza - "Kievmetall. Indicative of the sign of Aries is the presence on its territory a major railway station Darnica, near which has for years planned to build a second passenger terminal. Very characteristic manifestation of the sign is situated here in Kiev meat.

The distinct character of the mark in its best manifestations, space Aries encourages honesty and willingness to follow through, gives a healthy aggression and strength to overcome all obstacles. District of Aries is good for all new, bright, requiring the disclosure of a sudden and rapid implementation, whether in the field of technology, art, science and business. A vivid illustration of this is newly constructed in the beginning of the mark and active building of the International Exhibition Center. The above applies to the realm of human feelings and emotions. Therefore, for those young people who are ashamed of their feelings and are afraid to admit to them the object of his adoration, may be recommended to do this is in the Aries as the sign of power here creates all conditions to ensure that the disclosure occurred in the most natural way.

SPACE Taurus
General characteristics of the sign of Taurus:

In the Taurus was passive feminine - Yin. Element-earth. Emblem control of the planet Venus and Chiron. Signs inherent patience, perseverance, thoroughness, conservatism, restraint, stubbornness, physicality, strength, reasoning, and, often, hasty judgments based on accepted forms and stereotypes. Characteristic sensitivity, irritability (but not aggressive), loving, polite, artistic elitism. Emotions are typically controlled by thoughts. Energy areas will be linked to the accumulation and demonstration of accumulated, acquired, there will always be the most "expensive" and "cheesed" district in Kiev. Accordingly, in this space, very cozy feel to be the richest and secured by banks, offices, businesses, shops. An example is the National Bank of Ukraine, "Pravex, of the International Monetary Fund, etc. It is interesting that the whole street Bankova, sitting in the Taurus across the axis of the mark, and it is fully appropriate. Sign favorable placement on its territory of organizations and institutions related to finance, economics, health, agriculture, energy, food, design, aesthetics, culture, architecture, construction. It is indicative of the energy sign is a list of institutions stationed in Taurus. As an example, can be called institutions of art history, folklore and ethnography, literature, history of Ukraine, Ukrainian Archeology, philosophy, economy, light industry, problems of strength, physiology, Tyazhpromavtomatika "," Atomenergostroyproekt, Political and Ethnic Studies, State and Law, and many others. Ekzaltiruyuschaya in the sign of the Moon will give interest to the history and traditions of its people, deep research and understanding. But the appearance in the space of a Taurus institutions of a political nature is apparently connected with a horoscope of Kiev, which will be discussed below.

Well here will feel like actors, musicians, artists. Not for nothing is settled Music Academy. Tchaikovsky Ukrainian Drama Theater. Interestingly, in the Maidan Square of old circus performed the action, folk festivals, and in 1903, the site of the modern cinema of the Ukraine, was built Europe's first two-storey building "Hippo Palace, which combines the functions of the circus and theater, and where were Chaliapin, Sobinov, Battistini et al

As might be expected on the axis of Taurus - Scorpio (on the border of these signs Gemini and Sagittarius) situated lion's share of the Kiev enterprises associated with the construction. For example, almost one third of the Kiev plants producing reinforced concrete products, it is in Taurus. A similar situation, but even more pronounced and with serving the needs of the construction of wood processing industries.

Energy contributes to the sign posted on its territory, various warehouses, and not just wealth, but spiritual. Therefore, the presence in the sign of museums, exhibitions, libraries entirely appropriate. Surprisingly, in the sign of Taurus can be found even "warehouses health. For this kind of "spell" can be attributed, and Pechersk Lavra, on the territory of which the stored power, healing of believers. And the very territory of Taurus is capable of healing and to give health. This poplar avenue in the park to them. Primakov, and medicinal springs, beating on the mountain slopes along the Dnieper embankment, where in the horoscope of ancient Kiev, runs the line of the Moon and much more.

It should be noted that the horoscope of Kiev (and Ukraine) on 14 May 1648., Which until recently had been in Kiev for determining, in space the sign of Taurus and Gemini gets "power zone" (A house of the horoscope). In this case, the laws of astrology space of a Taurus is dominant, as the energy "power" here is maximum (MS horoscope). It is not surprising that half of all ministries, located in Kiev, the administration of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, the building of the Verkhovna Rada and the Mariinsky Palace (ex Royal) as the residence of the ruling power is in the sign of Taurus. Since the same bound and mythology of Ukraine, as teltsovoy territory. Sami same mninisterstva clearly demonstrate the energy sign. This Ministry: finance, economy, energy, agriculture, environmental protection and nuclear safety, health. Rounding out this list of the Interior Ministry and Justice Ministry, whose existence is due to features not only the sign, but both the horoscopes of Kiev (see "About the horoscope of ancient Kiev").

General characteristics of the sign of Gemini:

Gemini - lightweight, Jansky, a movable sign. Element - air. Emblem manages the planet Mercury. Signs inherent sociability, warmth, irritability, restlessness, ingenuity, eloquence, literacy, flexibility, adaptability, democracy, curiosity, carelessness and cunning. Typical trends in the future at a very high practicality in the present. In the best manifestation - high analyticity and awareness, in the worst - the confusion, superficiality and falseness. Energy areas will be linked with training and information, conversation and singing, and contacts of all sorts and travel, transportation, trade, sports, physical culture, show business. As a striking example is the National University of Physical Training and Sports of Ukraine, Kiev Operetta Theater, the National Opera building, located on the border with cancer, Sports Palace, Central Stadium, the Palace "Ukraine". The very landscape is characterized by severe eclectic buildings and road congestion. For organizations and institutions located in the sign of Gemini, will be characteristic dispatch, vzaimnouvyazyvayuschie binders and functions, the functions of planning and design. Naturally, in the space of the sign will be a huge number of design organizations and institutions, committees and centers. It is worth noting that the sign of Gemini, along with the sign of Taurus in the horoscope of 14/05/1648 city of the zone of power "(see above:" The space of a Taurus "). However, unlike Taurus Gemini energy is more democratic, so if in Taurus will be located ministry, then in Gemini, in general, committees, commissions, agencies. The only exception is the Ministry of Transport, energy, which corresponds exactly to the mark. As examples, there are several typical signs of central executive bodies: the Agency for bankruptcy, Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine, State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, etc. It is significant that the building of the Kyiv City State Administration has got into the sign of Gemini.

It is characteristic of Gemini will be the presence of enterprises and organizations associated with the hotel and gaming business, tourism, with gas and gas-air environment, nuclear, aerospace, electronic and computer technology, institutions, meteorological, physical, mathematical, physical - mathematical and physical-chemical profile. It makes no sense to list here the names of all the institutions housed in the sign, there are several dozen. However, I would like to name some names are underscore and complement the characteristics of the mark. This is the institutions: geography and chemistry of surfaces, electric, analytical instrumentation. No binding feature is the presence in the sign of transport enterprises and organizations in the maintenance and sale of automotive vehicles, electrotransport of the gasket and the roads. As the examples already mentioned above, the Ministry of Transport, the State Administration of Motor Transport of Ukraine, Kiev factory of electric, car market, the Central Bus Station, coating plant, Research Institute of the automotive industry. There will be concentrated markets, banks, various intermediary organizations, advertising agencies, exhibitions and collections of art, characterized by diversity of exhibits, translation agencies, scientific and technical libraries. A clear illustration can serve as museums of Russian and Eastern and Western art, housed in the sign of the state scientific-technical library of MES of Ukraine (formerly the Institute for Scientific. - Tech. Information), the central scientific - technical library. Vernadsky, etc. To mark would be characterized by a large number of trans-shipment facilities, especially at the border with the sign of Taurus. Necessarily the existence of organizations and enterprises related to transport oil and gas, but closer to the border with the sign of Cancer. On the territory of the mark would be great to feel all that connected with the "logos", "word": radio stations, religious institutions, and various counseling centers, theaters, schools. As an example, National University, located at both sides of the border with cancer, Kiev State Linguistic University, Center for Rehabilitation of children with hearing and speech, and much more.

General characteristics of the sign of Cancer:

Cancer - the sign of a closed, traditional, associated with the ongoing internal transformation. Zodiac sign of Cancer governs the moon, symbolizing the moist feminine - Yin, nourishes, giving procreation. This passive magic, perceiving the beginning. The elements - water.

Signs inherent artistry and dreaminess, motherhood, romanticism, intuition, imagination, flexibility, ambition and mistrust, hoarding, thoroughness and perseverance, calmness and prudence, the propensity to reflection, the ability to self-sacrifice. The sign is linked with the history, tradition, memories, ancestors, the house - do not accidentally mark the beginning of fall is one of the oldest symbols of Kiev - Golden Gate, Baikova cemetery and a museum of folk architecture and life in Pirogovo, but in space the sign, near the border with Leo , camped Main Archival Administration of Ukraine jointly with the Institute of archives and record management, and several central archives, including kinofotoarhivom Ukraine. Literature and music, theater and cinema can not leave their traces on the territory of that mark. At the beginning of the mark on its border with Gemini there is a building of the National Opera, in the space of the mark - the highest Musical College. Gliere, kinokopirovalnaya factory Kievoblkino etc.

The sign of Cancer is related to basic sciences, medicine, genetics, immunity, merging of masculine and feminine, biology, botany, agriculture, horticulture. Probably no sense to list all the characteristic signs and medical research centers, located on its territory. Suffice it to say that currently in the sign of Cancer are all (!) Specialized research institutions involved in genetics, and virtually all specializing in the field of biology, biochemistry, and virology. Here concentrated specialized research institutes dealing with cancer - Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology. Kavetsky and Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology. A similar situation with agriculture. In the space character is the National Agrarian University, institutions: plant protection, horticulture, agro-ecology and biotechnology, agricultural economics, bee-keeping. It is no accident in the space of Cancer Hippodrome was connected not so much with excitement at the races, as with the horse-breeding, breeding of pedigree horses. Symbolically, the sign, almost from one of its border to the other, they will fit into the Botanical Gardens. Fomina, laid back in 1839, the organization that pioneered the breeding work in Kiev. Generally a sign of cancer are associated with different kinds of deep research - from the depths of space and finishing the depths of the earth and the human psyche.
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