Signs of stabilization in the U.S. real estate market

29.07.2011 10:48
Articles about real estate | Signs of stabilization in the U.S. real estate market Despite the June decline in sales of new single-family homes, a sharp rise in prices and reducing the number of unsold objects indicate a stabilization of the market of new housing in the United States.

According to the Ministry of Trade, the sales of new residential single-family homes in June fell by 1%. At the same time, the median sales price of a single object increased by 5.8%, to $ 235 200, and about June 2010 - and at 7.2%.

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Number of homes for sale in June was 164 000. This is a record low for the market index. For comparison, in the same month, the secondary market of residential real estate sold 3.77 million U.S. facilities, according to MSNBC.

Reducing the number of homes sold encourages builders to take vengeance for demolition. As a result of new construction projects in the area of ​​housing has reached a six-month maximum.
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