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Feast of the Trinity originates from the Old Testament feast of Pentecost, and even earlier - from pagan holidays. In Christianity, the Trinity is one of the twelve major feasts following Easter. All of these great festivals created in honor of the earthly life of Jesus Christ and his mother - the Virgin. Feast of the Holy Trinity is on the date of Easter, which is measured from 49 days, it is a multiple of the number of days a week - seven, so the Trinity falls always on Sundays. Before the ascension into heaven Christ promised his disciples, the apostles, that they descend the Holy Spirit. This happened 10 days after the Ascension, the disciples have mastered all the languages, to evangelize the world. Feast of Pentecost marks the descent of not only the Holy Spirit, but also the presence in the act of will of the Heavenly Creator and His son Jesus.

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The Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Christians in the Trinity there is a holiday ritual custom of decorating their homes, housing, churches and even yards and yard an extension of living green. Most often, it whisks the foliage - birch, linden and maple, all sorts of aromatic herbs, wildflowers.

Signs and Rituals of Green Week

This celebration of the peasants was associated with a bunch of tokens and rituals. The main sign of the thought that all of the Trinity to have been eliminated and to stop planting in their gardens. Since after the Trinity is often installed dry hot weather, and that no plant a - is not taken, the land becomes dry. Trinity was a kind of peasants to shift from planting to harvesting. And the first thing to do after the start of the Trinity - to prepare for the hay. But before committing ritual ceremonies which attract rain.

To save the gardens and fields by the drought, farmers have followed the tradition has its roots in paganism. Going to church, people were out of herbs and flowers bouquets, after lamenting them. This custom made them to believe that tears watered the grass, brought to the temple, will beg God for the required fields, rain. Birch branches were stuck into the ground, and three days it was impossible to remove them, as well as greens in the house. Peasants on the leaves of birch determined what will be the summer: if birch quickly withered and dried up leaves, the summer will be dry. If the branches remained alive until the last day, the summer can be wet and a bad one for hay.

To decorate the house apart from almost all the trees are traditionally used birch. But the aspen, willow and buckthorn are not welcome in this holiday, and some refused to hazel. Verba was the sacred plant of Palm Sunday, aspen was considered a treacherous Judah tree and buckthorn - a tree, from which it was made a cross for the crucifixion. And the herbs brought into the house of an ulterior motive: they played a ceremonial role, which just below ...

In the field stood a birch

Birch at the three played the same role of ritual, and that tree on RozhdestvoBerezku not only brought into the house, but crowned with ribbons in forest clearings, circling around her dances. Feast of the Trinity without birch trees can only be compared with the New Year without a Christmas tree. It was believed that birch has a special power, she was the first among the other trees dissolve the leaves and buds, has a strong energy growth, which is able to give and man. Birch was a symbol of harmony, long girlish braids, the personification of a beautiful maiden, and Trinity in Russia since ancient times was considered more girlish and holiday, the pagan golden-haired Lada - the goddess of spring. The girls in this day preparing for the marriageable age: worn the most beautiful dresses, wore ribbons in her hair and went to the mall.

In the birch forest was arranged a festive meal, which necessarily communicated egg dishes - fried egg or boiled egg as a symbol of the arrival of summer, the clear sun. The peasants harbored hopes for an early harvest and get the first thought that the danger of famine is safely behind us - Trinity promised soon gifts of nature and god, berries, mushrooms and the possibility of safe fishing. So people are not stingy - taken out of the bins are the best preparation for the holiday priberezhennye, baked muffins pies with chicken and sweet loaves. After the meal, decorated around the birches were taken dance and sang songs glorifying the birch tree, one of horovodnyh Russian folk songs "In the field of birch was" known to us until now. Starting from the peasants of the Trinity in all walks wedding. Rite zapletaniya braid birch and vpletaniya tape refers to a pagan holiday, which was arranged to mark the puberty of young women, something akin to the age of majority, which allows to get married.

In the mermaid week ...

Grassy greens decorated with an image, liberally strewn floors, this ritual was carried out with the belief that the grass at the time of the holiday gained full strength, which can be shared with others. In addition, herbs were driven from the yards and homes of evil spirits, protect the family from a bold and eye ailments, and helped heal the weak and ill with people and animals. Especially for the week of Trinity was a popular and p, or sycamore. In the spring, prior to the Trinity itself to river banks endured the corpses of drowned accidentally died during the melting of the ice. It's a terrible circumstance gave rise to the fact that before the holiday to arrange funeral days. Yes, and Eastern Christians were regarded as mermaids, drowned in women who are looking for couples to live among and can carry off a child or a man. People in front of Trinity went to the grave, flowers were deceased relatives. A whole week before the Trinity was called by the people mermaid week. The appearance of bodies utopshih peasants tied to the action of the mythical mermaids. And to the mermaid drowned one of the kids (during the swim, they drown most often), in forests and along river banks in this week laid out Taxed gifts (and is now handing out cookies and candy for the mention of the soul).

In its content mermaid week is fully consistent with the pagan holidays. Present inexplicable belief that this time the mermaid out of water on the beach (remember, Pushkin mermaid sitting on the branches?), And taking human form, walking among men. But if one man to go into the woods to the river to rinse the laundry or bathe, then the mermaid will tickle to death, or to lure into the river and drown.

What is klechene / klechannya / klechennya

At Green Week was impossible to walk alone in the woods or the river, so as not to fall into captivity rusalkamRusalochya Week, Green Week, observed from Monday to Thursday - the day started off mermaids, which fades into a memorial parent on Saturday, and on Saturday all went to cemetery and remembered even suicide. And it is also an ulterior motive: from pagan rituals preserved the rite of "klechene." So far, in some villages of Ukraine the word "klechenie" as meaning "bubbling", "Scream," which means rapid izdavanie sound like a cry of flying cranes or geese. Pagan rite klechenya (on click, call, drum) was held at Green Week at a time when it begins to bloom spikes and tie rye. It was believed that klechene due to the rustling of grass in the house and ears in the field, there is a collection of dead relatives in "this world" to help nalitsya grain to live do not go hungry.

Air, as it is called by the people "Tatar potion" has a very strong pleasant scent of freshness. From its basal stems did like the sweetness of the east - dried and candy, a treat for the taste did not yield candied ginger root east. Air really got the peasants from the Tatars, or rather from the Mongol invasion. Tartar Mongols considered a cult potion plant, they firmly believed that the pond, which is growing sweet flag, is clean and the water out of it safe to drink. So on the way to the hamlets and villages scattered the invaders into the water pieces of the rhizome of calamus, and so he caught us. Our farmers have noticed that even in a swamp in bush calamus smaller swarms of insects than other banks. Therefore, calamus and began to collect and lay on the earthen floor in the poor peasant huts, to bring not only the flies and mosquitoes, but even animals of fleas. After all, young lambs, goats, calves and chicks born in early spring, hid from the cold in the house with people. And the animals in the absence of fleas easily attacked by the hosts and the people. Air was making on the floor with sage and thyme. This method is very effective for the expulsion of the cat and dog fleas from the house so far, more effective chemical repellents are better than others. But the ritual of decorating "klechennem" homes are not in touch with insects, and with a belief that came to the house souls of the dead can hide, having filled in the grass. That's why you brought into the house from aspen, willow and buckthorn. 3 days after Trinity dumped or burned grass.

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