Sick building syndrome

20.03.2011 18:30
Articles about real estate | Sick building syndrome Air pollution, together with the violation of natural physical composition, making air environment surrounding us is extremely unfavorable for life, which according to the latest scientific evidence compels the human body 80% of its internal resources to spend only at securing the existence in it.

That is, virtually all of its internal forces the human body expends just to secure our life, almost leaving no resources for the maintenance of reproductive functions and normal functioning of their bodies for reproduction buck the immune system, and consequently on the fight against infectious and chronic diseases, the full and rapid recovery capability (efficiency) of a person as a whole.

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The result is an accelerated and premature wear on your body, getting an early age, a whole bunch of diseases, many of which our ancestors were sick only in old age (eg, heart attacks, strokes and arthritis have been in 30-40 years).

Until the mid XX century, conventional wisdom was that people are the main source of pollution in residential areas. The biological isolation rights include the allocation of carbon dioxide, moisture, and the allocation of thousands of chemicals in very small concentrations, less measurable, even with today's complex chemical tehniki.Poetomu it was necessary to implement the ventilation space to dilute the biological selection to the level where air quality is perceived as acceptable .

In the past forty years, experts have found that in areas other than humans, there are many other sources of pollution. Building materials, furniture, carpets, electronic equipment and even heating, ventilation and air conditioning are themselves polluters.

"Sick building syndrome" manifests itself in humans as breathing problems, then - joint pain, insomnia. Symptoms may resemble the flu, but this sluggish "flu" lasts for weeks, months and years. Gradually destroys the immune system.


• irritation of the nose / nasal congestion / runny nose, eye irritation.
• Fatigue, headache, feeling of heaviness in the head.
• Dry skin, hoarseness or dry mouth, cough.
• Red / dry skin, dandruff on the head or ear lobes.
• Problems with concentration, nausea / dizziness.

The reason - poor performance "home ecology".
The solution - an ekotyuninga premises.
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