Should I buy real estate in Crimea?

17.03.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | Should I buy real estate in Crimea? One of the burning topics for the Russians was, as well, and always, "the housing problem." Despite the fact that the definition in the situation with Ukraine to wait, apparently, is not worth it, many Russians are wondering whether investment in the Crimean become very successful real estate investment? Find out what people think about this market professionals .

What will happen to property prices in the Crimea peninsula if will go to Russia ?

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Aprelev Constantine , vice president of the Russian Guild of Realtors , president of " AN SAVVA " :

Unequivocally that prices will rise, but not immediately. The most promising area is considered to be Big Yalta . Southern coast of Crimea has always been and will remain the most interesting area of the peninsula for investors. For several years, the prices there will be able to reach the level of the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar region . A Yalta - the level of Sochi.

How will the situation for Russian developers if Crimea remain part of Ukraine?

I think the risks increase significantly , and everything will be more expensive. This involves not only the political risks , but also , above all, the difficulties associated with the disposal of assets .

Attractive at the moment whether the Crimea for developers?

Oleg Kuznetsov , managing partner of the law firm " Alliance / Tessitore , Kuznetsov and Petrov " :

From an investment perspective, the situation with the Crimea is only slightly different from the situation in Abkhazia .

Territory and its appeal are well known to all investors . Nothing prevented develop and build in the Crimea, as it is a part of Ukraine. Just as nothing prevented Abkhazia and develop as a resort (by the way , is much more attractive than the Sochi) , while yet he was part of Georgia.

However, neither is any other event queues from investors are not observed or observed.

The reasons are quite simple . Not every beautiful place becomes the resort and as such develops , including through the construction of various kinds of apartments, hotels and other real estate.

To make the resort needs some very simple factors :

kinda unique advantage because of which it will choose another place (it can be anything , even the price );
stability and safety.

Crimea, as well as Abkhazia , currently not characterized by a certain uniqueness. Many historical sites , but they are in such a state that you can talk about them only through the prism of potential attractiveness , which can be realized only under conditions of strong infusion of funds from the state. Infrastructure is also not in the best condition . Beaches can not compete even with the neighbors in the region ( Bulgaria, the same at least ) . Fame plays Odessa nightlife . So it is just above the first paragraph have a lot of work . If Russia becomes the Crimea , the heavy burden will fall on the shoulders of the Russian budget . The main thing that political motives are not turned into another Crimea Sochi. The second construction in the name of development of the region like Sochi, we as a state simply not afford .

Now stability. Needless joining of Crimea to Russia will most likely one : closing the border between the territory and Ukraine. Kiev simply can not accept the fact that permission to fly from Simferopol was issued under seal with the double-headed eagle . Message with the Crimea will be built through the " primordial " Russian territory : plane to Krasnodar, and then wherever you want. On railway and road transport will have to forget (at least for a while ) . Are problems with electricity and water ( both resources are available now from Ukraine ) . Agree - described picture is not like the stability.

The lack of stability will lead to a loss of tourist flows. At least that is among the Ukrainians . And not sure what tour through Russian social insurance compensates them .

If there is less visitors Crimea , the property and the area is clearly not rise in price . And perhaps even lose it . Do not rule leapfrog with papers on the property, which also takes in the Crimean attractiveness projects.

And if we add here also that the transition from one state to another collapse if not all , but at least a large part of the banking system, ensure the Crimea, and for the new parish will take time ...

In general, I would not want to be a developer in the Crimea on the eve of his reunion with Russia . And being a man of a risk-free - another five years to look at this a potential subject 's eye .
Is it advantageous to ordinary Russians now invest in the Crimean property?

Aprelev Constantine , vice president of the Russian Guild of Realtors , president of " AN SAVVA " :

Invest now will not work , since all registration steps suspended estate . In the case of the Crimea to Russia will need to adapt the legal field , but it will take several weeks.

Andrew Vladykin , head of mortgage and loan company " NDV-estate" :

Invest in the Crimean property I do not advise it. First, the political situation is relatively peninsula Crimea remains quite uncertain and not resolved until the end . Second, if the situation will be resolved in favor of Russia , are coming extensive work throughout the territory attached .

Of course, the development of the Crimea is strategic in nature and scope of the changes will be big , but positive changes should not expect in the near future as to be too many things to do. For example , to adjust the supply of energy , transport connections with the peninsula and so on. If Crimea is connected w / d branch with Ukraine , then Russia - no. While there is no bridge connecting Russia and the Crimea , the development of the region will not come to the maximum rate .

Property likely will grow small pace as will develop infrastructure and quality of life - to improve. I am confident that the region awaits scale development, especially near the resorts. Sure (including climate and the small number of resort areas ) Russians will gladly visit Crimea to rest. For now , in fact, to stay there only Sochi on our great country .

Anna Volkova and Margarita Spasskaya

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