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European architectural bureau SeArch in collaboration with designer Christian Mueller implemented a project refined, democratic and environmentally friendly homes. Upon the presentation of the sponsors, such a set of qualities may have ... dugout. Underground dug and equipped apartment in Switzerland.

House-dwelling located in the village of Vals in the Swiss Alps and surrounded by green meadows. The house is absolutely not noticeable from the outside, it can be seen only from above. But invisibility - not important. According to the portal Inhabitat, this project demonstrates how modern construction can be in harmony with the environment.

The dwelling comprises the entire set of premises, which is in any typical home. In the bunker there is a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, guest room, lounge with home cinema, several bathrooms and even patio (see photo gallery). Built a house in the underground, the architects managed to almost completely eliminate the need for heating or cooling in the winter and summer months.
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