Shares in the cottage communities do not grow

20.12.2010 07:27
Articles about real estate | Shares in the cottage communities do not grow Before each new year potential buyers of apartments, country houses and other real estate freeze in anticipation of the grand discounts, expensive gifts and attractive bonuses. The upcoming festival is no exception. What can be expected in this December?

Modestly but tastefully
Experts do not promise anything supernatural. "Discounts and promotions will be significantly less than last year. Most buyers decreased at a slower pace than it did a year ago. That's why sellers do not have much reason to reduce prices and offer large discounts - explains Alexander Kovalenko, commercial director Uniparx Service .- The total volume discount in the coming cold season will be scanty, and that this differs from the previous year. This year, according to Alexander Zima, Director of Sales real estate company Penny Lane Realty, the proposals to be implemented in the framework of the New shares to 80% less than in December 2007. Budgets for New Year's shares fell by 50-75%, the vast majority of developers do not resume the practice of special Christmas programs.

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Last year was as reminiscent of Sergei Migunov, Head of Marketing and Development CC Conti, crisis, the situation began to straighten out in the second half of 2009, so the discounts in the past year have been quite substantial. Developers expect the implementation of pent-up demand, and tried to encourage him in every way, offering all sorts of action.

Discounts can be up to 30%. This year, in his view, the market average discount level will be 5-10%.

And ten percent discount, according to estimations, Leonid Menshikov, general director of real estate agency DOKI, the buyer may receive, subject to full payment.

In addition to discount buyers who can rely on gifts. But not on the road. Says Irina Naumova, director of marketing and PR company NDV-estate, their value depends on how many clients the company and in what segment it operates. So, buyers of apartments in the elite facilities may receive a gift worth up to $ 300, buyers of less expensive real estate - up to $ 150.

"But today, presents for clients is not the most popular incentive measure - she says .- The buyer of real estate preferred shares that would have affected the final cost of the offer: discount interest, discounts on the cost per square meter, a certain number of square meters for free. Another popular step - finish apartments. Again, after the crisis is a proposal by the developer, allowing the future owner to optimize the cost of repair, is in great demand among buyers. offer people as a pre-New Year shares lower cost finish - quite a reasonable move by the developer. "

Do real estate buyers have reason to expect more interesting gifts. How, for example, says Natalia Kats, managing director of the agency exclusive property "Manor", sometimes accompanied by promotional suburban elite sale - it could be a boat or a mini-helicopter when buying a house. But such actions are mostly in towns with a low degree of readiness. Where construction is nearing completion, additional stimulation of demand is not needed: the objects, and so quickly dismantled.

But buyers are waiting for "elitki" no helicopters, and installment payment. And wait for. "Installment occurs and when making purchases with a serious budget, when the price tag starts at $ 5 million, said Natalya Katz .- Installment granted for a period of six months to a year, the schedule of payments in each case is different. The fact is that many tend to coincide with payments to be received annual bonuses and interest on deposits, so the flexibility of payment by installment is very important. "

With regard to suburban real estate, here, according to Alexei Kudryavtsev, director of marketing operating company "Volga problem" of so-called New offers in the market is now much lower than in December last year. "Basically for the Rouble buyers are actively fighting the company of the most highly competitive product segments: plots without a contract and elite suburban real estate, - he said .- First introduced spetstseny, timing it for the New Year, the latter give serious discounts on single objects. It is important that now the consumer is not driven by risk of depreciation of money, does not react to lower the cost is less than 10-15%, even if it is a relatively low-cost areas without a contract. In a stable market, in contrast to the market, characterized by excitement, there are other rules: under the action subject to any illiquid objects, or the last house (areas) in the townships, to be implemented as soon as possible to complete the phase of the project, any new proposals that the market should rasprobovat, and it requires a price incentive. "

But, according to Vladimir blue, managing partner of the company "MIEL-Residential Real Estate", this year, unlike past years, the suburban towns held festive presentation. "The fact is that now the period of exposure of the object is large enough - this is the crisis, and in 2009 the building in many towns have been suspended, and the advertising campaign is not interrupted - he explains .- Thus, the holidays are designed to inform potential customers, that in this particular village there is life, there is a construction, there are positive changes. Celebration in this case is a sort of channel of information about life at the facility because no other media channels, except for advertising. But now very few people unconditionally believe advertising. Advertising Our Village Monakovo, we provide our potential customers flying in helicopters during the presentation. The presentation of Rublev's village Barvikha Club ", which took place in the winter, guests can ride a snowmobile or off-road over rough terrain."

Flown, fell
What exactly will please buyers a New Market? First of all, free of charge by the meter. The company Don-Story Invest ", for example, announced a special New Year's program" It is worth meters as a gift. " As part of the pre-campaign every buyer of two-four-room apartment in a residential complex "Izmailovo", which was making a lump sum payment will receive a complimentary roomy utility room in the underground parking house. It will be possible for sports equipment, seasonal items, tires and more. The campaign will last until December 25, but may end earlier, because it involved a limited number of apartments.

The company "MIEL-New", according to its CEO Maria Litinetskaya, for buyers of apartments in new Reutov, md. 9A and the street of Kirov, has prepared special Christmas price offers. Buying an apartment until the New Year, the buyer receives 5% as a gift of the purchase price. Also, New Year's Eve "Miel New offers parking in a residential complex business-class" Grand Park "on holiday prices. All residents of Grand-park "until January 31, 2011 provided the opportunity to purchase parking in the underground parking of the residential complex to the benefit of up to 35%.

New Year's holidays are special terms of payment for purchase of apartments in residential complex "Sky Fort" (Moscow, 1 st Nagatinsky travel, ow. 11). From November 20 to December 31, all have concluded agreements on the equity purchase of apartments in the residential Sky Fort "provides interest-free installments until July 1, 2011. In the days of the campaign customers can buy in installments without interest, with monthly payments up to July 1, 2011 one-room apartments (with an initial payment of 50%) and three-four-room apartments (with an initial payment of 40%).

As reported by Sergei Migunov, now at the facility "Ilinka" acts share "15 golden days." From November 15 to December 15 homes sold at a discount of 15%. The promotion is valid until sold 15 homes. A PIK in the New Year campaign from November 25 to December 31, offers a discount on the flats at a rate of 10% of full payment. In case of payment by installments 10% discount is given only for amounts paid by December 31. And also special prices for cars.

At the town market discounts and special Christmas offers, too, of course, there is. In the village of Millennium Park, for example, tells Lydia Gretchina, Director of Marketing and Advertising Corporation Incom, offers ready-made houses and lands with contract with a 20 percent discount.

However, 20% of the limit. "In December, all those who contact the company (to come to the office or in the village to view the site), we will give coupons for discounts of up to 30%. Discounts are valid until March 1, - said Alexander Kovalenko, commercial director Uniparx Service .- Each purchaser of the site in the village, "Meadow" will receive a complimentary cap or barrel of honey. When buying a plot in the village "Natkino" each client company gives dacha ready to shed the standard size 2x6 m. In the settlement, "Emerald Valley" discount on all plots at 10 %, and in the village "Velegozh-2" - 15%. In the village "Travushkino on sites costing less than 30 thousand rubles for a hundred discount of 10% on prilesnye areas and 20% - for all others. In the village of" The Oka "when buying a second segment on him a 50% discount. In the village of" Sunny Hill "is available to all buyers interest-free installment payment for 12 months, with an initial contribution of only 25% of the value of the land."

But the company "Volga problem", according to Alexei Kudryavtsev, marketing director of this company, limited the New Year's rally at a discount in the two villages: "Mouth" - small plots without a contract on the lands of private habitation, "Pavlov's pier" - compact areas with their bank in the village with a yacht club. "The first sentence is derived almost the New Year, the second is characterized by a non-standard concept, which has no analogues on the market, and therefore requires the maximum number of channels to attract consumers' attention. As part of this campaign, we really give a substantial discount - 30%. This rebate is unprecedented for a non-elite objects "- he says.

New Year's campaign of "Miel Investment in low-rise construction" is that the company fixes the "autumn" the prices of construction materials and guarantees to its clients who contracted this year, that next spring they will be able to start building your own home without fear of their seasonal rise. Special offer valid till December 31 and is called "Frost". Estimate how many customers will benefit as a result of the action, it will be possible only in the spring. But buyers of apartments in the residential complex "Sea Symphony" (Sochi) material benefit from the shares can be obtained by presenting a photocopy of flight to Sochi and back. Cost of trip they will deduct the cost of the apartment. Trifle, of course, if we consider that the cost of apartments here start from 1.7 million rubles. And another thing: until December 31, at 100 percent payment of the purchased flat discount of $ 3 thousand to 1 sq. km. m, while the minimum contribution of 30% of the value of the apartment developer provides interest-free installments for the remainder of the debt payments for up to six months (balance of payments - monthly or quarterly).

Villagio Estate Company in the village of Millennium Park offers during the Christmas holidays to buy ready-made houses and lands with contract with a 20 percent discount, by which the cost of houses starts from 40 million rubles. In settlements Madison Park and Monteville under the Christmas stock offer fixed prices for individual home ownership - an average of 5% lower than the usual price list.

Dual effect
Of course, all developers are hoping that promotions will increase sales. However, Alexander Kovalenko believes that it is still an indirect challenge. The main problem that allows for the launch of such shares - to attract attention. They help stimulate the interest of his client and to view the object. If the company and the object is already relatively well known in the market, starting shares may increase the number of hits and views by 30-50%.

"It is desirable that the action did not just attract attention, but were useful in the context of the commodity to be purchased. For example, action" by buying an apartment - the car as a gift "is certainly interesting, but as a rule, those who buy an apartment , the machine often is - he argues .- And now, for instance, the action is, where the buyer gets a flat gift card for the purchase of decorative materials, or for free are some services for finishing and repair the apartment, will lead to the fact that such a purchase from a client have more fun. After all, in this case the Promotion helps him in dealing with the many questions that arise after the purchase of apartments in new buildings. A rally with the car does not perform this function. "

But Anna Shishkina, marketing director of the Criminal Code "Absolute Management does not consider stock incentive and discount sales. According to her observations, the consumer has long understood that all discounts are ultimately made at his expense. "On the contrary, sometimes the consumer discount, even alarming," - she says.
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