Seven ways to improve their living conditions

28.09.2010 07:35
Articles about real estate | Seven ways to improve their living conditions Lots of people dreaming of a new apartment. Housing problem - often the most sensitive spot of our Russian people. As he spoiled the Muscovites in the early twentieth century, so they spoiled them, and live. And behind a veil of their problems, misconceptions and, in general, prejudices do not notice that the solution lies very close to that possibility - that they are in full view.

The poor - an apartment for free!
First of all, we say that oligarchs State apartment will not give away, so you have to prove that you belong to poor citizens.

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In addition, you should still need housing. It is assumed that the housing need of those who do not rents an apartment on the social conditions of employment, or has insufficient space - below the social minimum (18 square meters. For Moscow).
Naturally, you'll need to document to prove their disastrous financial situation. All family members must apply their income tax returns, information on the property for which they have the right to property (houses, cars, shares in housing cooperatives, bank deposits, land shares, etc.)
When all the papers are collected and you have recognized the right for free apartments, not yet time to rejoice in the fact that the apartment you have in your pocket. Of course, like you, a lot, and free rent - alas, on the contrary. So we'll have to wait, and wait long enough - about 20 years. However, one way or another - it is better to get an apartment late than never.

Break down the old house - get a new apartment

Many Muscovites today live in a decrepit, allocated for the demolition of housing. For these families, rather wait for demolition - and get a pleasant apartment. Given that in recent years developed a plan not only for the demolition of dilapidated buildings have completely, but the demolition of Khrushchev, the chances to obtain housing for resettlement have many. In this situation, the question is not even about whether the tenant will receive a new apartment, but about how many nice, big apartment, he will receive, how much satisfied with his district and whether the demolition to get two flats, rather than one.
Here, in different conditions are the owners and tenants. For example, an employer must provide 18 square meters. m. per person. And, furthermore, to lodge people of different sex in one room are allowed only with written consent, which, of course, let's not worth it. Therefore, mother and son, for example, who lived in a studio apartment, can move at a kopeck piece that will improve their living conditions.
The situation is somewhat different owners. By law, the area of housing that will be given to the owner during the demolition, should be not less than the area vacated the apartment, and the number of rooms must be the same as in the vacated apartment. However, you can get an apartment and with a larger area because the law does not demand an additional charge.
Of course, situations where the government simply deceiving immigrants, more than enough. That is why the need to responsibly approach the matter: if you have to move out of the demolished home, contact a lawyer, take the best here not to miscalculate and enjoy a new quality housing.

Moving to the suburbs

If you do not fundamentally residence was in Moscow, then you may consider the option of selling the Moscow room or studio apartment with further buying an apartment larger area in the suburbs. Disadvantages are obvious, but there are pluses: arranged separate housing may well be for you to be more advantageous than trying to amuse my self-esteem so that you live within the city.

Young family or social mortgage?

Flats can be bought on preferential terms. Young families is quite appropriate to participate in the Young family - accessible habitation ". It can make people who are married to three years (if the term marriage of children does not matter), if one spouse has not reached 30 years. In fact, receive support from the state - very profitable. So, for young families without children, a subsidy that is paid by the state, will be equal to 35% of the cost of housing, and for families who have children - 40%. Moreover, if you have a baby, then you will write off another 30%.
Another option - a social mortgage: buying an apartment at a cost - for the beneficiaries (the cost will be twice as below!).

Conclude contract of annuity

Eats able to conclude with an older man contract rent, which consists in the fact that you regularly pay for the maintenance of an elderly person a certain amount, and after his death to you in the property passes apartment rent recipient. Such a contract is mutually beneficial for both sides - an elderly man enjoys the necessary material means to him, and you - get an apartment for a third of market value.

Engage in building society

Building society - a good yield. Generally HBC - this kind of lending, the essence of which is funded scheme. You take a cooperative loan, make the down payment - only 5%, then pay half the cost of HBC apartment (of course, shares), as well as the only paid half moves into a new apartment. However, until full payment of the apartment will be owned by HBC.

With the right approach - the room multiply

Wanting to become an owner of a large area, you can try to follow the example of a citizen, described in the novel MA Bassoon Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita": "... a citizen who received a two-bedroom apartment on the Earthen shaft ... instantly turned her into a four, sharing a room in half partition. Zasim that he traded in two separate apartments in different districts of Moscow - one in three, and another in two rooms. Agree, there were five. a three-room, he was exchanged for two separate two rooms and became the owner, as you can see, six rooms, however, scattered in disarray all over Moscow. "
So, choose a way to improve their housing situation to choose you, but you see, a lot of ways to do this at all times.
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