Sevastopol Real Estate Market

09.10.2009 17:28
<div style="text-align: justify;"><strong><img height="141" width="200" align="left" alt="" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;" src="/files/41/sevastopol.jpg" /></strong><strong>Sevastopol Real Estate Market </strong><br />Over the past 18 years from the closed city of Sevastopol was one of the tourist centers of Crimea, while maintaining the function of the base two navies, port and transport hub. And changing face of Sevastopol: military sites are giving way to residential complexes, shopping malls, hotels and supermarkets. <br /><br /><strong>Residential Real Estate of Sebastopol </strong><br />Housing market has traditionally been the most extensive in Sevastopol - offer to sell or rent housing remains a significant part of ad specialized publications about real estate. Sevastopol is actively constructed - and in young areas of the city, and among the old buildings are increasingly soar into the sky silhouettes of the cranes. Housing projects in Sevastopol is a very attractive investment investments for Ukrainian, Russian and even European companies. Houses comprise the bulk of new buildings of Sevastopol. <br /><br />The undisputed leader in construction projects is Gagarinskij district of Sevastopol. The youngest part of the city is growing in breadth and above in height: high-rise neighborhoods being built on vacant lots, many years the port face area. At scavenged windswept wasteland along the sea, where previously only able to grow thorny steppe bushes now grow beautiful residential complexes. The most densely underway between the bays Kamyshovaya and Omega, which implement major projects a number of prominent companies. <br /><br />In this area, began construction of residential complex "Acropolis", which in addition to the four 9-storey residential buildings, will include cottages, townhouses, as well as the development of services. Near the bay Omega is also building 250-unit residential complex "Omega-elites", which is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2009. Rapid activity is noted as in the 5 th district of Sevastopol (here, a project 636-apartment residential quarter), in the area Kamyshovskogo highway. Undoubtedly, Sevastopol in the coming years will grow in the direction of Cape Fiolent and in the Kamyshovskogo highway will appear new neighborhoods, the highway very well, and lose the status of "bypass route". There appear and supermarkets, and entertainment complexes. Near the center of the city most heavily built over hills in the area of the hotel "Crimea" - between the center of the city and suburban ravine. <br /><br />Speaking about the prospects for housing in Sebastopol, one can note the presence of 6 residential projects, whose implementation started in 2008, as well as resource availability within the boundaries of Sebastopol for more than 20 plots of land acquired at land auctions or fixed in direct sales in 2007 year, with target designation, allowing them to build housing facilities. <br /><br />Considerable part of buyers of new housing in Sebastopol are residents of other regions of Ukraine, as well as guests from Russia and abroad. <br /><br /><strong>Change in prices in the housing market in Sebastopol October 2009 </strong><br />In Octoder, index of the housing cost is at around 1080 $ / sq.m. <br />September did not bring long-awaited recovery in the Sebastopol real estate market - the number of sales transactions is minimal. Terms of mortgage lending, the availability of which directly affects the sales before the end of the year did not significantly improve. Purchase of houses currently several risky, so the majority of owners prefer to rent their facilities to the minimum wage. <br /><br />Due to low demand, prices for secondary housing in Sevastopol will continue to gradually decline. <br /><br />Demand for rental accommodation has fallen by nearly half <br />Meanwhile, in the last two or three years, the demand for trading platforms in Sevastopol grew at 40-50% annually, respectively, the rapidly growing prices of their lease. The situation changed dramatically in the last six months - according to analysts of local real estate companies, the demand for trading platforms fell by 45%. The most cost reductions downtown, where prices for rental of premises were initially higher. Thus, in the Leninsky district Gagarinsky and prices dropped by 48-50%. If the spring of 2008 rental rates averaged $ 45/kv. m, then in April this year, you can remove the space at 100 UAH / sq. m. <br />According rielttorov, it is in the center of the city for the majority of vacant retail space, as tenants increasingly are moving to the suburbs, where rental rates below. For example, placement in Nakhimovskom area fell 40%, and now they can be removed at a price of 75 UAH / sq. <br />Improvement can be expected in the summer - the influx of vacationers will boost sales, but in the autumn decline in consumer activity continues, and the falling price of the premises could reach 70%. <br /><br /><br /><strong>Hotel and Resort Real Estate </strong><br /><br />Sevastopol is increasingly asserting itself as a center of tourism - especially historical memorial. Over 2000 monuments of history, culture, archeology and nature in our city attracts visitors from all over the world. It's no secret that tourists get acquainted with the city begins with the hotel. From the quality of guest services depends largely on the impression that the guest of Sevastopol make a trip to our city. A study in 2007 a market study of recreational services recorded 73 Sebastopol facility, positioned as a hotel, guest house or a recreational complex. The largest of these are hotels and boarding houses, built during the Soviet era. Some of them have already passed the reconstruction and really meet the alleged "stars", while others continue to maintain the level of service the last century. Main chas hotel real estate, built over the past decade, constitute a mini-hotels and guesthouses. Previously, most of them on the level of service rarely exceeded the category of "2 stars", but today an increasing number of interesting projects that can offer its customers the rest on "three-star" level. However, often a low level of service in hotels is also a "merit" tourists themselves. In summer the demand for housing far outstrips supply, and in August, which accounts for the main influx of vacationers, the demand for a room near the sea so high that tourists are willing to settle anywhere - if only the walls were bunk. " <br /><br />Accordingly, on the Crimean peninsula above the profitability of hotel projects - so that the market for hotel real estate Sevastopol has great potential for development. Today in the Sevastopol region constructed two large hotel complex, the construction of four more scheduled to begin in the next two years. It is expected that by 2010, will appear in Sevastopol new hotel complexes in capacity from 300 to 600 seats, which will meet the requirements of the "four" and even "five stars". According to local investment companies, the payback period of investment in major hotel projects in Sevastopol is 7-10 years, depending on mestaraspolozheniya. <br /><br /><br /><strong>Cottage settlements </strong><br /><br /><br />In 2007 the city became one of the leading positions on the pace of construction of cottage settlements in the Crimea. Of the 14 under construction and 6 designed cottage poslkovedinoy concept in Crimea 5 under construction and 3 are preparing to build in our city. The high cost of land on the southern coast of Crimea (30 thousand USD per sq.m. now is not the limit) and the almost complete absence of free land from the sea make Sevastopol very attractive for the construction of luxury housing. The most attractive for the construction of cottage settlements area of the city was the Omega Bay, where in the next few years will unfold the construction of three villa communities. Work is underway on the construction of a cottage pselka Street Melnick Nakhimovskom in the area. Up to 2010 appears cottage village near Balaklava. <br /><br /><br />Despite the crisis, in Sevastopol in the International Center recreation facilities for young "Star Beach" is an active construction of townhouses and detached houses four types. <br />International Center for recreation facilities for young "Star Beach" - is a large-scale tourist center, located in p.Orlovka, ready to take more than 1500 people on vacation. <br />By the middle of this summer's first investors moved to rest in their homes at the shore of the Black Sea near the village Orlovka 20 kilometers from Sevastopol. "Star Beach" became known worldwide not only because of its beautiful nature. Most famous for the International Center brought the rest of youth, has become a traditional international festival "Star Beach" (from 2006), which held an international competition "Songs of the Sea", held in the "Star Beach" in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Today the management of the center has already begun preparations for the fourth festival in 2010, which, like the previous will involve not only the young performers from many countries, but also recognized the star of Russia and the Ukrainian stage. It was here that will be built summer theater, which will give odds and Yalta and Jurmala. <br />Infrastructure Center "Star Beach" - modern stone cottages; o one and two-storey buildings; <br />The territory MTSOM "Star Beach" are: <br />modern dance floor, can welcome for 8000 thousand people, with two bars and a concert stage, ensure a strong sound and light equipment; bar on the beach, shop, long-distance telephone booth, open area for activities.<br /><br /><br /><br /> </div>
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