Sevastopol authorities announced land auction

26.02.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Sevastopol authorities announced land auction In April, Sevastopol held an auction for the sale of 14 land plots with total area of ??22.31 hectares and a starting price of nearly 78.7 million USD., Of which ten are exhibited for the first time, and four more are offered to buyers again. Especially attractive among the fresh lots in the Crimean company Koneks-Consult consider four adjoining allotment at Cape Fiolent, which are intended for the construction of recreational facilities. "They can be bought separately or together. They are located on a cliff near the sea not far from housing estates, where the secondary market of land worth about $ 7 thousand / hectare. There is electricity and water, will soon fail gas. The only drawback - the lack of descent to the water. If an investor to invest in equipment or the cable car lift, the areas immediately to rise in two or three times ", - said in an interview with" DC "Head of Commercial Real Estate LLC Koneks-Consult Vadim Kiriyenko, adding that Fiolent ideally it would be to erect cottage. The local administration has exposed an area of ??plots 2, 3, 4 and 5 hectares of slightly more than $ 2.2 thousand / weaving - for the 2.23, 3.38, 4.51 and 5.59 million USD. respectively (excluding VAT). "I am confident that buyers will show the greatest interest is in these lots. Their disadvantage is only the presence of a number of private buildings, which will affect the specific characteristics and hinder the development of infrastructure ", - added the independent expert Victoria Svetkova. Six of the exposed to the March auction sites are designed for construction of warehouses. The most successful, Ms. Svetkova says 0.9 and 1.35 ha Fiolentovskom highway near the plant reinforced concrete, the starting price of which is 878.6 thous. ($ 1.95 thousand / weaving) and over 1 million USD. ($ 1.58 thousand / weaving). "Request for Fiolent very convenient for transportation of goods and their storage. However, the area of ??small holdings, so the class of storage space is not very high, " she specified. According to Vadim Kiriyenko, the market value of land under the stores in the area ranges from $ 3 - 4 thousand / hectare. Quite attractive for the facility location logistics experts say 1.5 ha in Kamyshovaya Bay, which are offered for 815 thousand UAH., Or $ 1 thousand / weaving, while the secondary housing allotments in this area are sold an average of $ 4 thousand / hectare. "Reed bay area close to the Omega. Nearby are numerous shops and markets, so the need for warehouse space is obvious. The size of the area will help build an object of high category "- believes Victoria Svetkova. And in "Koneks-Consult to its added advantages of proximity to the highway, railroad and seaport. "However, the plot is not a facade and entrance to it is not very convenient," - stated Mr Kiriyenko. At the reed road for the construction of commercial and warehouse complex that can be purchased 27 hectare with a starting price of 601.8 thous. ($ 4.45 thousand / weaving). "The fact is the market value for which there are enough offers on the secondary housing. Therefore, buyers at the last auction did not show interest in the lot "- says the analyst, adding that it also did not put on a facade, besides the obvious drawback is its small size. Another 0.8 hectares for logistics facilities offered in 5-kilometer highway Balaklava (1.065 million USD., Or about $ 2.66 thousand / weaving), where the land is resold for $ 3.4 thousand / hectare. "There is no entrance, although the track is very close. Nearby is the urban clothing market ", - specify in" Koneks-Consult. Again put up for auction portion of the same size on Fiolentovskom Highway (near hydro Institute). City officials expect to gain for a minimum of 796 thousand UAH. (Almost $ 2 thousand / weaving), but realtors say it is not entirely successful because of the irregular shape and abundance of utilities. Auction organizers insist that potential buyers are interested in an allotment area of ??approximately 1.4 hectares in the developing area of ??the omega-2, in which local authorities want to see high-rises. Its initial cost - more than 4.4 million USD., Or $ 6.4 thousand / weaving, while the market may reach $ 20 thousand "The experience of the previous trading can be said that the land in this area is in high demand and selling price will be considerably above the start. There have already built new homes, "- says Vadim Kiriyenko. At the same time, experts predict a low interest of buyers to 1.14 hectares (2.2 million USD., Or $ 3.9 thousand / weaving) on ??the street near Gorpischenko garden community "Dergachi. "There's an awkward road junction and recurring congestion. Under the general plan of city development in this area should pave the road, but when it is not known. In addition, the site is located far from the sea, which is also not the best way affects its investment attractiveness "- says the company" Koneks-Consult. Re-auctioned 1.5 weave a shop or household enterprises in the street Michael, 19, in the northern part of town. Their starting price is 35.1 ths. ($ 4.7 thousand / weaving). "This lot is priced expensively. It is not excluded that it might not find its owner, the more so in this residential neighborhood shopping centers and so much ", - says Vadim Kiriyenko. But the 16 hectare outdoor Gen. Miller, according to the "Koneks-Consult, is to haggle. "He put on the outskirts of the city in Yalta direction adjacent to the road, but there are a number of private homes. I am sure that his intended purpose - the construction of social facilities - to pick up well ", - said Mr. Kiriyenko. This item has been local authorities estimated at 366 thousand UAH. (More than $ 4.7 thousand / weaving), which corresponds to its market value.

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