Sergey Zhukov found an apartment of their dreams

Articles about real estate | Sergey Zhukov found an apartment of their dreams <div style="text-align: justify;"><b><font size="4"> </font></b></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Sergei, you live in Moscow for 14 years. Remember your first apartment? The area entrance. As matters stood with removable flat?</strong><br />Of course, I remember! The first two or three years we lived in the apartment of a friend, it was a street Musa Jalil, Metro Krasnogvardejskaya. The outermost region, there could be. On the flat, by and large, many related, because it was, as is now commonly called "pull-hut": when you fall asleep with a composition of tenants, and you wake up, and there are 8 people. Who are they and where - it is not clear. In the end, it turns out that each club had met with the guys, and they gave us will live. So it was some crazy war, then some girls, it is unclear ravers. In general, it was very fun.<br /><br /><strong>What difficulties have you encountered when he moved from Dimitrovgrad to Moscow?</strong><br /><div style="text-align: justify;"><img height="225" width="150" style="margin: 5px 0px 0px 10px; float: right;" alt="Сергей Жуков" src="/files/50/jukov.jpg" /></div> The fact is that the difficulties I encountered even before he moved to Moscow. From home, I went in 17 years, and then did not return. First I went to Samara, went to college. The saga with all the rented apartments and condominiums opened there. Then it was Togliatti, where we stayed for the same thing: spending the night in DC and have friends, swap rooms. In recent years we lived in a dorm room in a family type. There, between the first and second floor was little room cleaners, with shower, littered with all sorts of rags and mops. Year Lesha we lived there, put a small sofa, brought the box, an electric hot plate. It was very fun, especially when brought there girls. Romantically all vedesh her nooks and crannies, arguments, and ... there is such a horror.<br />So when they decided to go to Moscow, we all knew, were with what will have to face, and were ready for this. The only difficulty we encountered already in Moscow - it did not work in the quarry, with creativity. When you do not have a penny, you hungry, that's the difficulty. Most wanted to call my mother to say that back. She, of course, replied: "Your room is empty, come, eat, drink, walk all that you want." The truth would have to go to work in a factory that once sobering and home wanted less. They wanted to still have its own. All the difficulties are surmountable.<br /><br /><strong>Tell us about your current housing: how many rooms in it, in which it is the area?</strong><br />Again I live in a rented apartment, as for many years. We omit the sad story of my biography, which, in general, I was all: the flat, two suburban homes and so on. All this had to be successfully divided in a divorce, or rather, to give, so I'm 4 years ago he started from scratch. Own apartment, bought only a year ago. Since it now stands and waits for final delivery at home, the documents in it, nothing happens. The apartment is excellent, the one about which I dreamed all my life. But until I have to live in a rented.<br />By buying an apartment, I went up substantially. My wife wanted us to have panoramic stage, a lot of light and windows - ideal for floor to ceiling. It was to be an unusual flat. Unfortunately, we have such houses, one, two and obchelsya, and prices are from $ 2 million.<br />Once, I was driving on Nakhimovskom Avenue near the present house and saw the construction site. It was painted the final layout of the house. I immediately got on the site, saw all the models. I was delighted. Arrived back at the building site and asked to see everything. Regina (husband) came with me and went up to a pregnant 14-foot floor, to see - without it the decision I would not take it. When we went into the alleged apartment, everything became clear: windows on three sides of the house, everything is fully glazed from beginning to end, then what we dreamed. Flats can be called a pent-house, because this is the last floor, corner apartment, 145 meters.<br /><br /><strong>You used the services of a designer or to repair themselves?</strong><br />The design we have zadumok billion. We immediately turned to good friends - designers who are doing magnificent work. But then he heard how much it costs, and decided that since we do not want: when you ask for repairs to 400 thousand dollars, easier to buy 50 apartments in Dimitrovgrad, or something else. At the moment we pulled the whole thing, waiting for delivery at home. But when everything is ready, I will gradually make and repair. It's no secret that you can buy a sofa for 50 thousand euro, and can order his excellent craftsmen, but for 2 thousand. It seems to me foolish to go to the company, where you all over and just took the money. In neighboring store it all in two times cheaper. Same thing with repair: you can do with gold, cabinets with carvings and so on, and I prefer minimalism. Will simply clean the walls, a minimum of furniture ...<strong><br /><br />What kind of furniture you choose to furnish your house?</strong></div><div style="text-align: justify;"> </div> <div style="text-align: justify;"> </div>Of course, I have not bought furniture in the new apartment. If we talk about the past, I always bought everything and they were all completely different stories. For example, I arrived at the rented apartment, the owner said: "Well there is, all there is." And I look, and clearly lacks the sofa. There is a table with chairs, bar counter, but no sofa. I think I'll go and buy them. He came into the store, which was right next to the apartment on Kakhovka long gone. However, I do not like pretentiousness a la Baroque. Consultant approached me and asked: "Sergey, and what you need? I replied that I wanted a soft and comfortable sofa. He leads me and shows the soft snow-white leather sofa and two armchairs. I began to refuse: the price is very high. The consultant suggested: "You just sit down, and this solved all your choices. I think, well, of course, will be decided, aha. Sel. Said to himself, swear words, expressing my delight, and immediately gave the driver the car keys, went home for the money, but he remained seated and wait. This is my favorite couch so far. Everyone who comes to visit, sit down and nothing but the excitement can not express. Now, unfortunately, he was in the garage: a new apartment and it was so much furniture, but I awl to soap - stupid. But I'm sure it'll get somewhere.<br /><br /><strong>Kitchen is a holy place in the house?</strong><br />Kitchen - this is generally the only place in the house where I live. And not because I eat there, but because I was there rabotayu.Vo all the houses where I lived was always room. Believe me, in our time have the cabinet - unaffordable luxury: imagine, in order to check the mail, I have come to his office ... Wrong it somehow. Cabinet acceptable in the house where the 500 meters, where a lot of space. The apartments I cabinets altered by children: the eldest daughter came to spend the night, came to the parents. Not in the office as they obscure the bed. When the new apartment I once painted a room, I immediately refused.<br />My whole existence of the house ends in the same place - the kitchen and table. On this table is my laptop, notebook wives, we come from different places, sit, pour tea and work. And this does not have to go into the office. And in the bedroom you are going to plunk and sleep. Bedroom - this is another unnecessary place in my understanding. People vbuhivayut huge money in the bedroom, then show it to everyone: that's such a bed, chest of drawers now, here's something else. But at the same time, how much time you spend in the bedroom? Maximum night from 2 to 9 in the morning. If you have a child, then you live in a furious pace all the time, including at night: lay-lay-rose-rose. Therefore, in the new bedroom will be only the minimalism: a huge bed and all! Dressing room must be separate. So the kitchen is the only place in the house where you are most of the time.<br /><strong><br />What details in the interior cause you delight and admiration?</strong><br />I have already said that I love minimal. I was recently very much - I want to use it in my new apartment - the so-called system of "islands": in the middle of the room is pretty big pedestal, from which then, convertibles, there is everything else: stove, range hood, and so on. Do not clutter up the space, do not do extra wiring. Then again, it all turns into a beautiful, modernistic furniture. I've always been tempted by what is hidden. Over the years, the lives of the procedure simply being with all the cabinets with statuettes, awards. Understand one thing: when I move into a new apartment, it will not take it all with you. This must be in a country house to have a special trophy room, where people get into all ahayut, and watch each consider diplomchik. And in this apartment, I want nothing was on the shelves. It's all dust collectors. And this system of so-called islands - just saved. I really like all these new stoves and grills, which are hidden. Imagine how much space is saved.<br /><br /><strong>The house is full of laughter and love?</strong><br />This is certainly yes. I think that at the moment, while we wait, when it will be possible to drop into his apartment, you feel some discomfort. In the current flat I would have done much in quite a different way: to get rid of those awful columns, removed the second ceiling, which make the room already and below. But, again, had to endure, because you - the hostage situation. To his family wants something different. For example, if you do baby, the first cradles, cribs, but then a man should have his normal bed, not to toy with pink elephants, but normal. It must be stylish and beautiful. I want the nursery, where there will be a wall, which will be nice to write something, say, Latin. Should be very stylish. All this will be in soft colors, of course. But there will still be a sofa, for my grandmother. None of this somehow does not think. But then came a man, you have to settle somewhere, and that is not constantly running to the child. It will not even children, and another bedroom. And if the third child is born? And how will you? It is necessary to advance to think about it.<br /><strong>Walk-in closet has a lot of places?</strong><br />Thankfully, there are in the apartment where we live in a dressing room. In others, it was not. And it was so awful: I did one closet, then a second, mirror. Must also somewhere to store clothing, costumes. But even here the crowded dressing room under the ground, the T-shirt that some one found from the 200 is simply unrealistic. But in the new apartment has all the normal: 30 meters, I think - great dressing room.<div style="text-align: justify;"> </div><div style="text-align: justify;"> </div>
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