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07.10.2010 14:40
Articles about real estate | Sequestered comfort Any of us who chooses the next place of residence (in or out of aisles) are always looking for a comfortable habitat. In this case, some prefer the wooden house, while others - brick cottage with a fireplace in the living room, and others - a mansion in the Empire style, erected behind the high fence. And in this case it does not matter whether there is a cottage-sports center with swimming pool and tennis court, because everything you need for morning or afternoon workout in the house with columns. Then what do realtors offer to potential buyers when they say that in the settlement created "a comfortable living environment?

Director of marketing investment and construction holding Rodex Group Armen Markosian cchitaetsya that today's market there is no clear criteria for the concept of "comfortable living environment." "It so happened that each developer is these criteria, their own - despite the fact that many people use in advertising the phrase" comfortable setting. "But in reality, not all offer something more than the standard gated development with a high fence and CAT . Nevertheless, major market participants, including ourselves, are investing in this term several components: the village should be located in an affluent in terms of environmental area, as it should be developed infrastructure, at least - play areas for children, playgrounds, grocery store, restaurant and guest parking. It is also necessary quality internal landscaping areas. It is up to the saturation level of infrastructure design and landscape solutions depends directly on the comfort of its inhabitants "- says Armen Markosian.

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Sometimes to create a special atmosphere in the village of developers - which should immediately make a reservation, quite a bit - go beyond the banal build a cafe and parking lots, and build something special. Thus, the same holding Rodex Group in their village "Perelisky on Novorizhskoye highway building their own brewery and bakery, so that all owners of houses in the village was always fragrant homemade bread and to drink home brewed beer.

But do not forget that the creation of comfort - task-sided: "correctness" of its solution depends on both the developers and from future residents. "To create this feeling -" my home "- a reference not only to land and houses, which became a buyer, but in general to the very village, many developers create incentives for future residents - said Olga Wagner, managing director of the cottage settlement" Westphalia " . - for example, help them discover their own mini-business (the same bakery or coffee shop) and to become tenants or owners of the areas of infrastructure facilities. "

Certainly, the notion of "comfortable living environment" is a natural component of the settlement. The big plus is the presence of forest with walking areas and natural reservoirs. "In the absence of recent developer resorting to costly landscaping work on gardening territory, creation of artificial ponds and park areas - adds Jeanne Lebedev, head of the country real estate company WELHOME. - As an example, include such towns as "Residences Monolith", "Millennium Park" and others. Developers have made sure that the villagers had to walk where the children and spend time near the water, ride on a boat, swim, fish. Also an important component in the organization comfortable environment, we believe the position of the developer to build gated communities (the choice of the villagers). For example, there is in Moscow, one prominent builder, who is carefully studying the candidacy of each applicant to buy a house, and in case of negative information about a potential buyer, denying him the opportunity to live in his village. "

The economic crisis has made significant adjustments to create a comfortable environment, more precisely, its sequestered. About 20% of developers who have their projects before the crisis, have reduced the comfort of the environment to a minimum. Someone left only a fence, checkpoints and basic communications. Others did not deprive future residents all the benefits of civilization and descended to the organization of a small store in the entry group. Most of the developers, specializing in the construction of settlements of the categories of "business" and "elites" (in which both time and erecting large-scale restaurants, shops and sports facilities), preserved in the concept of their villages declared infrastructure, but suffered terms of construction, and the released funds sent to the early connection of communications and construction of houses. But in the new projects are likely to infrastructure will be minimal. Yes, and themselves these two categories of settlements in recent years appears not so much.

"The crisis in the housing market visibly restrain enthusiasm of developers, and from many of the conceived in terms of infrastructure, they had to give up, - says Natalya Belova, head of the office of" Warsaw "Department of suburban real estate company" Incom-Real Estate. - But it was sports and playgrounds, and recreation areas - the minimum amount of infrastructure that is needed in any organized township. Another element of the internal infrastructure, which severely affected by the crisis, were guest parking, which began to stand outside the village and placed before the entry team. "

In the first stage of any project the construction of infrastructure falls on the shoulders of developers. It is only later, as the purchase of houses, the price per square meter are laid and the cost of standing next to all the benefits of civilization, the developer will get good value for the effort. And until he can count only on their own "power" - more precisely, the funds. "The initial sales developers tend to build the required facilities free of internal infrastructure - says Olga Wagner. - First of all, playgrounds, PPC, fencing around the perimeter of the village, the fence between the plots. Let it be, since such nuances stimulate sales and give the buyer a sense of "life" in the village. When sales decline, then spent on infrastructure funds will be returned to the developer for a long time that during turbulent economic times could face ruin. Therefore, the developer is easier not to risk and be content with little. "And the potential buyer is more economical and legible: today he would rather pay for a swimming pool and a shop near by. Especially when you consider what you would pay no one-time fee at the time of home purchase: the average" comfortable environment "increases the cost of object at 30% or more compared to similar offerings without it, and then another, throughout his life "sucks" from users of the funds through utility payments. "The spread of home prices in towns with infrastructure is large enough - add Armen Markosian. - In some cases, the "comfort" may add about 10%, but somewhere, and all 100% of the cost base of the village. It all depends on the quantity and quality of infrastructure facilities, depth study of the concept of the project, conducted by the developer works on landscaping and gardening. At the same time increase the selling price is not directly proportional to the cost of infrastructure projects, but depends on its purpose and appeal to potential customers. "

The richer the infrastructure, the higher the class settlement and, accordingly, the higher the price. Except in the market, perhaps, is the only village "Silver Horseshoe, located 15 km to Simferopol highway. "Here we propose a land without a contract at a price of 3.1 million rubles., - Said Natalia Belova. - The minimum set of infrastructure complemented shop, cafe, children's center, a boat station and the beach. For comparison: the average price of a home with a plot in the villages of business class with a similar set of infrastructure is 14 million rubles.

But, whatever you say, the positive side of the crisis is still there. He forced the developers care more about customers. Luring an infinite variety of infrastructure, the sellers ultimately doomed inhabitants "vysokokomfortnyh settlements" in the future to pay considerable money for the operation of these pools and tennis courts, regardless of whether the person visits them or not. In the end most of the population of many villages refused to pay for infrastructure and paid for the construction of the money was actually "wasted". "If an expensive settlement operation of certain infrastructure can still be achieved by the substantial costs of tenants to stay, - says Elena Pervakov, managing partner of Soho Estate" - that in the villages of lower price of it will scare away customers and "freeze" the sale . It should also be remembered that during the construction of a small town investors have no opportunity to build a good infrastructure as a cost of customer rates will be too high, or infrastructural facilities would be unprofitable. "

At the same time we should not forget that the crisis passes, as opposed to the desire to live in comfortable surroundings. There will always be those for whom the mandatory stay in luxury or simply a high-profile settlement will be the presence of a well-developed infrastructure - regardless of its price. And there are always developers, even in crisis ready to take risks and create true comfort, not sekvestiruya it.

"Certainly, there are a number of people for whom and in a hut paradise" who love solitude and detachment from civilization - sums Armen Markosian. - But for the majority of our clients' comfort - both physical and psychological - is impossible without the infrastructure and All the usual benefits. This is a key skill developer not only provide the client with more or less standard set from the store, parking and, possibly, pharmacy, but also add to that extra-comfortable lifestyle - some unconventional moves that will interest the customer and will ask the tone of life in the village. "

The same developers, who today do not risk getting involved in infrastructure construction, but the dream of active sales, worth going for a very simple way. For example, venturing building next to the ready-made villages with developed infrastructure. In this case, you can try to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, new tenants will be provided with all necessary, on the other hand - the old town will receive additional financial injections in the form of user fees nesekvestirovannymi swimming pools, tennis courts, cafes and shops.
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