September 21 in Lviv will land auction

31.08.2010 07:10
Articles about real estate | September 21 in Lviv will land auction September 21 in Lviv, held an auction to sell 14 plots of communal property with total area of 28.3 hectares and a total starting price of over 1 billion USD. Which are intended for residential, industrial and commercial facilities.

Only three wore the first time offered to buyers, and other city leaders have repeatedly tried to sell by auction, but did not find new owners for them, writes Business Capital.

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Lviv authorities have decided to refresh the list of sites to be privatized in a competitive footing. At the next auction buyers will be offered not only 11 lots that the city can not sell for a long time, but three new items. Among them, two allotment for construction vehicles or industrial plants along the street in the northern industrial zone Signivka area of 3,9 and 2,7 hectares.

Their starting price is 5.7 million and 4 million USD. respectively, and the minimum sale price - 7.6 million and 5.3 million USD. The same designation is set for 7.7 hectares at the intersection of the now existing, but projected the streets of the Land and Melezha in north-eastern industrial zone of the city. Starting price of the lot - 17,2 million UAH.

Similar proposals in the secondary market, the regional center are rare. In addition, local officials have prepared in advance all the necessary documentation to the ground, eliminating potential owners from having to spend time and money on bureaucratic procedures. For example, on a plot in the industrial area Riasne that Lions have sold at auction in the spring, winning company could begin construction within a week after signing the purchase contract with the City.

Among the proposals stale, there are two grounds for industrial construction (on the street. Kovel and Ryashevskoy) with a minimum sale price of 25,3 thousand UAH. for a hundred, while the other nine are for construction of residential or public facilities (165.3 USD / weaving). In the municipality of predicting which of them the best chance of a change in ownership of parcels along the street Kulparkovskoy where are 4 and 2 hectares with a minimum sale price of 28.5 million and 15.4 million UAH. respectively, as well as a 15 hectare on the street Stryy (1 million USD.). Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until September 19. The amount of guarantee fee of 15% from the starting price of the lot.

As reported by "DS" in the management of natural resources and land ownership of the City Council for six months of this year was sold eight municipal areas to 16,2 million UAH. Two of them went under the hammer, to boost the coffers at 9.4 million USD. And six other area of 1.65 hectares of privatized under real estate, whose owners paid the city of 6.8 million USD.

At the stage of registration of a notarial are three sale and purchase agreement of land amounting to 15.6 million UAH. Until the end of this year will be put up for sale seven new parcels, three of which area of 2.5 hectares and a total cost of 17.7 million UAH. intended for the construction of shopping centers, and four (28.6 hectare for 2.7 million USD.) Local authorities want to see a private estate. These lots will be offered to buyers in October and November.

Planned budget revenues from the sale of land in Lviv for the current year is 86,6 million UAH. In 2009, the local treasury under this revenue up by 9.7 million UAH.

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