Sentenced a gang of black realtors

28.12.2010 16:52
Omsk regional court has sentenced a criminal group. Posing as the bailiffs, the fraudsters were taken apartments at the socially disadvantaged citizens.

A gang of nine Realtors led ohmic Igor Ryzhankova up to something with real estate over the past three years. Speculators were looking for an apartment with huge debts for public utilities and started to "treat customers." They came to the defaulters under the guise of inspectors, energy conservation or management company and demanded immediate pay on receipt. Otherwise, promised to sue for eviction. Then connected to the case, bailiffs, whose role is also performed dressed crooks.

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They acted very convincingly. Explained to employers that they have remained one way not to lose the roof over your head. Swap my apartment for less with payment and arrears. Homeowners - usually single pensioners, the disabled and abusing alcohol agrees to the deal. Realtors told them the beautiful landscaped home in clean areas of the region, and even showed photographs were taken on a tour which shows the actual real mansion.

- With the help of a notary, who "turned a blind eye" to questionable transaction, the fraudsters to draw up documents on the sale of real estate, - the "RG" Senior Assistant Prosecutor of the Omsk region Anton Chernyshov. - The money members of the criminal group was partitioned between them.

However, the promised houses in the village in fact been abandoned shacks, unsuitable for habitation. Among the papers meant that the latter-day owners do not voluntarily acquired soundly apartment with heating and dilapidated hut on the edge of the village. A luxury real estate agents and teams of bailiffs do not actually exist.

- Total number of fraud actions hit more than 50 residents. The total damage amounted to more than 16 million - said a senior prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region, Alexander Maslov.

Law enforcement authorities went on the trail of crooks out soon enough. All documents are black realtors made out through a notary. However, "negligence" the lawyer was punished too soft - the court has deprived of its right to hold office only for three years.

But members of the group received real time. Gang leader Igor Ryzhankova imprisoned for 9 and 5 years. His accomplices, in turn, will hold a colony of 5 to 8 years. However, affected by their activities Omsk will never be able to return to their apartments, which were resold at a chain bona fide purchasers.
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