Sellers of real estate offer generous bonuses

14.06.2011 12:30
Articles about real estate | Sellers of real estate offer generous bonuses On the eve of summer vacation sale housing bonuses gaining momentum. On the day of the expected apocalypse major metropolitan player decided to divert customers from dark thoughts and launched the campaign "Buy an apartment - iPad a gift."

Fashionable Gadget got buyers of apartments in seven sites NDV. Extra time to think the seller to the buyer did not leave. Any apartment had to take 21 to 22 May. Contract to buy an apartment with the buyer - it is not two days, and pevonachalny fee of not less than 10% is paid by customers shares before the end of May. Fulfilling all the conditions, the customer drives up to the central office and exchanges a coupon for iPad.

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However, a May event had a gadget is corrupt success. The exact number of sold apartments in an exclusive interview said CEO of NDV-estate "Alexander crystal. As of yesterday, on the shares closed 65 transactions. And it's not all, of a number of transactions - for dooformlenii. The final figure donated to the expectations of customers aypedov Khrustaleva could reach 170. And this for two days.

The price for "Buy an apartment - iPad as a gift" NDV tested at its facility in the district Tsaritsyno. Its results are so impressed with the vendors that share extended several times. "We value our customers and try to meet their needs. Due to numerous requests the action was extended to other new developments of our company ", - explained the crystal. It turns out that customers are not willing to buy an apartment without a trendy gadget.

Free cheese

"To put unrealistic deadlines - not a good idea, - said the president« Century21 Russia "Nuri Katz. - Buying an apartment - it is not impulse buying, it's not about bubble-gum at the cash register at the supermarket. People for months and even years to mature to decide on what whatever real estate transactions. This applies especially to those who plan to borrow or use the installment plan - such clients certainly do not have time to get credit for one day or to arrange an alternative transaction involving the existing housing. Having missed an interesting proposal, they will feel only frustration. Those who can afford to lay out a large sum at once, is unlikely to deceive opportunity to receive a gift of something unimportant. "

All of the surveyed players for obvious reasons, do not believe that the iPad can serve as a real incentive for the purchase of real estate: too large spread between the price of the gadget and the value of the property. They are hard to imagine a person who chooses real estate price in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the gadget, worth thousands of times smaller.

"What idiot would buy an apartment, tempted by free aypedom!" - Reflects on buyers representative NorrlandNovayaRiga Catherine Antoshkina.

In her opinion, the authors of such shares does not amuse themselves with illusions. "They understand that 99% of clients - appropriate people know how to count their money. But these buyers be surprised that some apparently abnormal sellers are counting on the success of the action with aypedom. At this very surprising and expect clever marketers. They understand that in our time of excess advertising information people almost do not notice it. " To break through the dense information noise, you need a loud surprise. Discounted shares, in the opinion of experts NorrlandNovayaRiga, - the most effective approach to the real estate market. "We do not want from people idiots and realize that they can count" - outraged Catherine Antoshkina, so its customers her company does not offer a "no iPhone, no teddy bears or the Ferrari, after all understand that these bonuses at the expense of customer .

"All things being equal, the buyer would prefer a discount of gifts, - the representative VillagioEstate Anton Gololobov (send your comment to the iPad). - This confirms the experience of numerous marketing initiatives: offering the customer a gift for a certain amount, or rebate, which is comparable to the cost of options. " There are examples where the present meets the customers' lifestyle, but this characteristic more expensive properties. For example, a couple of years ago, employees were given VillagioEstate buyers luxury homes electric cars, but this action was entirely utilitarian and focused on the conservation ecology of settlements. But in most cases, particularly in economy class, the client will definitely opt for a discount.

"Buy a flat and get iPad, certainly better than simply buying an apartment - believes CEO GalaxyGroup Eugene Strauch. However, experts doubt that NDV can attract buyers present, the price of which is only a percent of the purchase price. These customers can bring only greater share: reducing the cost per square meter, the discount for the purchase of parking when you buy an apartment.

Due to the small bonus, the price is less than 0,5-1% of the value of the apartment, mass market will not occur - is confident chief marketing officer of the company Etalon-Invest "Irina Chernikova. - Buying an apartment - a serious investment, and before the deal, the average buyer will look at and analyze various offers, discounts and promotions companies. In the end, he chooses the proposal which it considers more favorable. "

Since buyers are attracted substantial discounts and bonuses, savings investments, which they can use at their discretion, the most successful marketing actions, in terms of a substantial increase in demand, experts have called for a parking place, a room or finishing a gift. "

In the sales growth at the expense of people rushed to buy "an apartment for iPad», doubts, and chief editor of "Commercial Director" Alain Shevchenko. Despite the many spectacular and attention-grabbing actions, actually increases sales, with her words - there was no, "because there is no precise information about the effect, because it was such a giving and represents one of the most important marketing secrets every business."

No doubt about the effectiveness of stock NDV managing sales of LCD "Olympic Village Novogorsk Dmitry Kotrovsky," because not only do they attract the attention of buyers to the draft, but did affect the level of sales. "

"If the iPad of NDV - just a gift (without promo) applications, the part of the company is short-sighted", - the deputy director of companies "GUTA-development" Anna Mironova, adding that «iPad which contains information about objects of a company or set application with information about the developers, it becomes another tool in the comprehensive promotion of the property. " Chapter NDV confirmed, that front page donated by iPad begins with a presentation of the house in which a customer bought a house.

"A good apartment seems to correspond to a fashionable, high quality product from Apple, - noted the successful marketing concept NDV Development Director Denis BluestoneGroup Truschenko .- builds associative array - from good to good" plus to this - Freestuff gifts is always positive to the image of any companies, particularly in Russia. "

The main thing in this marketing - not "overreact". According to Nuri Katz, disproportionately cheap gift though and will attract attention, risks triggering a rapid and rather negative discussion. "If you're not a pop star, whose scandals have only a hand, and the builder, realtor or mortgage lender, the glory, based on the negative - not the best thing that could happen to you" - said the president «Century21 Russia."
bonus for an apartment from "Barkley" customers were promised a baseball cap
Generosity proposals fascinated: a bonus for an apartment from "Barkley" customers were promised a baseball cap. She looks like remaining a mystery.

Generosity proposals fascinated: a bonus for an apartment from "Barkley" customers were promised a baseball cap. Looks like - remained a mystery.


According to the director of the company " Maxim Kornev, NDV stock was designed to« wow-effect of word of mouth. " As remarked Anna Mironova "separate development companies are promoting their sites almost entirely through the action, finishing one and starting another." Most respondents note that such actions are not directed at encouraging buyers, and to generate news about the project, and NDV replicates become classics share "Buy an apartment, get a baseball cap."

During a promotion six-year-old apartment in LCD Monomakh diverged as pies, but no one beysbloki buyer never saw. The reason is simple. No baseball caps from "Barkley", according to its chairman, Leonid Kazinets just was not there. This sensational action remembered Nuri Katz. He knows how to campaign affected sales, but "lack of seriousness gift spawned a wave of discussion about the company, it has conducted, remember all is still." The player connects the success of the action with the fact that she was the first of its kind.

Nuri Katz noted the success of the shares of the corporation, "Berkeley", objects which implements its franchisees Century21 MasterRealty. Gift for buyers of apartments in the complex class DeLuxe «Barkley Plaza had an apartment in the LCD business class" Priority ". According to the player, "compliment" on a par with the purchase. Organizers of the rally proceeded from the fact that buyers of elite real estate is difficult to surprise, therefore, as a gift made flat business class. The most relevant bonus Maxim Kornev named the company's offering KaskadFamily with an offer to sell plots without a contract in the cottage: "Buy land - lawnmower as a gift."

As a successful Irina Chernikova gave the example program "5555", which the company Etalon-Invest "held in honor of their fifth birthday. The action participants receive a discount on an apartment in the amount of 5555. e.

Among the promising stocks Denis Truschenko noted that developers would not prevent the creation of a separate club with its attendant preferences for customers who have bought apartments. In his opinion, this mechanism, although costly, but can greatly increase loyalty and encourage further purchases. Company experts GUTA-development "among the best examples of actions are called special offers from companies MiraxGroup, GalaxyGroup and Land Technology.

At the town market sellers looking for new ways of selling. Thus, in LCD, "the Olympic Village Novogorsk" more than a month - from May 12 to June 20 - special offer is valid "Waiting for a housewarming at our expense." When purchasing a private house buyer for the whole year gets a leased apartment of 100 square meters. m. And the result is already evident - for the week was sold two homes in the $ 52 million.

Among the failed sale of shares of experts called townhouses in the project "7 Mile" of the company «NBM-Stroyservice. CEO Michael Babel offers its customers, pay for your purchase immediately, Peugeot 307. As a witness remembers this action "to anyone machine for some reason the load if not needed, and froze a mile along with the crisis. Think about it - this is a stupid marketing or customer in Russia - a unique creation ", - complains a market participant.

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