Sellers of new buildings in Kharkov concede in price

30.04.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | Sellers of new buildings in Kharkov concede in price As the marketing department of "KHAN (Kharkov real estate)," this spring Kharkov, selling homes, conceded almost a thousand dollars more than the spring of 2013. The average concession increased by 1.3 % - from 2218 to 3180 dollars.

According to estimates of Realtors , ready to give a discount , only those sellers who are now in the stage of actual sales.

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" The political and economic situation in Ukraine is divided into two sellers of property groups: first - postpones sale indefinitely , because it can not afford it. Second - due to various life circumstances , such as relocation , forced to make a deal as soon as possible . This Activity the second group and led to an increase in the scope of bargaining. Today these sellers are willing to concede studios 3-8 % for two-bedroom - 6-10 %, for two-bedroom - 10-12 % of the declared value of the object , "- said the head of" KHAN ( Kharkiv Real Estate Agency ) " Svetlana Yakimova .

The expert also pointed out that , despite the political and economic instability , the ratio of supply and demand in the market is balanced, and prerequisites for a sharp decline in housing prices currently unavailable.

" If we compare the current situation in the market since the crisis of 2008 , the difference will be obvious. In 2008, due to negative expectations people have fallen sharply " dumping " real estate, resulting in the supply of housing repeatedly exceeded the number of buyers. This year the situation is different : many Conversely sellers suspended transaction process as consider housing as an asset and an opportunity to keep savings , so to speak , to the more stable and clear times, " - said Svetlana Yakimova .

According to the service marketing company " KHAN ( Kharkov real estate) ," in the March-April 2014 the average cost of one -bedroom apartments in Kharkov for sale to the marketplace, was the equivalent of 37,916 dollars. For 2 -D and 3 - bedroom apartments sellers asked equivalent 54,968 and 72,363 dollars respectively.
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