Sellers believe that the crisis is over, buyers do not agree

12.09.2010 08:30
Almost all real estate buyers demand discounts and bonuses in the calculation. Sellers of real estate do not agree, since the crisis, they believe, is over.
Sellers believe that the crisis is over, buyers do not agree

Time investment purchases passed. If the pre-crisis high-end customers willing to be invested in real estate (share of investment purchases accounted for approximately 35% in the summer of 2008), now more than 90% of the objects purchased for themselves. " People understand that the constant rise in prices is no longer in the near future is not predicted, which makes the investment purchase uninteresting. In addition, the payback period country house while renting makes more than 20 years, and the payback period for exclusive apartments even more. Thus, to acquire the object in order to repair and resale it becomes unprofitable.

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Absolute priority for buyers of elite real estate after the crisis - villages, ready for more than 70%, with functioning utilities, complete infrastructure and low cost of service. In addition, for customers is very important to a homogeneous social environment. When the village people live near one lap, it allows the plant to personal and business contacts. Homogeneous social environment makes it possible joint investment in infrastructure such as roads and landscaping of the village, and also improves the security of residence.

When the main criteria for purchase are determined, the clients pay attention to the following parameters of the property: cottage community safety, manufacturability of the object and the transparency of legal documents. With regard to adaptability, the clients consider it one of the most important moments for suburban housing. Science does not stand still, and demanding home buyers the upper segments do not want to live in older homes. Something that was built 6 or more years ago no longer meets the requirements had grown to technologies, design, and engineering. Therefore, buyers are increasingly turning their attention to the new cottage villages.

Safety criterion is crucial for the wealthy: it is important to the client, his family and property were most protected from unpleasant surprises. Therefore, a multilevel security system that includes surveillance, patrolling the territory and strict access control is clearly a plus. Legal clean facility is also one of the most important factors affecting the deal: Nobody wants problems with the property, including real estate buyers exclusively.

Comparing the economy calculations for a deal before the crisis and now, analysts agency "farmstead" revealed the following patterns. If the pre-crisis time customers of the elite segment is not too interested in the scheme of cash, now an important aspect when deciding on the acquisition of an object is a choice of payment options. For example, a one-time full payment of the buyer increasingly requires discounts, and installments become commonplace not only in the primary, but on a regular (secondary) market. Also worth noting is that more and more transactions take place by bank transfer. If the buyer is at the bargaining position of the crisis, and the seller in the position that the crisis is over. Thus, the main causes of changes in customer preferences was the crisis, the evolution of consciousness of consumers and improving technologies.
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