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15.11.2010 13:02
Sales of flat-case is complicated, troublesome and nerve. To the objective difficulties related to the fact that the problem is really difficult, there are added, and the moral: it is known that for the vast majority of our people is the largest apartment (if not only) a tangible asset, and losing her scared.<br /><br />On the other hand, everyone knows that even the largest and most difficult thing to master is easier if you break it into stages: individually looks like and not so threatening.<br /><br />Journal decided to do just that - "segment" a deal on the steps. Today we tell about the first - choosing a realtor.<br /><strong><br />About the teeth, which navyazli on teeth</strong><br /><br />Let's start with the obvious: the idea that making any real estate it is imperative to the agency, is not a universally accepted and unquestioned. Exact details vary, but analysts generally agree that about half of the buyers and sellers on the Moscow market try to solve their problems independently. Accordingly, there is a problem for realtors to convince the public its own relevance and usefulness.<br /><br />As a person who is watching the market for over 10 years, I can confirm: they do it is not always creative. For many favorite analogy was the medical. So this time we got a lot of the standard mantra that "reasonable people do not attempt to treat bad teeth or cut appendicitis.<br /><br />Meanwhile, the correctness of the "medical" analogy raises questions. Why is it treated? Here, for example, millions of people self-drive cars - even though there is a huge risk, with victims of car accidents occur daily. I also know people who are (afraid to say!) Independently prepare meals themselves in the kitchen - but because of poor quality products can be poisoned ... In general, I would like to ask the realtor chiefs and their news service to come up with something fresher "patients teeth."<br /><br /><strong>In view of the ancient Chinese wisdom</strong><br /><br />In fact, the problem is solved rather simply. Realtor - specialist in helping you, but not disinterested. Accordingly, the question "with or without him?" You just need to match those of time, effort and frustration that you spend on an independent decision, with the amount that will have to pay a specialist. And also take into account several important factors.<br /><br />First of all, that for a deal you will take? The easiest way to sell an apartment on their own - then you just need to advertise and wait for someone they will respond. Realtors (uncover a terrible secret) most often and do - only they have more powerful advertising opportunities: where your ad will be simple, they will have a dot or an asterisk.<br /><br /><strong>Buy an apartment</strong><br /><br />Here everything is much more difficult. Among the proposed options are found "dummy" - objects that have never existed in nature. With the wonderful "technology" the author encountered a couple of years ago: put up apartment, all is well, the price is normal. Already on view when the phone calls and the road badly spent time selling her realtor (representing a large and seemingly solid company) announced that the facility will be sold only to the client with his own company. In other words - to contract and pay as you go "choice option", although he kept in the newspaper and found. Working for you experienced realtors, all these "dummy" sees, and in self-searching you have a lot of wear down at the heels of boots, riding on useless views.<br /><br />If you will be an alternative transaction (its selling, new purchase), the difficulties of even greater: to reconcile the interests of both parties interacting with you, "build" them at one time. Further complicates the task of the mortgage - there must also build relationships with the bank.<br /><br />The second factor - in transactions involving the acquisition of real estate, it becomes necessary due diligence chosen option. How often do "man on the street" knows what it is? And although the realtors, the author's opinion, vastly exaggerate their capabilities to analyze the history of the object, agree that their test - it's better than nothing.<br /><br />Third - your own character. The real estate market - a place not for the faint of heart, their interests actors talk tough and often in the media in particular are not shy. Reflectors natures there is nothing to do, it's better to hide behind a realtor who will be able to have quarrel with someone, and who should - agree.<br /><br />... In a word, to agitate for ensuring that work always and only with the agency, we will not. But the decision to self-navigating should be meaningful, then it is best suited Chinese proverb - "before pulling the tiger by the tail, it would be good to know what his teeth." And out of the points made by realtors, closer to us all, said Konstantin Barsukov, deputy CEO of Relayt Real Estate: "I have never tried to convince potential customers that they necessarily need to use real estate services in general, and my in particular. I just honestly told them that I will do to solve their housing problem. And thus to enable them to consciously come to a choice: it is necessary or not realtor.<br /><br /><strong>How much?</strong><br /><br />The question of the price keenly interested in any consumer - and consumers of real estate services are not there an exception. Satisfy curiosity: commission real estate agencies in the Moscow market is usually 3-7% of transaction value. "For a very low-cost facilities - adds Basil Mitko, director general of the agency" Math "- sets a lower threshold, for example, at the level of 100-150 thousand rubles. - That the expert was interested in selling and that housing. "<br /><br />The question of why the price is determined as a percentage, is not so simple. "There is a worldwide practice of interest assessment of the cost of service realtor, - says Alain Saprykin, Deputy Head of the Department of elite residential real estate company« Delta estate ». - It is not invented by us, and today is fair in relation to the Russian market. Room service is composed on the basis of wasted resources - advertising, PR, brokerage and legal support, the complexity of the object itself, the time spent on the exposure of the object, selecting the buyer directly deal itself, and much more. "<br /><br />Opponents argue that the level of sales price does not affect the complexity of its sales - at least, so "linear". From the words of Basil Mitko ("Math"), we remember that for the most inexpensive sites real estate agents establish a fixed minimum. And if the object is very expensive, the owners may require a discount realtor, arguing that "denzhischi here, and so get huge."<br /><br />In any case, the commission must be understood as follows:<br />- The more complex the transaction, the higher the percentage. The validity of this statement hardly needs explanation. So at least 3% should only count those who have "clean" the sale or purchase. If the deal is burdened by the need to link alternative chain, solve problems with bank loans - then the percentage will seek the maximum. As "weights" the commission need some procedures to documents: to restore the lost of title, to issue an inheritance, to remove encumbrances from the apartment;<br /><br />- Less than 3% commissions are not. You, however, can offer. But there must be some "surprise". Or a specified amount will not cover all the costs of the transaction - for something will have to pay separately. Or (more probably) with you to try to "grind" hidden commissions.<br /><br />- Fees should be sounded loud and clear. In the market, unfortunately, is full of "enjoyable" gentlemen who are not averse to napustit in this issue of fog: "Later we agree ...." So it may be only one thing: the desired size of the commission is that, and say out loud uncomfortable.<br /><br />- Even if all the figures discussed and documented, attempts to "withdraw" with you something from the top (hidden fees) are not excluded. From this, unfortunately, the client is not guaranteed when working with any agency - and thus rasprekrasnym razetichnym. Principle formulated by the Rajas of the cartoon "The Golden antelope" ("Gold does not have too much") is alive and well.<br /><br /><strong>What else watch?</strong><br /><br />In addition to the price of the service when choosing a real estate agency must take into account and some other details. "As a rule, chosen on the recommendation of friends and relatives who already have experience in solving the housing question, - says Alexei Shlenov, CEO of MIEL-Brokerage. - These are what prompt, in which agency should handle. If not ask someone, you better go to a big company with a long history and good reputation. "<br /><br />At the same dimension - a reputation - advises to pay attention and Andrei Bannikov, head of the secondary housing company "ABC housing." "Good agency would never risk the reputation and always responsible and attentive approach to personnel policy", - he said.<br /><br />"We need to pay attention to how many years of real estate agency there. It is better to give preference to the agency, whose presence in the market more actively and visibly. At the first meeting to draw attention to a contract that provides for review ", - Svetlana encourages Birini, head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-Real Estate<br /><br />We should not forget that rieltorstvo - a very personalized thing. In other words, one company can operate two men, one of which is for you, the other - no. The situation is complicated by the fact that the Agency has a system of duty: agents on the schedule are sitting around advertising the phone, and the client, calling someone on duty, is automatically considered "food supply" of the agent. If you are the incumbent than not like something, you need to go safely to the leadership to replace the specialist. In major companies, where the size of the state are sufficient, there is always at someone.<br /><br />From like to add that "pick up" his company can, visiting major exhibitions of real estate - there can communicate directly with staff agencies to look into their eyes. You can pay attention to the Realtor community organizations - to find out which agencies there include and what commitments by the host, at last look through the press and analyze - the names of the representatives of some companies flash in the articles of journalists more often than others. If the company is "in sight" - so she, at least, set up to work and not to "divorce" naive customers.<br /><br /><strong>Reining dreams</strong><br /><br />Price at which we will try to sell our apartment - it's a separate big topic that necessarily illuminate. Now I would say this: choosing the agency and the agent, we naturally define this issue. And - for obvious reasons - the most likable people seem to us that promises maximum.<br /><br />However, it should be understood that the promised price may be too high: such, for which to sell the object is simply unrealistic. The bottom line: wasted time and nerves. Plus the possible pressure from the agent - he will try to convince you of my apartment is "too much like" (although initially it himself and called it).<br /><br />In general, we call upon to be realistic: to want - a natural human desire, but measure it also ought to know.<br /><br /><br />
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