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21.09.2010 09:55
Articles about real estate | See who program the «Affordable Housing» To purchase a one-bedroom apartment on the program "Affordable Housing, the average resident of Kiev will have to work 12 years and does not drink or eat.

Now the state is prepared to pay for the Ukrainians in the queue for housing improvement, 30% of the cost of housing. The remaining 70% they have to pay and your pocket. A year earlier, when only the program began, "Affordable Housing" it was a 100% state payment.

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The newspaper Delo estimated that to buy an average one-bedroom apartment in Kiev at $ 600 thousand UAH. and the average wage in the 3 thousand UAH., the apartment will save about 12 years. (70% of the value of the apartment - 416 ths.).

To buy an apartment in Kiev for 2 years, Ukrainian, must earn a minimum of 20 thousand USD .. But officials of such "accessible" housing does not care much. "The only thing to do to get help from the state, is to register and to find the money to pay the rent. Who was the first all it will do that and living space ", - said Deputy Minregionstroya Dmitry Isaenko.

Of course, not to collect money "in a jar" for many years, you can contact the bank for a mortgage loan, but now credit conditions so tight that not every customer will be able to meet them, and the interest is so high that very few people on them agree.

By and large the mortgage market in Ukraine is not, and even the bankers are not taken to predict when this kind of credit is available. In the Ukrainian National Mortgage Association (UNIA) reported that at the beginning of III quarter of loans secured by real estate were given 23 out of 176 of the bank, with a range of rates ranged from 17 to 27%.

Integral effective rate was around 22-23% per annum. In II quarter average loan size for housing purchase in the secondary market amounted to only 275 thousand UAH. ($ 34.8 million). However, judging by how the statistics of existing mortgages, the Ukrainians did not attempt to queue for a loan, it is unlikely they will run after them and for the "Affordable Housing".

It is worth noting that decreased and the total volume of mortgage loans on the balance sheets of banks with 101 billion USD. up to 97.8 bln. "Despite the increase in the number of banks offering mortgages (in the beginning of the year was only 7. -" BUSINESS "), the trend of reduction of mortgage loans in banks' assets is preserved," - says CEO Paul Matiyash UNIA.

The fact that Ukrainians do not hurry to solve the housing problem with a bank loan, confirm and financiers. "Volumes in this market there, the sales transaction involving real estate lending are scarce. The main reason - there is no demand for mortgages. At today's environment it is interesting to a very narrow range of potential customers. In addition, many borrowers do not meet the criteria imposed by banks to pay ", - says bank expert Taras Kirichenko.

Now the financiers are not taken to give an unequivocal answer to the question - when the massive mortgage will return to Ukraine. According to market participants is dependent on several factors - lending terms (the price of the loan), the welfare of the population and dynamics of the value of residential real estate.

Despite the illusory nature of the Program, the first money she has already been allocated. UAH 100 million. of 330 mln. stipulated in the State Budget for 2010, received last week. "This money is enough" - continues Isaenko.

According to him, for 100 mln. You can build about 900 apartments and a 330 mln. - About 3 thousand apartments. Allocation of the remaining money will depend on how quickly the Ministry of their master. Officials of the proposed options to specify the objects with the maximum degree of readiness, which no one is questionable.

The deputy minister reminded that the interdepartmental commission selected to participate in the program about 70 objects, of which over the past two months, State Fund Youth Housing Assistance rejected about half.

From these objects, only half can participate in the program. All the others either incorporated or are in bankruptcy, or the degree of preparedness does not meet. Among the regions leaders in this program will be Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv regions, Kyiv. Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi Oblast and Sevastopol have no projects that could participate in this program.

"And in Ternopil already have a house with 99% availability, one of these days I go enumerate 684 thous. People are already waiting in line at the apartment, "- said Isayenko. In addition, the number of sites is constantly increasing. At present, the interdepartmental commission considered all of about 40 facilities to participate in the program

The lion's share of natural objects have on the capital. Here, for the construction of affordable housing in this year of 330 mln. planned to spend about 50 mln. In particular, to participate in the program are considered public facilities, five utilities in Kiev: housing complex on the street. Balzac on Troyeschina, on the street. Polesie, near the metro station "Red farm" on the street. Zdolbunovskaya. Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed to deliver the objects are not in this year and next.

The deputy minister also said that in areas identified 590 new sites area 2.5 ha, which will be announced on the necessary engineering services to in 2011 to earmark them for free to developers for affordable housing. the cost of such housing can be 3 thousand USD / sq. m. in 2011 on a program of affordable housing ministry will request separate from the state budget 390 million UAH.

Furthermore, all installation and construction work on construction sites that are included in the program "Affordable Housing" will be exempt from VAT.
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