Sector lending suburban housing revives slowly

09.10.2010 06:51
Articles about real estate | Sector lending suburban housing revives slowly Credits for the suburban real estate is not yet party to the process. Although banks and changed their attitude to risk, the products of this kind is still perceived as quite dangerous. The main reason is the poor quality of housing being built in the cottage building the largest share of violations of technology.

Despite the fact that punctually we are pleased with the positive reports HMLA (Agency for Mortgage and Housing Credit), and the bankers about the growth of the volume of mortgage loans in their portfolios, this positive trend has touched not all products of this type. Loans for the purchase of suburban real estate, though are a variety of mortgage loans, but stand apart.

And their positive trend is clearly impaired. "In a crisis, despite a decline in the price of suburban real estate, there was no increase proposals from banks for lending products suburban real estate.

Conversely, banks have introduced "zagoroditelnye" rates, not to build up a portfolio of this product, "- says about the head of the provision and servicing of loans Flexinvest Bank Mikhail Kovalev.

Rates on such products higher rates on loans for apartment and bank requirements tougher. Financial institutions are in no hurry to communicate with such illiquid product, as a loan to a country house, continuing to evaluate it as risky. "Clearly, the interest rates on loans to suburban real estate differ from rates for other mortgage loans in general. They are often several percentage points higher than rates on loans to buy apartments in the secondary housing market. This is due to the large number of risks for the bank, such as, for example the threat of destruction by fire or other disaster or breach of banal technology in construction ", - said Mikhail Kovalev. The expert adds that the longer the exposure during the sale and greater exposure to price fluctuations in the manifestations of crisis in the economy do not make the product more attractive and interesting for the banks.

According to head of retail trends Investtradebank Svetlana Kroshkin, rates on loans for suburban housing, typically 1-2% higher. The only possibility to get a loan on a house cheaper - to buy a house, which the bank has withdrawn from the borrower as collateral, and put up for sale. VTB 24 offers a "Credit for the purchase of collateral property at the rate not exceeding the rate of refinancing, while the average rates are at the level of 15-17%.

In addition, the minimum down payment on loans for suburban housing is not less than 30%. True, the full mortgage insurance it can be lowered to 10%, such as the Moscow Credit Bank. However, these options are extremely rare. Most-Bank, by contrast, makes a minimum initial contribution is even higher. Say, Alfa-Bank Product "Credit for the purchase of the house (cottage) minimum down payment is 40%, and in Transkapital Bank Product" Residential mortgage "- 50%. With regard to interest rates on such products, the banks will not rush to their voice, confining mark - are calculated on an individual basis. " For ruble loans, they can exceed 20%, such as Alfa-Bank.

Another specificity of these products - banks do not want to trust the developers of relevance to the suburban real estate, so make loans mostly for ready-made housing. If the developer does not inspire confidence, the borrower may fail. "When it comes to housing from the developer, with whom the bank does not work, you need at least a certificate of ownership. Construction of the house, which is currently at the stage of foundation, no bank will not lend. Usually, banks are working on the program 70 + when it represents 70% availability of housing and higher, "- says Svetlana Kroshkin. "Banks put forward a fairly stringent requirements for countryside estate. For example, a cottage panel house fit for habitation during the summer, can not be the subject of credit. Compliance with all requirements of banks (to the foundation, heating, hot / cold water, light, other communications, including access the road and finding the appropriate destination on the lands, etc.) increases the price of suburban real estate, and say that anyone can become the owner of suburban real estate, is not necessary, since this property is no longer so affordable, "- said Mikhail Kovalev.

Developer must extend well-established firm, the less the project is legal, the less chance of getting credit for it. Borrower will have in this case to accept consumer credit. However, recently, banks have been actively working with developers who have taken their loan for the construction of the object. To expedite the process of loan repayment, banks offer a credit for buying a home in addition builder, which operates a credit institution for more favorable rates. "Banks prefer to lend to customers who buy a suburban housing developers, legal entities, which they, in turn, is also credited. Most of the financial institutions it works under the scheme. They are beneficial early return equity issued in the form of the loan legal entities, thus they try to stimulate sales. In addition, it greatly reduces the risks for the bank, "- says Svetlana Kroshkin.

When it comes to loans for suburban housing, the bankers demand the maximum set of documents and insurance. Upon receipt of the loan the borrower is usually necessary to issue an insurance policy on the three risks: life insurance and disability of the borrower, insurance purchased an apartment from the risks of loss and damage insurance against the risk of loss of ownership of the apartment.

However, despite these difficulties, the experts note that this area still is gradually restored. "The crisis is a good influence on developers, and through them the development of suburban housing loan. Property developers in a hurry as soon as possible to complete projects because they understand that only a ready-made set of potential buyers will be able to get a bank loan, which means that making a purchase," - says Svetlana Kroshkin.

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