Secrets safe buying of a country house

07.01.2020 00:30
To save nerves, time and money when buying a home, you need to hold a deep examination of the documents, the technical condition of the building and remember the other risks that the transaction conceals suburban real estate market. Buying a house, we always run the risk, and it is connected as a common property for all hazards, and with the features it suburban housing. Most often, this applies to those who are not strong in the law: Making a deal, faced with a mass of documents, and in a variety of legal nuances understand unity.

How to buy a new home?

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It is safest to buy real estate in the primary market: in this case, the house did not change the number of hosts, and therefore legally clean. In the builder should be the constituent documents, license, building permit, project documentation on the project, documents of title to land, financial documents.

After the completion of the builder must be paper, indicating that the structure of the State Commission passed. Furthermore, there must be communication documents. Communications may be at different stages of readiness, such as the stage of the pipeline tie-ins to the central or the water pipe or on the stage of the inside of the village. But, in any case, the course of these studies documented.

If necessary, you can spend a legal examination of the documents of the builder. This will assess the risks and to establish a list of measures that are needed to reduce or eliminate them. You also need to pay attention to what banks lend to deal with the builder: the big players in the market will never communicate with questionable projects.

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Camille Robert-Boeuf, "For such a European plot - a phenomenon! Nowhere in Europe is there such a large number of land with plantings, vegetables, berries »Vendor home must provide the buyer with documents of title to the house, an identification document for land, technical passport. If you do not believe one hundred percent in their legal literacy, document checks are best left to professionals.

Furthermore, the possibility to check the validity house purity and in other ways. The depth of such an examination depends on the amount of funds that the buyer is willing to spend on it. Typically, the purity of the transaction agent checks, but for a deeper examination it can connect to the lawyers.

How to avoid the risk of price reduction?

Any fundamental changes in the surrounding area house can affect its price. Therefore, when buying a new home should find out from the developer and it is desirable to fix a written plan for the territory of the village. Without it, no court recognizes the transaction invalid, and hence there is a risk of losing money. For example, if a plan for the village a lot of green areas, playgrounds and sports grounds, and in fact increases the density of buildings and tenants have to walk through the narrow streets between the houses, this reduces the liquidity of housing. Reduce its unwanted and construction in the city, and it is important to check with the plans of the authorities on the development of the area: in fact no one will want to have around the house incinerator or noisy highway.

At acceptance at home need to measure its dimensions and compare them with the stated in the project, read the warranty documents and papers confirming warranty contractors, suppliers of equipment and materials. When buying a home in the secondary market, among other things, it is necessary to establish the degree of wear and residual life and communications equipment, and it is better to entrust it to professionals who will conduct the examination. This will allow to know in advance what attachments and in what time frame you will need to make a repair, what are the possible reconstruction of the house "for themselves." In the case of the building of large defects can require the seller to reduce the price.
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