Secrets of the Feng Shui of your home in 2010

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Articles about real estate | Secrets of the Feng Shui of your home in 2010 February 4, 2010 at 06 hours 49 minutes in the Sun enters 15 degrees of Aquarius, which corresponds to a new solar orbit. In Chinese metaphysics, used a solar calendar, which means that this day will come the year the White Tiger, and you change the energy of Feng Shui in our homes.

Each year, different schemes of energy takes nine palaces, and twenty four mountains home. Analyzing their distribution, we can predict the success of slum houses.

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At the center in 2010 is enabling the timely star - 8 White. It manages the current period of twenty years and, therefore, reveals its best qualities. This is a time of restitution, the karmic laws and restrictions. During the reign of 8-ki White good luck and success comes to those who are accustomed to and loves to work, especially for young people. At such times, it is important to pay attention to their spiritual development and strengthen family values.

In 2010, his favorable as the main monetary Star "of the current period will manifest in their homes, where the center is open toward the personal. In any case, the center of the house should be spacious and well lit.

In the practice of classical Feng Shui in the central sector of the means of correction do not apply. But if you have the opportunity in 2010 to put here crystals of amethyst, rock crystal, or simply the product of crystal, to arrange the light so that the flare began to play, maybe, the ruling Star will appreciate your respect for her and help in money matters, love, in the appearance of the long-awaited child.

Important! In 2010, disturbed the central sector is not recommended. Bother - it is knock, hold local repair work.

Neutral Star White 6-ka to arrive in the eastern sector of the home. If you are located front door or important room, expect to career advancement, leadership, the emergence of new projects, the emergence of fame, glory.

Six White is not in harmony with the basic elements of the eastern sector, so there may be bruising and leg injuries in children and subordinates manifested rebellious nature and excessive desire for independence. In order to "reconcile" the energy in the interior, use the color blue. If it does not conflict with other individual Feng Shui - features of your home, you can install indoor fountain or an outdoor aquarium.

Men are encouraged to draw attention to the central part of the eastern sector (82,5-97,5 degrees). Activation of these energies candle included fan or just knocking a wooden hammer to individual days favorable increases in men luck, success in business and tames adverse affliktsii home.

In the south-east in 2010 is flying star 7 Red. If the sector you have located the front door or the bedroom, be careful with additional measures for protection from looters. You should not gamble or engage in financial speculation. In the case of activation of 7-ki you can engage in endless litigation. But the main cause of illness in 2010 could be big problems in romantic relationships.

True, the 7-ka Red will bring success to those people whose activities are related to jurisprudence, public speaking, metaphysical art, works on the Internet.

7-ka becomes aggressive when it intensify fire. Number of interior red in the south-eastern sector of the better kept to a minimum. Decorate the room with blue accessories and glassware. Green Bamboo in water is also one of Feng Shui - medicines Stars robberies.

Women need to know that "our" sector in 2010 - the last third of the southeast (142,5-157,5 degrees). Activation of this part of the house helps improve or maintain existing relationships with the opposite sex, and generally with other people, and perhaps find your soul mate. And in general, this sector helps the ladies feel more confident in all areas of life - work, kids, house, relationship. Key - a properly fitted activation date of favorable energies.

Scandalous Star 3-ka Jade to arrive in the southern sector of the house. South meet, ennoble and soothe negative energy. As a result, those who have here is the front door or important room in 2010, expect the tour, an opportunity to improve their education or qualifications.

Despite the fact that to succeed in any case need to prove themselves in competition and pursue an aggressive marketing policy, you can expect to make an informed and wise decisions. The only thing that will disappoint - a misunderstanding in relations with other people.

South room should be well lit. Another remedy the scandalous stars - some of the ten round white or gray pebbles.

One of the worst sectors in 2010. If this is the front door or important room (bedroom, nursery, office), you may run into difficulties - severe disease, weakened immune system, car accidents, monetary loss.

The main recommendation - less time to spend in the southwest room. Do not drill here wall, do not knock, do not include air conditioning or fan, do not activate the sector fountain room or an open aquarium. If this door or the bedroom - do not take risks in business, do not do extreme sports, do not take and do not let us into debt. If you live in a private home - not dug from the south-west side.

Traditionally, in order to weaken the influence of 5-ki Yellow, it is recommended to hang Chinese wind music of the 6 or 7 tubes or other items to decorate a room element Metal - Round vase with narrow neck, round the clock with a moving arrow, etc. Still, a good way - a glass tank filled with rock salt with water and coins (six "copper" and one white). But, most important and most effective "medicine" - do not do the steps above paragraph.

In 2010, did not turn your back on the last third of the south-west (232,5-247,5 degrees) and do not disturb this little 15-degree sector, otherwise your life may be chaos and stress, and problems will grow like a snowball.

Especially careful to be older women. Very adversely, if the house from the south-western location the door, the place of sleep is located in north-eastern sector. In this case, until February of 2011 to sleep in another room.

Annual Star of philosophers, writers and politicians, 1-CA White in 2010, arrived in the western sector. In homes where the west is the front door or important room, the expected success in education, stable income, good reputation. There will be plenty of action, but these actions are deliberate and wise. High probability of a long trip. If you're in the west office - get a promotion and support of influential people.

There are romantic meetings and relationships. If they're clean and do not bring pain to others - sweet, in other cases - Emergency mandatory publicity is bad reputation, anxiety and sadness.

In the interior, use blue and metallic accessories.

If you have stalled the case, any debts that have problems with finances, the activation of central western sector (262,5-277,5 degrees) will help improve the unfavorable situation. It is important to know that little key is correctly selected the date of activation.

It so happened that the second Monetary Star this period, 9-ka Purple, for financial affairs in 2010, became principal. 8-ka White is in the center and use of quality most people would not be able to do. Therefore, it is advisable to pay special attention to the north-western sector.

Those who have the energy northwest properly activated, will be successful in promoting new projects and ideas that will have a desire to reform the old quality, there are opportunities in the development of previously stalled cases. Employees waiting for a promotion and salary increase.

9-ka Violet helps those who passed exams to practice his art. Not long in coming and happy events in his personal life - a new acquaintance, a wedding, conceiving a child.

Unfortunately, the ointment was not without a spoon of tar. The older men in the house may cause problems with the respiratory system. In addition, there may be a bad relationship with their children. If you see that there were similar trends, try not to strengthen the sector and we can try to "reconcile" the energy of the element of Earth objects (ceramics, stones).

Important! In 2010, the last third of the north-west - the predatory Sha. Do not disturb this energy, otherwise the possibility of serious financial losses and problems in the way (the accident). For protection, the gap 322,5-337,5 degrees - living houseplant in a pot with soil.

But, by coincidence, that the annual "happiness Sector - 2010" is also in the last third of the north-west. Its activation helps to improve the quality of life and family relationships. To activate an effective and does not hurt, you need to pick individual favorable dates for you and your home.

Annual 4-ka Green is in harmony with the basic energy sector, but this star is untimely, and how it can manifest its qualities - it depends on you. Energy contribute to success in exams and advance in their careers. Especially for creative professionals and those associated with the public. Young men waiting for romantic dating and relationships.

If your primary work activity is not related to creativity and education, as an important part of the house (front door or bedroom) is located in the north, there may be "ugly" extramarital affairs, which will be known to close people and the entire community. " How can this be avoided? Let creativity be your hobby! Acquiring new knowledge, language learning, professional development - the energy of the northern sector will assist you and show their best qualities.

Disturb the central part of the northern sector (352,5-367,5 degrees) is strongly discouraged. Otherwise, it will be difficult to avoid losses due to the opposite sex, robberies, scandals on the grounds of adultery, and, in general, problems can arise in relationships with other people. Those who have located here the front door or place of sleep, very hurt prevention of health (kidneys, ears, urinary bladder).

Rather complicated sector at home in 2010. There are very strong field Qi. It is important to remember - do not disturb the energy of the first and the last third of the north-east. Otherwise, it can lead to large imbalances in your life.

If you are worried the first third of the north-east (22,5-37,5 degrees), all of your endeavors in 2010 seemed to fall into the quagmire - it's hard to finish before it started, time will fly off the handle, and plans are not implemented. Also, problems can occur in those who had planned any operations with its own real estate.

Those people, who in 2010 disturbed the last third of the north-east (52,5-67,5 degrees), there could be big trouble in all spheres of life. It is recommended to put a figure turtle-dragon head towards the last third of the north-east, or figures of two unicorns. Still, you should not sleep or sit at the head table facing in this direction.

But, unfortunately, that's not all. Star of Diseases, which will visit the north-east, there is particularly strong show its bad quality. In the event of increased 2-ki Cherney, the disease is much more difficult, more difficult to treat and often - bad ending.

The best solution for those who are asleep, it would just change the location of sleep until February 2011. If this is not possible, then check where the small Tai Chi is the bed. As protection permute bed in the north-western sector of the unfavorable room, but in any case - the north-east or south-west. Take precautionary measures, conduct health promotion, buy health insurance, go east practices - yoga or qigong, eat properly. And yet, children, elderly people and those who have problems with joints and back, in 2010 in north-east room of the house is better not to sleep.

As a psychological defense against the Stars Diseases apply a bunch of round six Chinese coins tied with a silver or golden thread, dried gourd bedside, subjects the metal element.

The good news is that in 2010 the sector helps make good money to people engaged in real estate. Especially someone home has a direction in the interval 202.5 -217.5 degrees or 37,5-52,5 degrees.

So, shortly before the February 4, 2010 make changes to the Feng Shui home and celebrate New Year! Good luck and success in all endeavors, love and happiness!

Marina Lyubinetskaya,
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